Global warmists: just keep lying

di Caprio

Just checking for a pulse; nope.

Leonardo DiCaprio, fresh from Davos via his private jet, last night repeated his lie that his rape by a bear gave him a first hand, terrifying view of global warming.

Canada and South America’s breathtaking backdrops in “The Revenant” gave its award-winning star, Leonardo DiCaprio, a “terrifying” front row seat to climate change.

Record-breaking temperatures linked to climate change are the new normal for residents forced to endure their changing environment, the actor learned while filming the award-winning movie in locations that included Mexico, Argentina, British Columbia and Alberta.

“We shot at high altitudes in Calgary, and weather conditions were unprecedented,” DiCaprio, 41, said Saturday, speaking backstage at the SAG Awards in Los Angeles.

“The locals had told us they’d never had weather extremes like that since they’ve lived there,” he added. [every local interviewed by objective reporters hooted in derision at his confusion – ed] “And you realize that 2015 was the hottest year in recorded history, December was the hottest you know December in recorded history.”

The idiot high school drop out’s  abysmal ignorance of the typical Canadian chinook was exposed and disposed of two months ago, yet here he is, still telling the same lie, and still being quoted by mass journals of ignorance like the Daily News. I ask again: if anthropomorphic global warming is true, why do its advocates feel the need to lie, so often and so fervently?


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36 responses to “Global warmists: just keep lying

    All suffer except for .0001 as in SOCIOCOM Power Algebra….

  2. This is so ludicrous. My niece is a film editor and we were talking about Leo the other day and she had this to say:

    While Leo might enjoy complaining about the weather extremes, be sure to know that at all times one or more of his his assistants was never more than 50 feet away with a hot cup of coffee and that Leo’s movie trailer was equally close to the star, outfitted with the best and nicest of everything – from heat to food to Frette sheets etc. At NO TIME would Leo have actually experienced the extreme weather conditions he talks about.

    Not to mention that the guy can’t act. He grunted his way through The Revenant.

    • Well if I had a bear having his way with me, I’d grunt too. At least he didn’t squeal like a delighted pig.
      Or no one’s reported that he did – can you ask your niece?

    • Libertarian Advocate

      She forgot to add that there is likely also an on duty masseuse for him should he want a massage at any time he is on the set. Studio pays.

      • For sure. I’d love to read his demands for being on location. Requests probably down to the thread count of the sheets and the color of the Skittles in the bowl.

        Bottom line, I am told that Leo is loved within Hollywood circles.

        • Well they’re all the same, and they’re all with Sanders in calling for a redistribution of (other people’s) money.
          God bless them.

          • What we don’t know is how many Hollywood buffoons already have their real fortunes hidden in Swiss and Cayman accounts so that if Bernie did win, they could still say they are for redistribution while drawing on their millions from offshore accounts. They’ve got accountants and lawyers for a reason.

    • Anonymous

      He may be a douche bag and a pussy hound but he is a good actor. I thought he was great in Revenant, although Tom Hardy was even better. Also did a great job in The Departed and Aviator.

      • Oscar The Grouch

        Leo has yet to meet a paper bag he can act his way out of, with the single exception of when he played the teen Luke on Growing Pains. Emmy. Emmy. /not

        • Anonymous

          Given the box office take of his films and his pay checks others beg to differ :).

        • Oscar The Grouch

          You make my comments so easy. Movie goers get their suggestions from TMZ, Hollywood Insider, Access Hollywood, and Twitter. They see Leo on entertainment news every night and equate his visibility with talent. I’ll give you he was good in What’s Eating Gilbert Grape. That was his last.
          Sadly really good movies don’t make as much money as movies with “stars”. There are some exceptions, but not many.

  3. Anonymous

    EOS, some women only like (or need) men when they are grunting.

  4. My rant

    “We have 99% of the scientific community now saying climate change exists and it’s caused by mankind. Anyone who doesn’t believe in climate change doesn’t believe in science.”

    The 99% figure, in particular, is typical, left-wing, political poppycock. The arrogance of these people knows no limits.

  5. Why do they lie so often and so fervently?

    Because it is their religion. It appears that some people are hard wired with a need to ostentatiously demonstrate fealty to a particular belief system. There were probably prominent Egyptians who were as publicly obnoxious about Ra the Sun God as this fool is about climate.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Why do they lie so often and so fervently?

      What you said AND because we have an astonishingly lazy media that lets them get away with it.

  6. Walt

    Dude –

    Who cares what Leo or any other idiot actor thinks? I could care less. They are all hypocrites and morons.

