If only the children of the corn could read, and understand

All the young products of modern education who are cheering on their own destruction at Bernie Sanders rallies might not be so enthusiastic about submitting themselves to a socialist regime if they knew anything about economics, or history, but they don’t, so they do.

But maybe the example of modern day Venezuela, Sean Penn’s pet project before he diverted to supporting drug ls, would be more accessible. It’s on the verge of complete collapse, for all of the reasons detailed by conservative publications for the past decade. Assuming the Washington Post is still on the children’s acceptable news sources list, maybe this linked-to article may help.

Or maybe the truth about Bernie’s paradise, Denmark, might open their eyes. Not the dismal economic growth rate or astounding debt its citizens suffer – what do children care about the future? – but the fact that 80% of these kid’s parent’s earnings will go for taxes, leaving them way less to pass along in allowances. That, and the idea that Mom and Dad fork over $49,000 for a Honda Accord, thanks to “luxury” taxes, when the same car in America costs $22,000.

Being a social justice warrior is all fun and games, until someone ends up in dad’s hand-me-down station car.



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30 responses to “If only the children of the corn could read, and understand

  1. AJ

    The lefties also seem to crave the open borders of their European brethren, another great idea.

    German-born Iranian Muslim man kills 20-year old German woman by pushing her into the path of an oncoming subway train. https://quittingiseasy.com/2016/01/german-muslim-attacks-woman-pushes-her-in-front-of-subway-train/

    • Anonymous

      He was born in Germany

      • AJ

        Indeed, he was. Maybe he was encouraged by the new normal in Germany, or perhaps he was encouraged by an inspiring speech from his Imam.

    • Walt

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      • AJ

        One of your Fairfield Greenwich Group promotional pamphlets?

        I’m sure everyone at FWIW would be much amused if you posted a prospectus for our perusal.

      • Walt

        Dude –

        Should we clue him in? Burst his little fantasy bubble? Do you want to be the one to break it to him, or should I do it? OK, I will do it.

        I am not….Walt is just….It’s all just……..OH FORGET IT!!

        He will just chalk it up as a conspiracy anyway.

        Your Pal,

        • AJ

          What’s that all about? Are you trying to say you’re gay?

          So Walt, are you saying that you’re just a fraud pretending to be Walter Noel, who got so mad at the mention of Fairfield Greenwich being a fraud that your response had to be taken down by CF followed by this, addressed to you:

          Chris Fountain
          December 11, 2015 at 12:31 pm
          ???? Are you really that clueless and ignorant? I guess you are.
          In which case, like Mark Twain’s caution against wrestling pigs, it’s not worth responding beyond this note.

          Well Walt, are you the Seven Billion Dollar Man, the king of the Madoff losers or just a fraudulent, pretend, wannabe (as in real) loser? Are you or are you not Walter Noel? Because if you are not, you have, at the very least, been pretending to be and given everyone the impression that you are. And you sure get mad when Inagua, says that you should give back your ill gotten advisor (yuk, yuk, advisor: there’s a joke) fees. BTW, you should.

          Elucidate, please.

        • AJ

          BTW, The Dude has said in previous posts that he has no idea who you are, so the only one who can do some cluing in is clueless you.

        • Walt

          OH MY GOD!! I just figured it out. You REALLY are retarded. I thought it was all a parody. Satire. Mockery. Lampoon. A SKIT!! But you don’t know what that means!! You are caught between reality and make believe. But you really are retarded. I apologize. I really didn’t know.

          Dude – please tell the retard that if I knew he was really retarded, I would not have made fun of him for being retarded. Thank you!!

        • Walt

          I am sorry it took me so long to figure out.

        • AJ

          Nice straw man attempt, Walt: a nice juvenile diversion, but you didn’t answer the question.

        • Walt

          Your behavior makes total sense now that I know you are retarded. Only a retard would behave like you. Now your retarded unfunny behavior makes total sense. You can’t help yourself, Mike Oxslong. You are retarded. And a homophobic retard to boot!! I didn’t even know such a thing existed. But the Dude has requested I stop, and I will honor his request. You probably won’t. Because you can’t. Because you are a homophobic retard. I understand now. Please don’t play with sharp objects. And always wear your bike helmet. Goodbye!

        • AJ

          Your the one who’s always carrying on about homosexuals, not me. A sure sign that you lean in that direction, NTTAWWT. But you should lighten up on our gay brethren: self-loathing is a terrible thing.

          Just one last thing. How do you invest $7 BILLION without knowing what you’re investing in, and then profess ignorance when not a single penny of your own money went into what your were selling. Just asking.

  2. AJ

    I’m predicting that the Trump and Sanders supporters are much more hardcore than their counterparts and much more likely to brave the snowstorm. So, a Trump/Sanders win.

    Cruz showed his true colors by passing out his you didn’t vote shaming-tickets, a move that if it doesn’t completely backfire will at least cool the enthusiasm of many of his supporters.

    What a f*cking little authoritarian shit. And why does he always stand like he just got off his horse? Or should I say high horse?

  3. anon

    Look at the audience again. There are plenty of middle age Americans sitting listening to Bernie too. He has to court them more than the college students because the older supporters are the ones who have historically caucaused. The college students may rally but stop there. Hillary is counting on the senior set to vote for her.

  4. Anonymous

    …very much like the conservative recipe for disaster exposed in Kansas


  5. Anonymous

    Here is a more relevant guide to Denmark:

    “Don’t tell her how much money you make

    But first, let me tell you another thing that will get you rejected. I’ll call it Manhattan behavior, because it was the way people dated when I lived in New York City. Men would tell a lady how much money they made, and how much money they were going to make, how much power and influence they had, and how expensive their watch was.

    This will get you nowhere in Denmark. First of all, if you have money in Denmark, the government’s going to take it all away. The tax department will have your number, real fast.

    Second of all, Denmark is a very non-hierarchal society, very flat structure. I think it’s fair enough to say most women will prefer a man with a steady job, but saying you have a top management position just means that you have to spend a lot of time working and not as much time with your family and friends. That’s not very Danish.”


  6. Anonymous

    AJ here is real Walt, I doubt he knows how to connect to the interweb:


  7. Anonymous

    CF – please ask Walt and AJ to take it out back. I’m tired of their feud chewing up valuable commentary space