Scary thought

Who, me?

Who, me?

A friend of mine thinks the Democratic ticket will be Warren/Biden. That’s surprisingly plausible, thinking about it, except that I can’t see Ol’ Joe signing on for another stint as VP, and I don’t think anything less than Warren on top will do the trick.

Still, … interesting.

UPDATE: I hadn’t seen this when I wrote the above, but yesterday, Elizabeth Warren opened fire on Hillary


Screen Shot 2016-01-30 at 6.07.00 AM


UPDATE II: Maybe the Democrats are really just trying to get Trump elected – it would certainly save money on designing a new logo.




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28 responses to “Scary thought

  1. Philip Davidson

    Biden would’ve run for the top spot if Warren had agreed to be his veep. She insisted he commit to only one term. He refused. Those are the facts.

    • But circumstances change, eh?

      • The only circumstance that matters is what Obama wants. He can kill her candidacy at any moment with an indictment. She is trying to prevent that by fawning over his accomplishments and flattering him at every opportunity.

      • AJ

        Hillary will be prosecuted: right after they finish prosecuting John Corzine.

        • I suspect that you are correct, but for us conspiracy-minded types there is an Obama fall-back position — let DOJ impanel a grand jury, but do it in DC, which is heavily black, votes heavily Democratic, and would probably produce a grand jury disinclined to indict Hillary.

  2. Anonymous

    GOP should hope she runs, she is as un-electable as Sanders.

    • Anonymous

      Be careful what you wish for. Many in 2008 believed O was the easier candidate to beat, as clearly he was unelectable. Oops.

  3. Just the Facts!

    Switch it around and you have an unbeatable ticket….even Trump has no answer for a Biden/Warren ticket with 75 million Free-Obamacare, Federal iPhone, Food stamp-receiving block of voters. Wait for FBI Dir James Comey to jack Clinton up AFTER she wins the nomination and then the Party bosses and Obama get to pick the next nominee….just like they did in ’72 with George McGovern. When have we ever seen a two term president not be succeeded by the vice (except Cheney who aged out and who was actually the President)??? And trust me, Biden can easily handle the likes of Trump in a debate….please see the Biden/Ryan debates last time. Biden is no fool. As a 6-term Senator from Delaware and a 2-term VP, he has plenty of tricks still up his sleeve. Get ready for the pain. JTF!

  4. Greenwich Gal

    Perhaps this is all going according to plan. Obama hates the Clintons but could not publicly dump on his former secretary of state. Biden could not enter the race without seeming to be a spoiler and risk Democratic division. So – Obama drip drip drips Clinton’s leaks and lies until the public wants her head on a stick. He then allows the Feds to indict her – Obama reminds the public that no one is above the law. There is just enough time – before New Hampshire, which is the first primary to take place, to create excitement and stability in one of the wildest, off the charts, races in years – Biden agrees to save the day and run with Warren as his VP. He looks perfectly safe and moderate given what the other choices are out there.
    It’s plausible.

    • Anonymous

      Interesting theory indeed.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly the scenario I’ve been imagining for a while now. If we have to endure another Democratic reign, I would prefer Biden to the Clintons any old day. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. Greenwich Oldtimer

    • anon

      Biden criticized Bernie’s Socialism last week so not sure why he’d want to align himself with Warren. She’s fairly inline with Bernie. Socialism Lite.

      What’s got the Dems spinning is Socialist Queen Susan Sarandon campaigning for Bernie. She distanced herself from Hillary big time and the Clintons are not happy. Sarandon introduced Bernie at an Iowa rally recently and cried tears of joy at his desire for revolution.

      • anonymous

        She is an old bag lady too busy kicking her bosoms around the floor and trying to remain in the spotlight to be of much use to the democrats. The kids could care less about her.

      • hmmm

        She should donate all her money and go live on a farm and give all the profits from her ping pong establishments to everyone equally. When she does all of this then I will listen to her.

      • Anonymous

        They want alignment with Warren because she has a vagina

        • Greenwich Gal

          Exactly – she would offset the historic Hillary female election – it would still put a woman in the highest office yet. Still historic. Warren could potentially swing many of the women’s vote her way since everybody knows how compromised Hillary and Bill are.

  5. Anony

    I don’t think Warren was referring to Hillary in the referenced tweet. She was referring to evil doer, Wall Street Capitalists. From her website:

    Senator Warren Releases “Rigged Justice,” First Annual Report Detailing How Weak Federal Enforcement Lets Corporate Offenders Off Easy

    • Subtle, but who’s been whoring with Wall Street for the past decade, and who’s likely to be charged with a felony, but not indicted? I think Warren’s setting the lady up.

  6. AJ

    Biden generates about as much excitement as stale dog poo drying in the sun. Every time he’s run in the past he’s always been one of the first to drop out, and very few people would welcome an Obama administration Part Trois.

    Warren would be little more than a watered down version of The Bern who’s already got too much of a head start. If She were to run, get ready for non-stop “You didn’t build this business” commercials pummeling her into the ground. In short order, she would be seen as nothing more than a pathetic cartoon character with hands gyrating wildly who’s out to deprive you of your job.

    But the real question of the day is this: Is the Zika virus weaponized GMO or just another bad idea gone bad? w/video of Dr. Francis Anthony Boyle examining the facts.

  7. anonymous

    The NYT editorial board just endorsed Hillary for president. Seems a strange oxymoron to yesterday’s NYT headline of 22 emails. I wonder if there’s a time in history when the NYT did not choose to endorse a candidate running for president. They couldn’t endorse Bernie but it does seem paid-by-Clinton timing that the endorsement is when her campaign is in full defensive mode after the email story broke.

  8. Just the Facts!

    Again, the art of Obama’s political move is to get her through the primary process and win. If she blows up now then Sanders wins and it’s a mess. Warren and Biden can’t raise dime one nor pick up any super delegates this late in the race. Hell, they can’t even appear on most of the ballots. The move here is get past the Convention, DOJ take her out, and then Biden rescues the Party with his divine right given by his late son speaking to him from the grave. It’s perfect. And again, the Republicans have no answer for him. Warren, Clinton, Bloomberg, Sanders can all be smoked by Trump in the polls and in the debates.

    Mr. Crosley, you are correct about Ike….I meant in the modern age of politics….post Kennedy. America was still a politically immature country back in the ’50’s. After Kennedy and Vietnam, we broke our political cherry….things turned nasty and have remained so.