Why is there no real estate news on this blog?

Because there is no real estate news in our town. The past two days have shown a handful of rentals, a couple of meaningless price cuts, and that’s it – no contracts of note, no sales. I know there’s some activity out there, because I myself am involved in a deal, and rumors have many more edging closer to hitting the MLS.

So maybe next week – check back in.


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37 responses to “Why is there no real estate news on this blog?

  1. Anonymous

    30 Nicholas sold!

  2. Anonymous

    any new listing interesting?

  3. Littlemaninabox

    20 Idar Ct, under a buck!

  4. There’s always this to talk and laugh about!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    State Department Says 22 of Clinton’s Emails Contain Highly Classified Information

    • I had half a post on that before my internet connection went woozy. Yes, the story certainly grows on her, from “Private e-mails about my favorite cookie recipes@, to “zealously over-classified chatter”, to “too dangerous to reveal”.
      The joke on that is that it’s clear the Ruskies and Red Chinese intercepted all this as it was happening.

      • But in her eyes it’s still a vast right wing conspiracy – waskily republicans trying to do her in. I hope she does the full Titanic.

        • I think I saw that Mr. Tingle, Chris Matthews, has also revived the “vast, right wing conspiracy” meme. Well, recycling things is the liberal way; look at Bernie Sanders and his socialism.

      • Walt

        Dude –

        The 22 emails are so confidential, they will not release any of their content. But they did release who they were From/To, as well as the subject line. But not the actual body of the email. Here is some of what they released:

        From: Hildabeast
        To: Huma Weiner
        Subject: I need my carpet cleaned!!

        Why wouldn’t they release this one? Who cares if she has a dirty rug? Here is another one:

        From: Cankles
        To: Huma Weiner
        Subject: Scissoring and MORE!!

        So she needed some office supplies. Why is that top secret? One more:

        From: Huma Weiner
        To: Jailory
        Subject: They call me Weiner, but I only like pussy!!

        So she likes cats? Who cares? I really don’t see what they are trying to hide here Dude. Do you?

        Your Pal,

        • Walt

          Dude –

          I forgot the most important one!!

          From: Hildabeast
          To: Huma Weiner
          Subject: Is Anal Bleaching cover by Obamacare?

          Why is this top secret? WE ALL NEEDS TO KNOW!!

          Your Pal,

        • Walt

          Dude –

          And what do you think this one means?

          From: Hildabeast
          To: Huma Weiner
          Subject: This guy AJ knows too much

          Is it possible……Hillary is an alien? Or a Lizard? NO WAY!! Right. RIGHT?

          Your Pal,

    • anon2

      Nothing will happen to Hillary. Josh Earnest said today he saw nothing that warranted concern. In other words, Obama has told Lynch to stay away.

  5. How about the listing of 4 North Street in Cos Cob? 4 beds, 3 baths for 1.4M, not a bad deal.

  6. ’tis a sad life if your furry fantasy is as a Tribble

  7. Fatdaddy

    Danny still pointing the finger, six years into his job. what a piece of Irish dog-dirt! WHEN will Connecticut voters wise up?

    “You know what the amount in the rainy day fund was when I became governor? Zero,” Malloy said. “A prior administration used $1.5 billion in rainy funds to avoid having to make the tough decisions that my administration had to make.”

    Tough decisions…like whose hole do I shove my nose in? Barrack’s or Hillary’s? EEEEWWWWWW! Danny! How could you?!

    • Mickster

      FatDaddy, let’s have less of the “Irish dog-dirt”. I can’t stand Daniul/Danell/Danielle/Donal/Danny Boy Molloy or that creep Looney either but let’s keep the old sod out of this, ok? It’s embarrassing enough!

  8. peg

    So, while we’re waiting for HRC to get charged and go to prison, I will share some real estate news!

    Classic stone & stucco 2-story on a lovely corner lot, with panoramic views of Lake Nokomis from almost every room! Sold in 6 days for over asking price 🙂 (Subject to inspection….) Price? $575,000.


    Y’all sure you don’t wanna move to Minnesota?

    • Anonymous

      Most Greenwich readers would describe that as a tear down beyond the point of salvage. I would take it.

    • anonymous

      Why so cheap? Is this close to little Mogadishu?

      • peg

        Cheap because the general area has mostly modest homes around it. On one of our other city lakes, the house would literally be at least double this price.

        Actually, in some neighborhoods today, we are seeing pleasant homes on tiny lots (.19 of an acre?!) being purchased for $600-$700K – then torn down with a rebuild upwards of $1.7 million.

        Close to downtown and great schools makes people go nuts.

    • Anonymous

      Really nice house for the money, Peg. It does give one pause. Greenwich Oldtimer

  9. Anon

    Saw that the project for the boatyard on Ole’s Creek finally got approved by P&Z….