Here’s a good house in Old Greenwich


39 Midbrook

39 Midbrook Lane, 2013 post and beam construction, is now priced at $2.1 million. It was probably never worth the $3.299 it was asking last spring, but buyers in that range have expectations and demands different from those in the high $1s – at this price, I think it’s an excellent buy.

Your tastes may differ, of course, but I like the area, and I like the open interior. Check it out, (preferably with me!)



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55 responses to “Here’s a good house in Old Greenwich

  1. Anonymous

    Too close to the Stamford line and 95.

  2. Cos Cobber

    Interesting home – a sure fire design hit if building in VT, NH, Maine, Berkshires or Litchfield. For around here however, it feels off. Hell of a value at this price by Gwich standards.

    • I’m a huge fan of post and beam, so I plead guilty of “Maine” tastes. But great value, and the fun part about post and bean, because there are no (or few) interior bearing walls, they’re easy to reconfigure to individual needs and tastes.

  3. Matt

    Wow it looks really nice. Certainly a bit out of place as above commenter mentioned, but still a good value for OG. I like the stone backsplash in the kitchen.

  4. Anonymous

    The issue with this house is that to me it looks like it was designed by a straight guy in a way that a straight guy would love. The problem is, in Greenwich, husbands don’t pick houses wife’s do.

    I really like the house, but my wife hated it …not the layout or quality of build, but the material choices, color of those materials,etc. Which is hard to change due to the post and beam framing. There is not much profit in this house at this price point, so good deal if someone can live with the above.

  5. Anonymous

    Price History

    10/09/15 Price change $2,395,000
    07/21/15 Price change $2,499,999
    06/06/15 Price change $2,750,000
    05/20/15 Price change $2,899,999
    03/28/15 Listed for sale $3,299,000
    09/09/88 Sold $525,000

  6. I wonder if there are any Amish hedgies out there?

  7. Anonymous

    AE flood zone might be the biggest culprit here.

  8. fitterhappierlessproductive

    I like the location and the overall aesthetic, but it’s too rustic for the cayenne moms and lacks refinement in the kitchen/baths. Exterior also has little curb appeal and the detached garage is a pain. No basement/playroom area for the kids either.

    • Shaggy

      It’s in the AE??
      Ruh roh Scooby!

    • Again, says I, at $3.2 you should expect certain things, at $2, you should be prepare to compromise. I have worked with a number of young buyers, who never bought, because their absolute budget was $3 million, and yet they demanded features that were only available in houses starting at $3.5 and heading up from there.

  9. FEMA put this one in the AE flood zone in 2013, but it is removable. We already showed a buyer how, but they went elsewhere to buy.

    • Armour

      If a piece of the property, like a 5ft circle is in the AE, does that make the entire Property susceptible to new fema standards?

      • Cos Cobber

        No, only the portion of the home that lies in the flood zone is affected. In most cases, the simplest way to deal with this is to elevate the home a couple feet or build on the portion of the lot not in the zone.

        • An existing house, once crossed by a FEMA flood zone boundary line, becomes subject to the FEMA construction codes and insurance rules throughout. However, it is possible to add soil fill, after FEMA and Town pre-approval, to adjust the height of the ground against the building.

          Depending on the elevations, topography, drainage and other facts, this may be sufficient to “lift” the house out of the hazard zone, according to the ground elevation of its perimeter.

  10. Anonymous

    I thought this house was great and wanted to look at it last spring when we were house hunting but since the price was well above our $2.5 max, we didn’t even give it a chance. Just goes to show how pricing can have an impact. If this was listed around $2.5 this past April when we were looking, we most likely would have made an offer and I am sure we would have settled well above the homes current $2.1 price tag.

  11. ChillKitty

    The open first floor interior kind of reminds me of Lucy and Ricky’s Westport farmhouse.

  12. Anonymous

    It’s a great house on a great street and no I’m not the seller or their agent. If you have kids this is one of the best neighborhoods in OG.

  13. Anonymous

    looks like a school house from the early 1800s. Extremely close to 95. Also — was this a pre-fab they dropped in by helicopter? Flat lot, no fence, zero privacy. If I was single and needed a house, though, this might be it. Great cabin. Lots of traffic and the traffic headlights hitting the house, too.

    • Extremely close to 95? Huh? This is one of the best streets in OG – the whole neighborhood is great and there is no 95 hum. These buyers got a huge bargain in my opinion. I love the beams. You can always paint them white if you want a less rustic look.

      • sorry – I thought this sold already. I bet it sells very quickly at this price.

      • Anonymous

        Toonces: you just said you can’t hear the highway from mid brook, but you can from way down at Tod’s Point. Why the lie? Another thing bugs me about this house, it looks like a barracks from WW II prisoner of war movies. Raised off the ground so you can see underneath, and determine if there’s tunneling. Could this house not sustain a basement because it’s on bottomland? It should sell, but to the Greenwich School District. The Midbrook School. k-5. Like you said, walking distance to Binney and Perrot. Get those buses humming on Midbrook.

        • Anonymous @ 3pm: Lie? What lie? It’s rather complicated physics but, yes, due to changes in the weather, sound can travel very far at times. It also is affected by hills and other things that can block sound which is why fences do a lot of good on a busy road. So,yes, you can be closer to I95 and hear less highway noise than someone who is farther away. Your other comments aren’t worth a response.

          • Toonces, to quote Robert Heinlein (and who in turn, was paraphrasing Shaw),

            [A] fool cannot be protected from his folly. If you attempt to do so, you will not only arouse his animosity but also you will be attempting to deprive him of whatever benefit he is capable of deriving from experience. Never attempt to teach a pig to sing; it wastes your time and annoys the pig.”

