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Well at least a change of underwear, after he saw the caucus results

Washig clothes

Iowan Carson supporter lends a soapy hand

Ben Carson insists that he’s not suspending his campaign, he’s merely going home “to get a fresh set of clothes”.

Armstrong Williams, an informal adviser to Carson, tweeted that the rumors of Carson quitting were “poison being spread by liars that are threatened by his sudden Iowa surge.”

Dr. Carson had received 9.5% of the votes counted, as of 10:02


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Stupid question. Because there’s an election coming up, d’oh.


We missed Iowa, but we can still get to New Hampshire in time!

As feds annonce plan to reduce border monitoring 50%, Texas officials ask why.

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It’s probably no longer necessary ask whose side he is on


Tip toe, though the tulips …

Obama’s rules of engagement for our army in Afghanistan is getting troops killed and preventing victory.

Wall Street Journal:

BABAJI, Afghanistan—U.S. Special Forces soldiers are being called in more frequently by Afghan forces to help stop the Taliban from capturing Helmand province and its lucrative heroin trade. But the gains in at least three recent combat operations, in which one American soldier was killed and at least three wounded, were later reversed and the Taliban retook the territory.

That dynamic has increased pressure from Afghan and coalition officials for the Obama administration to change its rules of engagement to give U.S. forces a larger role in military operations and more discretion in calling in air support and using regular ground forces.

U.S. military commanders say they have repeatedly put their troops in harm’s way for progress that has proved fleeting, according to coalition members working with the U.S.-led military coalition.

“We have the capacity to annihilate the Taliban threat. But because of the rules of engagement under the new mission, our hands are tied,” said an American adviser to the coalition in Helmand, who described the rules as incomprehensible.

The rules of engagement in Afghanistan changed a year ago, when the U.S. and its allies ended their combat mission and began a new effort consisting of training, advising and assisting Afghan forces, and conducting counterterrorism operations when needed.

Under the new rules, the U.S. military can’t target militants solely because they are identified as members of the Taliban. U.S. forces can act if the Taliban threaten them or their NATO allies, but aren’t allowed to protect Afghan forces except under what commanders consider extreme cases or when they are accompanied by U.S. forces.

The change occurred in part because the U.S. is trying to nurture peace talks with the Taliban as well as reconciliation with the government of Afghanistan, while handing off primary fighting responsibility to Afghan forces.

At a news conference Thursday at the Pentagon, Defense Secretary Ash Carter said the current rules “allow us to do what we think needs to be done.”

My father, a WW II veteran (Lt. CDR, USNR) and cavalry officer before the war, was a conservative, patriotic man whose ancestry stretched back to soldiers in the Civil War and Revolutionary, but he absolutely refused to let us boys consider joining the Army during the Viet Nam war because he saw that the politicians were not going to let us win, but were willing to let soldiers die for naught. I’m sure he’d give the same advice today.



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They keep turning up the heat, but it isn’t working

polr bear warming

Leonardo Di Caprio explains global warming

Despite a decades-long, massive propaganda campaign, Americans still couldn’t give two good poops about global warming. That’s almost certainly due at least in part to the global warmists’ own refusal to curb their penchant for private jets, fuel-guzzling mansions and yachts – why believe in someone’s pet project when that person doesn’t act the part? – but unfortunately, what the public doesn’t see is the massive regulatory scheme imposed on all of us by the likes of Obama, and the strangling effects it will have on our economy.

The funny thing is, from what I overhear in comments between strangers, is that many of my fellow citizens do believe in the chimera of melting polar bears, but they just don’t care. I’ll take that, if it will help slow the warmists until sanity returns.


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Guardian Angles back on the subways, the National Guard called out – welcome back David Dinkins!


The People’s Galleries reopen

Fun City returns

Segregated dorms at colleges, suppression of free speech, crime, filth, homeless in the streets, riots in the slums – for a group that likes to refer to itself as “progressive”, liberals seem intent on returning to the ugliest part of our past.


