I keep forgetting he’s in the race, but he’s still Christie, bless him

Wildwood NJ

Sandy beach, not Sandy hurricane

The New Jersey governor was unsympathetic to the Mayor of Wildwood’s whining that his town was suffering worse than they’d suffered from Sandy by pointing out that Wildwood wasn’t hit by Sandy, and the boo hoos and tears flowed.

“I heard one crazy mayor down in South Jersey say this is worse flooding than Sandy. Here’s the one thing you need to know about that mayor. His town didn’t get hit by Sandy. So of course it’s worse than Sandy for him!” Christie said.

Christie continued:

He’s down in North Wildwood, which is south of Atlantic City, for those of you who do not have a master’s in New Jersey geography, as I do. He’s south of Atlantic City, the storm comes in on Atlantic City, and the hurricane tail is whipping north. So if you’re south of where it came on shore, you’re in good shape. So he makes the incredible statement, ‘It’s worse than Sandy!’ Well, d—, man. You didn’t get any flooding in Sandy! So if you got a foot of flooding, it would be worse than Sandy.

That mayor, Patrick Rosenello of North Wildwood, New Jersey, told NBC 10 Philadelphiabefore Christie’s rant that his town experienced a half-foot increase in flooding last weekend compared to what it faced after Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

Rosenello said he was stunned after hearing Christie’s remarks.

He told Fox 29:

My children have met the man, I’ve met his wife and his children. I’ve spent a lot of hours with him over the years during his runs for governor, his visits to town, during Hurricane Sandy when he was here. So it’s just disappointing that a man who is the governor of New Jersey, a man who is running for president of the United States would lower the discourse in a situation such as this just as he did last night.

He continued: “There was no reason for it. The situation was moving along. We were working with the state to resolve this and, for whatever reason, whatever calculation he made, he decided to start name-calling.”


Here’s the thing: notice that the Mayor of Wildwood don’t deny that his town escaped Sandy, but instead focuses on his own hurt feelings. Since that’s a politician’s way of admitting the truth, I just looked it up and by gosh, Christie’s correct: Sandy bypassed Wildwood. “Hurricane Sandy spared the Wildwoods, save for some minor bay-side flooding.”

I suppose this is less a post about a dead-in-the-water presidential campaign as it is about how politicians shuck and jive, and how to spot their tells.


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9 responses to “I keep forgetting he’s in the race, but he’s still Christie, bless him

  1. Mickster

    Gotta agree with your take on this – he said somewhere else “do you want me to come down with a mop?” He’s toast.

  2. BobN

    Having done several Sandy-related damage inspections in Wildwood, I can tell you Wildwood and North Wildwood was definitely hit by Sandy, but just not as bad as farther north. Christie blew it on this one.

  3. Fatdaddy

    Christie can’t keep anything out of his mouth, including his foot.
    Meanwhile, back in the Nutmeg State:

    “A nationally-known health food company called Healthy Brands Collective in Connecticut, which owns the popular Cell-nique, Cherrybrook Kitchen and Lisa’s Kitchen brands, is hoping to relocate its headquarters and manufacturing to a former book printing facility in Castleton-on-Hudson.
    The company, which is headquartered in Norwalk, Conn., is in the process of obtaining a financial assistance package from Rensselaer County and the state that is needed to make the relocation possible for the firm.”

    OK. $13M in revenue is small change but it is happening with some frequency. Oh well. As Danny says, “You win some. You lose some”.

  4. Fatdaddy

    Speaking of ass-holes…Heeeeeeer’s Danny!

    “Cambridge, Mass. – His audience at Harvard included students, activists, a pediatrician, lawyers and a juvenile court judge. Most lavishly praised Gov. Dannel P. Malloy for his proposed criminal justice reforms, especially an idea to treat defendants as juveniles until they are 21.”

    He has a long list that will help balance the budget. Basically never charging anyone and letting everyone go. Sort of like the Soviet Union. No crime existed because the state did not recognize crime. It works well, unless one is a victim.
    One can only wonder if he bumped into any GE executives while in Beantown.
    SAY! Isn’t he the governor of Connecticut?
    WTF is he doing wandering around so much with his security detail?! We pay him to sit his ass down in a chair in Hartford. Preferably facing a corner with his dunce cap on.

  5. Anonymous

    Oh, lets pile on CC now that he’s down in the polls. Pardon me, but I like former Governors as Presidents. I happen to support both CC and John Kasich…and yes, even Jeb Bush. Obviously, I am on the losing side of this election.

  6. Anonymous

    And, Trump is a spoiled, over indulged silver spoon-trouble maker. A smart woman finally kicks him back…and rather than man-ing up, the poor Trump takes his marbles and goes home. I’d like to see him do that with ISIS when they ignore his rants.


    • Anonymous

      isnt this amazing? He is destroying the entire party and turning the escaped mental patients against fox, beck, et al. This is going to be one filthy mess that not even immigrant laborers will want to clean up. Great job guys.