            And when a fool accuses you of lying, you can quit right there.

        • Anonymous

          The buses!!
          I saw them this morning all firing up –
          It’s mad over there!!

  14. Anonymous

    Toonces: you might want to take a drive down the street from this school house and see the distressed, ’60s houses. It’s as close as you can be to 95 without being on Laddins Rock. Reason why it’s been cut in price 35 percent. Put that house in Hillcrest, it goes for 3 mil, easily. Not on the street you call one of the “best” in OG. Clang, clang, clang, clang. I can hear the bell in that little tower telling the kids recess is over when I drive by 🙂

    • Anonymous @ 2:40 – yes I’ve seen the more modest homes. It’s a neighborhood that is down to earth. Sure it’s close to 95 – but I don’t think that’s a negative unless you see or hear 95 (and by the way, in certain weather, WE hear it and we are close to Tod’s). Anyway, I respectfully disagree. This neighborhood has a bunch of nice families and is a great one for raising kids. No cars going fast down the roads, close to everything – walk to Binney and the library. It’s great.

      • Don’t bother, Toonces. If she criticizes a house by declaring it “not worth $3 million” when the point was that it’s down to $2, she’s not opining anything of value, just blathering.
        (Something I’m guilty of myself, from time to time, so I’m sympathetic)

        • Anonymous

          I don’t understand anon’s animosity toward this house… Unless he’s bitter that he can’t afford to buy it.

    • Anonymous

      I love Hillcrest. Agree, put this house there on a large lot surrounded by other large lots and you get over $3 MM.

      • Armour

        Hillcrest is on the fade until those new homes are built off Hillcrest Lane.
        It’s been a wait and see now for some time…just look at that stale listing @ no. 72 HC.

  15. Anonymous

    Is that a fake fireplace? The entire house has no shade on it. The lawn will be parched starting in May. The garage looks like a giant storage unit from Home Depot. At 2.1 — it’s a hell of a house. Not at 3 + Needs a major arboreal undertaking.

    • Anon99

      Looked at this house last year and the property was very soggy, with obviously a lot of water remediation in place. Beautiful house inside, but yeah, not for typical Greenwich tastes, and we didn’t care for its location.

      • anonymous

        Anon99 – just curious can you expound on ‘typical Greenwich tastes’? Would really like to know your perspective…

        • rick

          Certainly not rural New England post and beam construction plunked down on a smallish lot in a neighborhood of split levels and garrison colonials.

  16. CT2CA

    Like or dislike of style is always a matter of personal preference, but I think that it can be argued that this is one of the best values in town (certainly in OG) in terms of size, land and quality of house.

  17. Anonymous

    Nice home. What’s not mentioned is that the entire area, and on that lawn of that house every night, are deer. There are many families that graze across the street. Pretty in the winter. A danger in the summer. I’ll guess that house will sell soon, and then be on the market in eighteen months. And then again in another eighteen months. But for the price, and the OG school, it seems attractive. Whomever wrote about the freeway is correct. It’s a couple hundred yards away. And the area is entirely rock, you can feel the vibration at times. After a month, you wouldn’t notice it. So that’s a wash.

  18. Anonymous

    I’m pretty sure this Dundee school.

    What’s you can’t tell from the pictures here is that the person who owned this house, kept the original house and then built this house while they lived in the original house. When done, they knocked down the first house…that’s why the house is so far back. I’m not a big front yard kind of guys and would have preferred that the house was closer to the road so that it has a big yard.

    Oh well. If you like colonial houses, I do think the owner did a good job of making it look original…good luck to them.

    • Anonymous

      Yeah. It’s neat in that you feel like you could be Ben Franklin or James Madison. That colonial look and feel. Just without the wigs. Inside is like a cool barn in Vermont that’s been converted so that a guy like James Taylor could come and write songs and play. Or Phish could hangout and jam. Kind of got it all. I doubt there was a house in front of this house. Nobody would be that stupid to do what you described. Dundee is great that your kids could learn another language, if that’s the district. But you can’t ride a bike there from this house, and least not safely. Some epic football on the front lawn is in the cards, too. At this price, will be gone in a week or two.

      • Anonymous

        Anon @8:58 – Look on street view / Google – it’s exactly what they did, their house was about 5 feet in front of it until the new one was done.

  19. Anonymous

    I guess beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. I drive by this house regularly and I like it. I like the interior shots, too. It is certainly a heck of a lot nicer than the house I grew up in, but my father and mother could only afford so much. That house was on a fifty by one hundred foot plot and as kids we could talk to our neighbor friends by opening up the windows on the second floor. The house you are criticizing is a palace that my mom and dad could only dream of owning. I live in Greenwich now and I am grateful for the house I have and the neighborhood I live in.

  20. Anonymous

    I am a modern fan and I like the interior of the home. The beams can be fixed with a different stain or painted white.
    The downside of the house is the flood zone issue and 95.
    The right person will come along — not your typical Greenwich box — so somebody with some vision and a creative eye is going to make this house a special home.

  21. Mickster

    I have to say I like this house A LOT. Love the post and beam style. It does need more “trim” or finish but that’s an easy cosmetic fix later. The house is actually 2800 on the tax card so I presume the other 1200 is in the basement. According to Mike earlier, the AE zoning can be removed too so I would do that. The initial pricing last year by the owners (could not be a realtor’s price) killed this. Dundee. Half acre almost. Get it under $2M. What’s not to like. Walk to train, park library, village.
    BTW I wouldn’t worry about the deer over there – I am now seeing deer every other day and night coming from that area. I see them on Laddins Rock, Harding, around the Perrot, on Hendrie, Summit, Lockwood. They’re everywhere.
    Give CF a call and get yourself a deal.