8 years and counting

24 Khakum Wood Road is listed as “new” today, which in this case means yet another new price. Today, it’s asking $6.995 million; David Ogilvy got the long, sad parade started in 2008 at $14,500,000.

I’ve written about this place before, off-and-on, but the most recent post, put up last October, has the most thorough discussion of its prospects from readers.

I’m sure the owner is discouraged by now, but cheer up, Bucko – your time will come, and you – or more accurately, your house, will be able to join Sally Fields in her exuberant moment of triumph.


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18 responses to “8 years and counting

  1. So, does David Ogilvy get his high price sometimes and that is why people hire him? This seems like a wildly overestimated starting price especially considering he priced it originally after the market had crashed.

  2. Anonymous

    Start with a very high price, then lower by several million, in walks your buyer who thinks they are getting the deal of the century since the price is now a “steal” Oldest trick in the book!

  3. Pi

    Does anyone know who owns this house? That’s a long time to sit on a house that you are trying to sell. Has it been rented out?

  4. Millenial

    I actually like this house except for the entry. The double staircase and flooring screams some combination of new money, Long Island, and too many viewings of Scarface.

  5. Anonymous

    Walking down the hallway between the two staircases leaves me with the thought of a gigantic part of the anatomy of a certain gender. Note: I am trying to be as clean as possible here.

  6. Anonymous

    Dated living environment. Nobody has time or desire to maintain a home (or monument) like this.

  7. Flash

    This house suffers from STOGGYism. Something off in every room.
    The Entry is the killer. Just lope off one stair, what could it cost $50,000?
    Wall it off for a massage table and shower, no window needed.
    Location is great, grounds are perfect.
    This is Khakum Wood, so this is a tear down. Right?

  8. RiversideMan

    Around the same size as 7 Turner Drive

  9. FireSale 🔥🏠🔥

    Like I said
    Nothing more than 5m.
    Mickster you Ogilvy

  10. Riverside Dog Walker

    This is a house that could benefit from staging. Take out all this furniture which makes even me feel old and replace it with the sleek, white stuff I was making fun of in a new construction house the other day and the vibe would be better.