But how could this happen? Paris is a gun-free zone!


Aw come on, it’s a tradition here!

Paris police detain Muslim checking into Disneyland hotel with two guns in his luggage.

Police said they took the 28-year-old man into custody at around 2 p.m. local time when he tried to pass through security at the park’s New York Hotel. The man, a French national who wasn’t known to law enforcement, was carrying a copy of the Quran and had booked a room at the hotel, police said.

“During the routine security screening checkpoint at one of our hotels, weapons were discovered in guest luggage through our X-ray machine,” said Disneyland Paris spokesman François Banon.

Paris prosecutors said they weren’t treating the case as terrorism.

And why should they? A Muslim packing illegal handguns could as easily been planning to do something peaceful with them, such as … such as … hmm.


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6 responses to “But how could this happen? Paris is a gun-free zone!

  1. Anonymous

    The Arabs stick to their religion and their guns. Funny how Obama won’t criticize them, but he has a problem with farmers in the mid west.

    • AJ

      The “loopholes” in the gun laws that allow criminals to buy guns that Obama says exist, do not. As this undercover video proves, once again, you have been lied to by the Liar in Chief.

      How to buy a gun or a fully automatic weapon without a background check:

  2. Mickster

    We should all visit and take tons of pics before Europe implodes.

  3. AJ

    Gun free? But what about tomatoes? Protester throws two tomatoes at Trump @ 0:04 and 0:09.

    Don’t worry Donald: they did it to Alfalfa when he switched to opera from crooning.

  4. QP

    The ‘slum planning a mass shooting at the Minneapolis Masonic lodge didn’t get musch MSM coverage either.