So much for the gay marriage president

The mosque O’Bumski will visit today is both a front for terrorists and a leader against homosexuality. Here’s the mosque’s resident scholar, opining on homosexuals and what should be done about them.

A 2013 Youtube video shows Shaikh, who previously served as imam at a mosque in Plano, Tex., speaking out forcefully against homosexuality in Islam.

During an hour long diatribe, Shaikh called homosexuality a psychological disorder that has no place in Islam or society. He also lamented that gay rights groups have “hijacked” political discourse.

“This whole subject of homosexuality in the public sphere…is no longer a religious issue, unfortunately, as much as we want to use the religious card and try to defeat this, now it’s become a politicized issue,” Shaikh says in the video.

“Politicians are highly influenced by people who back them, and we find that these politicians who are calling for gay rights and marriage and supporting gay rights are lobbied and campaigned by gay activists, by gay groups. And they are throwing money at it left and right to gain some acceptance in society, to be considered normal people, to be treated normally.”

Obama is one such politician who has supported gay rights.

“We have to counter the efforts that are taking place elsewhere,” Sheikh says in the video, advising that “if our children are taught that [homosexuality is] okay, we have to teach them it’s not okay.”

“The president’s visit is proof of his active support of multiculturalism and acceptance, with love, of Muslim beliefs,” White House spokesman Robert Byrd told FWIW. “While the Jews are torturing our Palestinian brothers, Islam restricts its hatred to homos, queers and of course, Shitties or Sunnys, depending on which camp they’re in. That’s moderation, and that’s something all progressive thinkers should, and do, support.”



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8 responses to “So much for the gay marriage president

  1. Mickster

    Of all the mosques, in all the towns, in all the world, he has to choose this one? Well done, Secret Service. Is he going to be grovelling, on his knees again? I can’t take too may more pics of US Presidents curtsying to every towelhead on the planet while they plan our destruction.

  2. QP

    “White House spokesman Robert Byrd…”

  3. weakleyhollow

    That’s right, Barry is having a home coming today, is he not? No wonder it took him so long to come out for gay marriage, good liberal though he was. Which brings to mind the following thought.

    Back when AIDS was the ‘great concern,’ the important pols made certain to be seen often with folks who had it. This was way back, before it was politically correct to distinguish between those with HIV and those with AIDS. Both parties even went out of the way to have “someone with AIDS” address their conventions one year. Will this be the year when at least one party has an imam address its convention about islamophobia. It is, afterall, the current bogeyman. The new Canadian prime minister spent so much time in mosques when he was running that one might be forgiven for wondering about his faith.

    We do not have to worry about Obama’s faith; he has no soul.

  4. Walt

    Dude –

    Hillary is a liar. Everyone knows that. But this man is a LIE!! HIS WHOLE LIFE IS A LIE!! He is an Indonesian citizen, was raised by commies, we have never seen his college transcripts – they are sealed – he is clearly a slum sympathizer, if not a slum, he is sworn to protect the constitution, but he wants it destroyed because he sees it as a racist document, and HE IS A RACIST and probably gay. NTTAWWT.

    He is not all black, he was never a constitutional law professor, Bill Ayer’s – a commie radical terrorist – wrote “Dreams From my Father”, which is also fiction, and he sucks at golf, and throws like a fag.

    He cares more about protecting the image of Islam than he does about protecting the people of the United States. And that is no lie.

    One of the greatest lessons of Saul Alinsky, the father of community organizing, who Barry and Hillary both idolize, was that if radicals want to create a Marxist state, they must first gain power. And in order to gain power, they must hide both their radical past and their radical intentions. So Barry is just hiding in plain sight.

    Your Pal,

    • Anonymous

      Walt, well said. He is a fucking liar. Just finished watching 13 Hours and am furious about how he lied to America that a video was responsible for the murder of the US Ambassador when he knew all along that this was an attack carried out on 9/11 by Al Qaeda.

    • sunbeam43

      Correct on all! I was just figuring he thought he had better go and “make good” with them before he’s out of the WH. He doesn’t want to be flung off of a roof as he most certainly could be according to these muzzies!

  5. Community organizer, jus’ bringin’ folks together