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While we were all worrying about Walt’s absence from these pages, turns out he was cavorting in Britain and annoying authorities


Broken heart – Walt’s girlfriend is left behind when he returns to America

Rescuers risk death at sea to save a deflated sex doll.

Rescue crews spent 90 minutes scouring the water off the coast of England, after a person was reported struggling in the water — only to find an inflatable sex doll, BBC News reports.

An air and sea search was conducted off the coast of Newquay, in Cornwall on Monday, after a fisher reported a person in the water.

Off topic, notice the use of the word “fisher” for fisherman. It’s a “gender-neutral” term cocked up by the media to avoid offending themselves. Female fishermen themselves prefer the term fisherman and resent deeply being patronized by BBC broadcasters who have coined the term fisher, but that just proves that they’re too pressed to realize they’re being oppressed.

It’s possible, I suppose, that the article here is using fisher in the grittier sense, defined by Urban Dictionary as “a big, strong, sexy, long haired male. usually is pirate like and eats rocks for breakfast then shits out gunpowder.” Somehow, I doubt pussies at BBC meant that.


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If it were landscaping equipment, this wouldn’t surprise me. But $55,000 in jewelry and designer shoes? Winter’s hardly started and already the Cos Cobbers are spending like wild men.

snowplow shoes

Splurging on fashion in Cos Cob

Maid manages to find $55,000 in jewels and shoes to steal from a house on Cos Cob’s Valley Road.

Of course, I suppose it could have been a cache of all the neighbors’ valuables, perhaps to pay for a community above-ground pool. Still, color me surprised.


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We’re still in the retread division of open house season, but perhaps the snow stalled things

24 field point

24 Field Road, nee Colonial

Nothing of particular note or new listed so far on the open house circuit, but I see that on Thursday, 24 Field Road in Riverside will be holding another viewing for brokers, the first since its price was reduced from September’s ask of $5.295 to $4.795. This was the property on Colonial Lane that was purchased and converted to a Field Road address. Doran Sabaag and Jim Hoffman built a custom house for a couple, who resold it to the present owners in 2011 for $5.350. It seems that even a Sabaag house depreciates.


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I keep forgetting he’s in the race, but he’s still Christie, bless him

Wildwood NJ

Sandy beach, not Sandy hurricane

The New Jersey governor was unsympathetic to the Mayor of Wildwood’s whining that his town was suffering worse than they’d suffered from Sandy by pointing out that Wildwood wasn’t hit by Sandy, and the boo hoos and tears flowed.

“I heard one crazy mayor down in South Jersey say this is worse flooding than Sandy. Here’s the one thing you need to know about that mayor. His town didn’t get hit by Sandy. So of course it’s worse than Sandy for him!” Christie said.

Christie continued:

He’s down in North Wildwood, which is south of Atlantic City, for those of you who do not have a master’s in New Jersey geography, as I do. He’s south of Atlantic City, the storm comes in on Atlantic City, and the hurricane tail is whipping north. So if you’re south of where it came on shore, you’re in good shape. So he makes the incredible statement, ‘It’s worse than Sandy!’ Well, d—, man. You didn’t get any flooding in Sandy! So if you got a foot of flooding, it would be worse than Sandy.

That mayor, Patrick Rosenello of North Wildwood, New Jersey, told NBC 10 Philadelphiabefore Christie’s rant that his town experienced a half-foot increase in flooding last weekend compared to what it faced after Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Rosenello said he was stunned after hearing Christie’s remarks.

He told Fox 29:

My children have met the man, I’ve met his wife and his children. I’ve spent a lot of hours with him over the years during his runs for governor, his visits to town, during Hurricane Sandy when he was here. So it’s just disappointing that a man who is the governor of New Jersey, a man who is running for president of the United States would lower the discourse in a situation such as this just as he did last night.

He continued: “There was no reason for it. The situation was moving along. We were working with the state to resolve this and, for whatever reason, whatever calculation he made, he decided to start name-calling.”


Here’s the thing: notice that the Mayor of Wildwood don’t deny that his town escaped Sandy, but instead focuses on his own hurt feelings. Since that’s a politician’s way of admitting the truth, I just looked it up and by gosh, Christie’s correct: Sandy bypassed Wildwood. “Hurricane Sandy spared the Wildwoods, save for some minor bay-side flooding.”

I suppose this is less a post about a dead-in-the-water presidential campaign as it is about how politicians shuck and jive, and how to spot their tells.


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8 years and counting

24 Khakum Wood Road is listed as “new” today, which in this case means yet another new price. Today, it’s asking $6.995 million; David Ogilvy got the long, sad parade started in 2008 at $14,500,000.

I’ve written about this place before, off-and-on, but the most recent post, put up last October, has the most thorough discussion of its prospects from readers.

I’m sure the owner is discouraged by now, but cheer up, Bucko – your time will come, and you – or more accurately, your house, will be able to join Sally Fields in her exuberant moment of triumph.


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Greenwich foreclosure sales

The latest list from our Superior Court. Be aware that often these scheduled auctions are postponed, but here’s the list as of now.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 11.58.17 AM



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7 Turner Drive back in the (GMLS) news

7 turner

7 Turner Drive

The quonset hut on Turner is reported pending once again. It was asking $1.650 back when it was first reported pending in December (and I wrote about it then), but pulled back, raised its price to $2.150 in January and is reporting a pending sale again. The property has been in foreclosure since 2013, and bankruptcy since February, 2015, so I assume this means that a creditor rejected the first offer and told them to come back at this new price, which they did.

I had clients tempted by the property, but not the house, but no way were they prepared to pay $1.650 for it, nor did I advise them to. Obviously, someone disagrees with our assessment, which is his look out.


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After 6o years of Democrat rule, CT still hasn’t achieved its goal, but it’s close


We’ve got it, we’re going to use it

CT is now the third-worst state in the nation for retirees 

In other words, if residents no longer have to be here for work, there’s no reason to stay.

“We’re getting there,” Malloy spokesman Francis Fudrucker told FWIW, “but we’ll have to jack up the estate tax again, to make sure that we finally achieve our goal of equal poverty for all – the middle class has been skewing the numbers and really dragging us up; we’re gonna fix that.”


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Europeans discover the Obama solution to refugees and immigrants

In Europe, conditions at the refugee camps are so bad that many want to go home, and are urging their compatriots to stay away.

Here in the US, Obama is intent on destroying the economy, so that our darker cousins from south of the border will leave here and stay put there.

Both seem cruel, but at least the European model doesn’t also punish their own citizens.

chart II

Hope and Change


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Sent from a reader, who received this from a friend in Bombay, appropriately enough.



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