Will Bernie be Vince Fostered if he beats Hillary tomorrow?

Hillary and foster

The paper of record has its suspicions

The old guy is 74, in poor health, and suffers from gout – would it be too surprising if he keeled over from the excitement of winning in Iowa?

Just asking.


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5 responses to “Will Bernie be Vince Fostered if he beats Hillary tomorrow?

  1. In this neck of the swamp, we calls it an Arkancide


  2. weakleyhollow

    “Nothing” was supposed to stand between Hillary and the nomination. I expect that Debbie what’s-her-name is not amused. Nothing would surprise me if the cannot get Bernie to stand down after he has proven his point. Just saying.

  3. Walt

    Dude –

    Here is an article from 2008 published in the Daily Mail on the death of Vince Foster:

    While she may not have actually killed him, she definitely drove him to suicide. I don’t know how ANYBODY could vote for this women to be President. She is a disgrace and anyone who supports her should be embarrassed. I would vote for ANYBODY over her.

    Some interesting things from the article:

    She had a White House staff of 30, and 29 were woman. How is that for diversity?

    “Her subordinates called her “The Big Girl” or “Big Mama” and wore badges saying “Hillaryland” and had a starry-eyed devotion that was almost cult-like”. THAT’S PRESIDENTIAL!!

    “According to White House chronicler Bob Woodward, she “frequently reduced her personal traveling aide to tears” when the assistant failed to produce something Hillary needed”. VERY NICE!!

    “At the funeral for Hillary’s father, who died during the Clintons’ first term at the White House, it was on Foster’s shoulder that the First Lady rested her slightly over-large head”. HER SLIGHTLY OVER-LARGE HEAD!! I loved that one!! SHE IS A PUMPKIN HEAD!!

    And the sense of entitlement she has towards being POTUS is NAUSEATING! That alone should make people not vote for her.

    Your Pal,

  4. Anon

    Bernie is just another faker to get out the youth vote. Hillary will win and the U.S. will be the next Argentina, and then Venezuela.