Bottom story of the day

NYT endorses Hillary. Darn, I was hoping they’d go for Cruz.

Hillary fat ass

Does this jacket make me look too thin?


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25 responses to “Bottom story of the day

  1. Seriously? A candidate with all that baggage?

  2. Brad Benedict

    know perfectly well I have high regard for your commentary on a snall town real estate , its market conditions, and observations on ‘living conditions.” I notice that in the area of political commentary that most common is overt or iimplied negativity having to do with progressive beings. I’d be interested to take in your comments and those of your own commentators of the virtues of those heretofor mentioned in this discourse. I

  3. jB

    Didn’t nyt endorse Al Gore? That worked well.

  4. uminn65

    CF: your curated stories are great – – your captions are often brilliant.

  5. Anonymous

    Surprise, surprise, surprise

  6. Anonymous

    Makes her head look small

  7. weakleyhollow

    No, it makes you look like a criminal.

  8. Brilliantly done…
    Fonda Hillary Movement ads against
    White Lives Matter group will soar revenue
    Whilst Devil City whiners in Purgatory in Illinois will thrive…..
    BUT Kaschist’s brother is a fine fellow Landscape Architect so….we may get our due too….

  9. peg

    So shocked, I am feeling faint!


  10. Walt

    Dude –
    How can Cankles be fat? She has a vigorous workout routine:

    Your Pal,

  11. TRUMP 2016-2024 🎉🏣🎉

    The last thing she needs is her own chef for the next 8 years
    Lay off the chard ladie
    And get ready to back that arse up along side Danbury’s finest
    … Just ask that RHWONJ chick

  12. I wonder how long they’ll ignore the story when she gets indicted.

    • weakleyhollow

      Get real. A Democrat administration is not going to indict its presumptive nominee. They just got slapped down for floating a trial balloon to retroactively take a star away from Petraeus. They figure they have cover on lady Hillary, even if the circumstances are completely different. I think you might be surprised how few people outside of dyed in the wool Republicans care about this. I think the public knows she is crooked. The question is, do they care?