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10 Esther Place

Sale of new construction in Old Greenwich, 10 Esther Place, $3.825 million. (Hyperbole alert: link is to the builder’s website, because the picture are there.). Karp Associates builds a very solid house and, being in Old Greenwich, it affords cozy views of your neighbors from all windows.

10 Will Merry Lane

10 Will Merry Lane

10 Will Merry Lane, asking $4.495 million, reports a contingent contract. It sold new for $3.730 in 2005, tried for $5.490 and steadily-decreasing sums from 2010-2014, then came back on two weeks ago at this new price. Not necessarily my cup of tea, or my favorite location, but I’m absolutely positive that the buyer couldn’t care less what I think, nor should he.

35 Rockmere

35 Rockmere Avenue

35 Rockmere, under I-95 in Old Greenwich and asking $649,000, has moved from contingent contract (December 11) to “pending”.  Well it is affordable, and has good schools.


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18 responses to “Daily activity report

  1. Esther = Tub by EOS™

  2. Anonymous

    $3.8m to have a front-facing garage — and the buyer doesn’t even get the de riguer outdoor fireplace. Shocking.

  3. Anonymous

    Love the Esther house.

    • Esther’s interior is very pretty, albeit in a newly predictable way with all high end new homes scarily similar, but the high peaks of the exterior roof line is where my eye balks. Too many triangles. It’s like a geometry quiz.

      What type of triangle has 3 congruent sides ?
      > isosceles
      > scalene
      >10 Esther Place

  4. Cobra

    Rockmere link goes to Will Merry

  5. Xyzzy

    Ester rooms seemed very small. Especially the non master bedrooms. Guess that is the new normal in OG

  6. Mickster

    10 days to a deal for Will Merry, Wow!! (Well 3 realtors and almost 6 years but who’s counting!!) Don’t be fooled by pretty realtors and pretty prices for your home…

  7. Riverside Dog Walker

    Esther Place confuses me. Is this house staged or do the buyers, presumable with kids, really have this over the top downstairs furnishings (which will be trashed in short order by kids and any pets) and have run out of money to furnish the upstairs?

  8. AJ

    Did George Washington Sleep at 10 Will Merry?

  9. OG Homeowner

    whenever i see the new spec homes in OG and Riverside trading at $3mm+ I’m often stuck by a couple of things that the buyers are likely missing, assuming they are young families with multiple kids:
    1) the lack of a large mud room closet for all the sports gear, shoes, coats, winter clothes etc.. that kids accumulate, some have great cubby/locker areas but none seem to have the closet that you really need.
    2) the lack of a “home office/work station”, some do have a desk in a kitchen, some don’t. That area works for managing the home side of things, but I almost never see a second, smaller office space where the stay at home spouse can mange all things they likely do with their time beyond just household things (if the house has a library or den it’s generally intended for a single user not two sets of desks, etc..)
    3) the general lack of cabinet and storage space in kitchens. Builders do a great job managing the look and their costs, but I often wonder if the buyers understand the need for cabinet and pantry space (where do you store the Costco stuff?).
    4) kitchen islands which can only accommodate two people. It seems the families have more than 2 children and if the entire family wants to eat at the island where do they sit.
    5) the over the top basements; play space for kids in the basements is great but adults don’t want to have to go to the basement to hang out. Too often the room for a TV in a family room prevents the ability to have a large entertainment TV, room above a FP for say a 42″ model but not much more, basically saying to the buyer, for the “real” TV watching you’re going to the basement.
    6) the general lack of storage closets on a second floor for linens, etc..
    7) Bathrooms which do not vanities, cool, funky mirrors but no vanities which especially in a master bedroom is big issue.
    I understand that many of the buyers of these homes are first time home buyers (they may have owned a condo in the City) and don’t understand how they will live in the house and don’t recognize these types of things.

    • Anonymous

      second your thoughts. Do they really think we can live on white sofas with just two small cupboards for our cr@p?

  10. Blue

    At first glance Esther looked like a winner.
    Tempted, I did a drive by. Left the car running and a note reading.
    AYF Serious!
    I cannot believe someone paid up for this one.