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I forget which reader asked what happened to hydrogen cars, but here’s the answer


In your dreams

Don’t hold your breath

Clenn Reynolds:

UNTIL WE HAVE HYDROGEN FROM NUCLEAR POWER OR ORBITAL SOLAR, HYDROGEN CARS ARE PRETTY MUCH A CROCK: The High Price of Hydrogen: Honda Clarity Fuel Cell Will Sticker for Nearly $60K. Hydrogen now is made typically via steam reformation of natural gas, which is (maybe) cleaner than petroleum fuel but not by a lot. On the other hand, thanks to fracking, natural gas is plentiful and cheap. On the gripping hand, so is gasoline.


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Price cuts

11 Old Forge

11 Old Forge Rd

11 Old Forge Road (off of Dingletown), is down to $1.725, close to what the owners paid for it: $1.665 in 2006, before improvements. I think it’s a really pretty house, and if a ranch is within your style parameters, certainly worth a look.

7 wyckham

7 Wickham Hill Lane

11 Old Forge

11 Old Forge Rd

7 Wyckham Hill Lane has cut its price again, and is now asking $8.695 million.

Back in August, 2013, I had this to say about the house 

Over by the Merritt Parkway 7 Wyckham Hill Lane has come on the market at $12.950 million. Place your bets here for when it will sell and for how much. Just to start the game, I’ll suggest 2015, $5.795, but I’m always an optimist in these matters; it’s my sunny disposition, I suppose.

I ws wrong on the sell-by date; we’ll see about the final price.


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Daily activity report


10 Esther Place

Sale of new construction in Old Greenwich, 10 Esther Place, $3.825 million. (Hyperbole alert: link is to the builder’s website, because the picture are there.). Karp Associates builds a very solid house and, being in Old Greenwich, it affords cozy views of your neighbors from all windows.

10 Will Merry Lane

10 Will Merry Lane

10 Will Merry Lane, asking $4.495 million, reports a contingent contract. It sold new for $3.730 in 2005, tried for $5.490 and steadily-decreasing sums from 2010-2014, then came back on two weeks ago at this new price. Not necessarily my cup of tea, or my favorite location, but I’m absolutely positive that the buyer couldn’t care less what I think, nor should he.

35 Rockmere

35 Rockmere Avenue

35 Rockmere, under I-95 in Old Greenwich and asking $649,000, has moved from contingent contract (December 11) to “pending”.  Well it is affordable, and has good schools.


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Sometimes the DIY movement to save $ goes too far

Passengers on Turkish airlines told to search their own luggage for bombs.

In case they forgot what they packed? And can we really expect Abdulha to ‘fess up if he did happen to have brought one along?



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