If they can’t eat it, beat them with a PC stick



Lizard rescued from an elementary school salad now safely ensconced in science lab, and the purveyor of said salad, with lizard, praises his operation’s “organic” policies for the extra bit of protein .

The [salad] had been bought from Whole Earth Center, a natural foods store in Princeton. Mike Atkinson, the store’s produce manager, said the greens are cleaned as they’re stocked and that the lizard must’ve been tucked away in a leaf.

He said he doesn’t think the lizard would have made it in conventional, non-organic box.

“It might normally surprise or freak out conventional shoppers, but the majority of organic shoppers realize that produce is grown on a farm and there’s lots of bugs and animals that live on a farm too,” Atkinson said.

If stories like these keep surfacing, The Onion’s going to shut down because it’s superfluous.

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  1. Anonymous

    I have less of a problem with the lizards and bugs in my food than I have with the droppings produced by said organic critters. Yuck.