Italy proves, again, its fitness to be ruled by others

Hillary in scarf

Do you like me now?

Government covers up its museum nudes from fear of offending Iranian puritan. It also banned wine from the official state dinner, something even the cheese eating surrender monkeys further north refused to do. When you’re shown up by the French in standing up to despots, you’ve reached the depths of cowardice and submission.


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13 responses to “Italy proves, again, its fitness to be ruled by others

  1. Cos Cobber

    Those who submit shall be spared!

  2. Fatdaddy

    Speaking of being ruled by others…back on the home turf, here is a look at some of Danny’s spending. I especially like the upgrades to the NH Tennis center. Recall how the Danny bought the failed enterprise to keep it out of the hands of a southern state that might actually have made a go of it.
    ISIS and the rest just have to sit back while we destroy ourselves…
    Thee has to be a bone inhere for Greenwich, but you will have to look hard!

    Click to access Agenda_Jan29_2016.pdf

  3. Cancel Olympics Agreement?
    Sports are not allowed in multiple circles ’round World
    Skeeters to Rio Rescue….
    To eliminate the 5 Circles I worship?
    My Puritan ancestors loved sports….please don’t allow the use of Puritan when describing present situation.
    My beg for a smidge of PC Police attention in my favor…..

  4. Libertarian Advocate

    Surely Al Dente should be chiming in on this one, but he hasn’t lurked this joint in quite a long time. Is/was he BunnyT’s husband perchance?

  5. Publius

    Ironic. I always viewed Italy as a place to visit , much like an upscale theme park for history and culture, not a sovereign country. It looks like they shut down of few of the rides for a few pieces of silver. Not surprised though.

  6. Anonymous

    Did John Ashcroft not cover up the exposed boobies on the statuary of the Justice Department?

    • He did, but that was because he was personally a dirty old pervert and didn’t trust himself not to grope her. Different from letting a foreign leader grab your own, and thus the nation’s buttocks.

  7. Fatdaddy

    A bloody great idea!
    Abolish the tampon tax, Danny Malloy, you heartless ,misogynist bastard.
    Or would that cramp your tax and spend style?

  8. Walt

    Dude –
    Speaking of nudity, did you see the sexting scandal in Newtown?

    BTW, how are real estate prices in Newtown? Seems like an interesting town.

    Anyways, this stuff has to be going on in High Schools ALL OVER THE PLACE!! From the article:

    “The students whose images were shared were also “held accountable for their action in taking the pictures and forwarding them,” but Bahamonde said they are also victims who never intended the images to go beyond the person to whom they were sent”.

    So I assume they were all under 16. So I am a fifteen year old boy, and I ask a 15 year old girl to send me a topless photo. AND SHE DOES!! Now I shouldn’t, and I probably promised not to, but I am 15, so I AM SHARING THAT WITH ALL MY FRIENDS!! Does that REALLY mean I should be charged with distributing child pornography? A FELONY!! This kid should be a convicted felon and listed as a child sex offender FOR THE REST OF HIS LIFE?

    I have a real problem with that, and I am not sure, if no rape was involved, and all of this was consensual underage, puberty driven stupidity, that the courts should be involved. And these kids lives ruined FOREVER.

    What do you think? Other than you are glad they didn’t have cell phones when we were in High School?

    Your Pal,

  9. It’s hard to follow Walt’s profound (and 100% right) comment while also committing the Walt Original Sin by being a blog whore, but alas, I am going AJ on you all and linking to one of my posts today. We went to the top of the WTC Observation Deck, and well, I teared up like a baby. It’s stunning, even on a day like today where we had quite a big cloud coverage blocking long distance views. If you haven’t been, put it on the TOP of your list.

    I try not to be a blog whore too often but there are times when even I think my photos are worthy of FWIW readers. 🙂