    What I find to be a crime, in fact BLASPHEMOUS, is that I believe Leo is gay. NTTAWWT. But he immediately set off my gaydar. Now I ask you, isn’t it wrong that perhaps the worlds greatest tookie magnet wastes that GOD GIVEN GIFT? It breaks my heart. Gay men can get all the sex they want. ANY TIME!! It takes no skill. Getting hot Babes, on the other hand, requires skill. AND LEO HAS IT AND PISSED IT ALL AWAY!!

    He could have any women in the world, and he fantasizes about Toby McGuires hairy little man ass? It’s beyond my comprehension.

    Your Pal,

    • Anonymous

      What gift does he have? A big bank account is all you really need. He augments wealth with fame, but between the dollars and fame, where is there any talent? He basically flipped 100 heads in a row. There are at least a thousand other people just like him who happened to be less lucky with their flips. Much like a lottery, it’s unlikely any specific person will win, but very likely that there will be a winner.

      Please Walt, don’t confuse luck with skill, lest you become an AJ wannabe blowhard.

      • Walt

        So you are saying that all women care about is money? Don’t you think that is sexist? And wrong? You think they a are all shallow bimbo’s, only out for money? I think only the really hot ones with big cans are like that. The ones everybody wants!! I think T\there are many chubbies out there who don’t care about money. The Dude can confirm. And are you trying to tell me Melania married the Donald only for his money, and not his looks and personality? REALLY?

        And……AND!!! Are you comparing me to that no talent, no sense of humor, unfunny HACK? That spammer? That weed? That no talent shill? No not the Dude. The self promoting conspiracy dandelion head. The off topic, multi posting senile illiterate?

        That may be the meanest thing ever!! You made me cry like a little bitch! HAPPY NOW!!

        • AJ

          You talk much of getting hot babes, a sure sign you’re not getting any. You do, however, keep sneaking in as asides your deep knowledge of homos. Hmm.

      • AJ

        Look, Walt, you have an anonymous admirer. Come on out of the Bushes, boy: you’ll never get anything on by hiding in the shadows.

        • Anonymous

          I am a long time reader, and enjoy this blog very much. Thank you for doing it. It has a little bit of everything. And I don’t comment often. But I am curious why you called off Walt versus AJ? And I must admit to being a big Walt fan. Walt was destroying him. A total mismatch. But Walt apparently backed off, because you asked him to, but AJ didn’t. That doesn’t seem fair. AJ is a bore, and Walt is really funny. I say give Walt the go ahead. AJ needs someone to point out his boorish behavior.

          • Aw, I love Walt, you know that, but AJ adds his own brand of zaniness to this place, and it just seemed time to Move On™. Walt’s got plenty of other targets including his usual one, me.

        • Walt

          Dude –

          You hairless little eunuch. Redundant, I know!! When were you ever my target? When? WHEN!! NEVER!!

          Do you think I pick on you? WHY?? When do I point out the fact that you have no discernable skill sets? No talent? No sense of comedy? No rhythm? No rhyme? No talent? No penis?

          NEVER!! I accept you for the no talent hack that you are. In fact, I am IMPRESSED by how far you have come in life with barely the ability to breath on your own. NO SMALL FEAT I SAY!! That is why I respect you, and consider you a friend. You disgusting dingleberry. It is your whole appeal.

          So you asked me a favor. As a friend. To stop beating on a retard. Not you, the other retard. Who I didn’t know was a retard. Which makes me a retard. Because he is obviously a retard, and now I am a retard for not realizing he was a retard sooner. Are you following this, you retard?

          So. SO!! Because you asked me nicely, and I consider you a friend, and I like you,I will refrain from responding to the retard. Not you, the other retard. And I am a man of my word. Unlike the retard.

          Can you add him to your blog roll and maybe get him to stop posting endless self-promoting, boring, humorless, unfunny spam? Or is that too logical for a retard to understand? Zaniness is Soupy Sales. You find that amusing? You sicken me, you no talent hack.

          So what do you think? You illiterate retard? And I mean that fondly.

          Your Pal,

  7. Beantown

    I like Leo. He does a good job acting, in my humble opinion or, at the very least, he’s not a bad as many of actors who appear over and over again. Yes, he has it — that is the “it” factor. He has leading man good looks — he’s one of the few who truly look like a movie star — which is what he is. Who else is there, really? Tom Cruise is the only other one I can think of who can legitimately be called a “movie star” with movie star good looks and that guy is off the weirdo chain, and likely also gay or bi. The living true movie stars — with corresponding movie star good looks — are probably less than 10, perhaps less than 5. I’m excluding all the great actors of average looks of course.

