A reader chastised another earlier today for stating the obvious fact that price affects salability, but ….

131 Old Mill Road

131 Old Mill Road

131 Old Mill Road, 14 acres and an obsolete house, has cut its price to $5.995 million, after starting at $12 million in 2012.


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20 responses to “A reader chastised another earlier today for stating the obvious fact that price affects salability, but ….

  1. Anonymous

    What a beautiful house. I so wish American homebuyers had the aesthetic to renovate and keep gorgeous old homes.

    • Anonymous

      They do!
      But price matters!!!

    • I just don’t see the appeal here. I have nothing against older houses, but this does absolutely nothing for me. The staging is not helping its cause: potato-quality pictures, eye-searing drapery, etc. The outside pictures give some reason for hope, but not much.

      • Well its definitely a land sale, but when we agents saw it back in 20012, the universal opinion was it wasn’t close to $12 million in land.

      • anon

        Read the article Flash linked to – the woman who owned this home died recently at age 90. The Palm Beach article called her house there full of things she loved. Same applies here. Im sure she didn’t care what people said of the house interior once she died. Good for her.

  2. Anon

    It is a beautiful house but needs literally everything. Land value (what do you think that is – $3M?) Back country very much out of favor.

  3. Flash

    What I love about the internet is the information at my fingertips.
    Here is a better investment owned by this Greenwich homeowner


  4. Greenwich Gal

    I think it’s fabulous. It could be amazing. It just needs a new life – but the stone and structure could be saved and you would have a new house with old great bones.

  5. Anonymous

    Did I misread the listing? Is the new price $4.995m, down from $5.995m?

    Based on the article from Palm Beach and this home in Greenwich, it is clear that the former owner had great taste in real estate!

    I agree that this home is beautiful and classic. However, I fear that most find building new easier that refurbishing. Unlike the home in PB, this has no protection.

  6. Anonymous

    This is a gorgeous house. Back in the 1970’s — all of the Greenwich housewives were jealous of her beautifully decorated home. You can see that the decor, while outdated, was fabulous in its day — and some of it can actually be salvaged — however, it takes some creativity and that is something lacking in most Greenwich residents.

  7. Patrishka

    So much to love here – including much of the furniture!

  8. Flash

    I wish one of the budding Greenwich film entrepreneurs would buy this and begin a detective series set in 1950 Greenwich, like Midsommer Murders.
    I’ll bet seed money is available in Hartford….$6mil for a film studio is a drop in the bucket, AND the crew can walk to Round Hill Store for lunch!

  9. Anonymous

    I’d like to see Chris’ sale price prediction for this one. I will put 4.25 out there for comment

  10. Anonymous

    Out of town agent (lives in Palm Beach) need I say more.