Price cuts

11 Old Forge

11 Old Forge Rd

11 Old Forge Road (off of Dingletown), is down to $1.725, close to what the owners paid for it: $1.665 in 2006, before improvements. I think it’s a really pretty house, and if a ranch is within your style parameters, certainly worth a look.

7 wyckham

7 Wickham Hill Lane

11 Old Forge

11 Old Forge Rd

7 Wyckham Hill Lane has cut its price again, and is now asking $8.695 million.

Back in August, 2013, I had this to say about the house 

Over by the Merritt Parkway 7 Wyckham Hill Lane has come on the market at $12.950 million. Place your bets here for when it will sell and for how much. Just to start the game, I’ll suggest 2015, $5.795, but I’m always an optimist in these matters; it’s my sunny disposition, I suppose.

I ws wrong on the sell-by date; we’ll see about the final price.


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19 responses to “Price cuts

  1. Cos Cobber

    Regarding Wickham, I take it the owners are pictured in photo #3 of the listing.

  2. ‘course I had to go look at picture 3. Naked pictures of owners. Wow.

    • Walt

      What nudes? I didn’t see no nudes. And I went through it twice. And I NEVER look at dirt pictures. I WASTED MY TIME!! And their taste in art BLOWS!! And what is up with all those bare hardwood floors? THAT IS THE ONLY BARE STUFF I SAW!! They look nice, but they must be a pain in the ass. Are they functional? Can you get wood burns?

  3. Anonymous

    A lot of houses for sale on Wickham Hill. Too close to the Merritt for my taste and the houses for the most part are too big and cheap construction. I certainly would be very careful paying top dollar for this location.

    • 6months+1day

      The construction varies from house to house.
      I’ve been in 4 different homes on WH, and some have insulation, some went shopping @ Home Depot, and the others are just really bad.
      Strategic placement of a fuel truck to could solve a lot of the issues up there.

  4. Anonymous

    Seems like everyone looking to sell in the Wickham neighborhood

  5. My rant

    Location, location, location…

  6. Anonymous

    Does Ashley Wilkes live heah?

  7. Anonymous

    The Old Forge home is beautiful. I love ranch living – and this one is a beauty. Should sell at this price — would even consider it a bargain.

  8. AJNock

    The pretentious columns are a real turn off.

  9. Flash

    I think Wykham is a great house, just too many other great houses for less money. Wykham shows an individual’s selection of decor……much better that the Apple Box Staging Standard. You may not like their choices, but when you pick, you pay.
    The columns….picked and paid for.