This figures

Escaped prisoners

Eat healthy, be healthy. But not wealthy.

Those two escaped prisoners, one of whom had been dubbed “Hannibal the Cannibal”, arrested while shopping at Whole Foods.

It’s the lack of gluten that drives men crazy. That, or overpaying for the non-gluten stuff.


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6 responses to “This figures

  1. Whole Foods does have a pleasing array of both lotions and baskets from which to choose… come to think it, one can find fava beans and a nice chianti as well

  2. Anonymous

    These guys did evil things and needed to be caught so I’m very glad they were not smart enough to change up the appearance of the van in some way… That’s what got them turned in.

  3. Fatdaddy

    “Bridgeport public works head bails out alleged crack dealer…”

    Your tax dollars, hard at work. Danny Malloy was just hanging out with Ganim the other day. Probably talking about his second chance society.
    Now he is up north sniffing Hillary’s ass and working on a potential cabinet position ANY of which he is not qualified for. Drug czar? Well, maybe…with a little coaching from his kids.

    “Longtime Bridgeport municipal employee Jennifer Gondola got help from a key department head when arrested earlier this month for allegedly selling heroin and crack cocaine near a day care center.
    Her supervisor, new Public Facilities Director John Ricci put $1,600 on a personal credit card to help secure Gondola’s release.”

    Thank you Mr. Testa. Your pizza and your “influence” pretty much run the state now.