But not Congress, and certainly not the White House


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Obama moves via executive fiat to force all corporate employers of 100 or more to disclose pay data by sex. 

The EEOC currently collects demographic information annually about companies’ workforces, including data on the race and gender of employees.

Statisticians and economists note, however, that analyzing wage disparities is a complex undertaking, and that aggregating data about many occupations is especially tricky.

“You can’t compare apples and oranges in the same group and draw meaningful conclusions,” said David Cohen, president of DCI Consulting Group, a Washington, D.C., firm that conducts pay-equity analyses for companies. “You’re going to get too many false positives and too many false negatives.”

In a 2012 report commissioned by the EEOC to study the feasibility of collecting pay data, independent experts found that the agency at that time didn’t have the expertise it needed to analyze the information it hoped to gather from employers.

Ms. Yang said Thursday that the EEOC has been working to increase its capacity.

The Obama administration itself is one of the worst “offenders’ of this claimed discrimination, but that, of course is different: liberals don’t discriminate, so different treatment must be the result of natural causes.


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3 responses to “But not Congress, and certainly not the White House

  1. anon

    Wait til the report discloses the salary of the CEO’s “secretary”. Talk about data by sex. 🙂

  2. Publius

    My 4 cents worth:

    Comment from WSJ not included:

    “EEOC Chair Jenny Yang said she expects the administrative burden of gathering compensation data to be relatively light, since employers will essentially be adding a few columns to the report they already file.”

    Adding just a few columns??? If she means literally adding a few columns, well that is no sweat, but populating them with data? This woman is clueless. She should be forced to do this herself for her own department, since it’s so easy.

    She is another lawyer who spent her career fighting for the underdog. Sound familiar, It should. DC is chock full of these know nothings.


    Second 2 cents:

    The government has no capability or “capacity” to do any kind of analysis that would hold up to private sector scrutiny, none. A government that spent over $1 billion to build a fatally flawed website (ie “glitches”) for the ACA has no claim to competence

  3. Anonymous

    Makes Complete sense why companies are going overseas or doing Private Equity. Our govt is Suffocating public companies