Of course, it’d be great to see Charlie back on the streets


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And another sale reported

100 Oneida Drive, closed at $2.350 million, on an original ask price of $3.295.

100 Oneida Drive

100 Oneida Drive



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Echo Lane

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 5.11.41 PM

6 Echo Lane

6 Echo Lane has sold for $1.850 million. It’s a plain house in a really good location if you’re a central Greenwich fan. Not sure what a builder can do with this: it’s on 0.7 acre in a one-acre zone, and a river runs through it, but I’m guessing it’ll be replaced.


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Westchester taste, Westchester buyer?

25 Cutler road

25 Cutler Road

25 Cutler Road sold for $3.2 million, on an ask of $3.950. That’s probably plenty of dough for its builder, though, because he appears to have bought the property out of foreclosure for $950,000 in 2010, and built this … structure in 2013.

Convenient to Westchester Airport and the Galeria Mall.


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Riverside land

90 Club Road

90 Club Road

Little brother Gideon has brought to market 90 Club Road, priced at $7 million. (I linked to my firm’s site, Gideon, (a) because you didn’t tell me the Memhards were selling and (b), your firm, Hooligan & Lawyers, hasn’t put it on line yet). There’s a house on it, which has served the current owners very well for at least 40 years (50?) but it surely won’t last the next transfer of ownership. 1.36 acres, no word whether the goat flock, surely the only one in Riverside, comes with it.


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And then there are those houses for whom the recession still lingers

80 Birch Lane

80 Birch

80 Birch Lane, which has been kicking around since 2009, when it asked $3.295 million, is down today to $2.195.

UPDATE: Gideon reminds me that, many years ago, we went together to this house to opine on price, and gave the owners an honest opinion. Not surprisingly, the agent who didn’t got the listing.

12 Sawmill Lne

12 Sawmill

12 Sawmill Lane, that started at $7.8 million in 2013, can be yours today for $4.450, and probably even less. I warned about over pricing this house back four years ago, but would they listen? Hah!

From that earlier column:

It’s a gracious old (1937) home, with beautiful grounds and close to town, but when you price, say, a $6 million home at $8 million, you kill interest. Tough call here because the usual $8 million home probably takes a year or so to find a buyer, so you don’t want to slash the price too soon, but if you’ve misjudged the proper price, that year waiting for a buyer is wasted, waiting for a buyer who isn’t going to appear.

It will be interesting to see whether that buyer shows up now. Unfortunately, after too long on the market many homes are shunned by buyers: “no one else has wanted it, why should I?” The answer is, “because no one wanted it at its original price; it’s well priced now”, but the stigma remains.

65 Clapboar Ridge

65 Clapboard Ridge

65 Clapboard Ridge Road sold for $10 million in 2007, tried for $12.495 a year ago and today is asking $10.975. It’s mean to say, but I bet they don’t get it.

We’ve made fun of this place before, but 21 Hurlingham, up in Conters Farm, has taken another price cut and, 633 days after starting off at $12.4 million, is available for $8.950.

If you missed it the first time, be sure to watch its video.





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What a difference a recession makes

25 manor

25 Manor Road

In 2008, 25 Manor Road, in Old Greenwich NoPo, listed for $935,000 and sold 564 days later for $745,000. This past January 25th it was put back up for sale at a 40% mark-up, $1.035 million, and has a contract 7 days later.

Same house, pretty much unchanged, just different markets.


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U Conn restores segregation

Little Rock

Back to Little Rock

New dormitory “for students who identify as black” coming to Storrs.

The University of Connecticut is hoping that black males will graduate at a higher rate if they spend more time with one another, and is building a new residence hall to facilitate just that.

“These colored folk are obviously not up for dealing with civilized whites,” University President Strom Thurmond told FWIW, “and we see it as our Christian duty to shelter them from competition. Perhaps, after eight years or so, they’ll be strong enough to face the world.”


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Going all out for the Sanders base

Children for Sanders

Short bus kids for Bernie

Cruz promises that, if his wife becomes First Lady, french fries will be returned to schools’ children’s menu. 

“And I’ll double your allowances.”


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