    So, he’s won the lottery in that regard — BFD. Can’t you say that to a certain extent about many successful people? Einstein won the brain lottery, no? Most of Greenwich residents won the lottery of being born into the families they were born into — rich or poor — but ones who valued education, hard work, good habits, etc that at least enabled a motivated child to prosper. We also all know the trust fund elites who are drug addled, lazy, incompetent, while also maintaining a sense of entitlement and arrogance. No? So, it’s not just the luck but also requires some motivation and certain character traits (motivation) to succeed no?

    I don’t really care who Leo fucks. Seems to me that if his playboy image is just a cover-up he’s banged some of the finest pussy around. Not a bad cover up!!!! Doing it right at least. But, really, if he wants to fuck men, women or goats, I could give two shits and a fuck. As long as he’s not hurting anybody — all consensual and no minors. How about all the other elites out there in many fields who molest and/or rape in every circle — Cosby, Jerry Sandusky, Roman Polanski, and on and on.

    So, the REAL question is: why does someone with any celebrity feel that entitles them to speak on any issue? Bono (not Sonny, but the singer) was one of the worst fucktards out there. I actually met him in person once and he wouldn’t STFU going on incessantly about all these social issues. Now, he’s changed his tune dramatically — and basically has admitted that he was wrong. Wow.

    Then again, why WOULDN’T a celebrity feel the need to use their celebrity status to help a certain cause? That a person like that might feel some need to “give back” even if they aren’t qualified. So, they start being lobbied and start listening to those who purport to have the information but who usually have an agenda. The amount of people anywhere actually getting source information has to be extremely low. Hell, there aren’t even any more reporters out there getting reliable source information — most info is a simple regurgitation of others’ regurgitation or is from agendas created from whole cloth. It’s getting harder and harder to know the truth about anything. Plus there are many truths, as always.

    Global warming. The first time I truly became aware of the scam was in 2004 when I went to the Smithsonian Institute which had a huge display about Earth’s temperatures and the natural cooling and heating cycles over thousands of years if I recall. Made it pretty clear. Now, i see there’s any issue about funding for studies there (Koch) there so, again, query who the average Joe or Josephine is going to believe.

    • Anon2

      Hey, idiot – you equate good acting ability with good looks? Talk about shallow. PS: Leo is not handsome.

      • Beantown

        Idiot? Check your reading comprehension skills (or intellect) because that’s not what I said. I said he was a good actor (I didn’t say great), and I said he was good looking. I never said there was a correlation there — you apparently can’t read, genius.

    • Walt

      What about Tom Hanks? Bradley Cooper? Bruce Willis? RobertDowney Jr? AHNOLD!!

  8. Anonymous

    National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration scientists have found a solution to the 15-year “pause” in global warming: They “adjusted” the hiatus in warming out of the temperature record.

    New climate data by NOAA scientists doubles the warming trend since the late 1990s by adjusting pre-hiatus temperatures downward and inflating temperatures in more recent years.

    “Newly corrected and updated global surface temperature data from NOAA’s [National Centers for Environmental Information] do not support the notion of a global warming ‘hiatus,’” wrote NOAA scientists in their study presenting newly adjusted climate data.

    To increase the rate in warming, NOAA scientists put more weight on certain ocean buoy arrays, adjusted ship-based temperature readings upward, and slightly raised land-based temperatures as well. Scientists said adjusted ship-based temperature data “had the largest impact on trends for the 2000-2014 time period, accounting for 0.030°C of the 0.064°C trend difference.” They added that the “buoy offset correction contributed 0.014°C… to the difference, and the additional weight given to the buoys because of their greater accuracy contributed 0.012°C.”

    Ship-based readings are deemed innacurate by most scientists, as they take into account the ships thermo-dynamic properties. Most scientists now agree that the adjustment to the baseline data was done solely to inflate the warming data.

  9. pulled up in OG

    Lemme know when Miami stops buying’ pumps.

  10. Anonymous

    he doesn’t just get the girls

  11. Your average media personality has a degree in….what, exactly?….Journalism, political science……nice hair and looks…..maybe law school.
    Do ANY of them actually know any science? zero.
    For one thing, have they ever informed us that a warmer, wetter planet has less disease and grows more food? These are facts – look ’em up…..but since they lessen the severity of the man-caused-calamity narrative, you won’t be hearing them…..

    Your media is busted, example #548,263.

    BTW, DiCaprio is a jackass, but he can act.

    • Beantown

      So wait a second — only science majors know any science? Do you have even be a college grad to be highly intelligent? I can name a litany of highly intelligent successful people without college degrees or majors. College and degrees are dreadfully over-rated and unnecessary for the most part — one of the biggest scams out there, but that’s for another thread.

      Otherwise, I agree with the rest of the substantive parts of your post.

  12. Isn’ the constant repetition part of the ‘Big Lie’ formula?