3 new contracts reported

2 finney knoll

2 Finney Knoll

2 Finney Knoll Lane, next to Balducci’s, asked $1.895 million. Owners paid $2.150 million for it new in 2006, but there you have it. I like the houses in this development, and $1.895 is right in line with what houses in the Riverside Lane neighborhood have been selling for. For some reason, the MLS listing restricts its pictures to the interior, and I’m not sure why; it’s not at all bad on the outside.

2 Prescott Lane

2 Prescott Lane

2 Prescott Lane, off lower Lake, $1.350 million, gone in 18 days. Unlike most houses down at this end of Lake, it’s removed from the traffic, and that makes it a very convenient location without the biggest drawback of this area.

84 Cognewaugh

84 Cognewaugh Road

84 Cognewaugh, $1.049. The house could have been just decent – and it isn’t; it’s quite pleasant – and would still have sold quickly at this price range, Cognewaugh Road notwithstanding, because there is almost nothing decent in this price range. Smart pricing.



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18 responses to “3 new contracts reported

  1. 3 great houses with bang for the buck. That Finney builder had nice open plans on those homes. The Prescott Lane home is beautiful and unique.

  2. Cos Cobber

    I’ve always liked the Finney Knoll houses….just a tough location and having so little yard is tough for many families to accept.

    Driving around town today, despite a mixed local story for the 2015 real estate market, it hasn’t stopped new projects, home renovations and additions. Seems like a decent amount is going on everywhere.

  3. Mickster

    Biggest issue with 84 Cognewaugh is the sheer cliff at back – there’s a 20 foot drop right from the back door. House layout is very quirky inside and there is no access from garage to house. Still good value.

    • Publius

      You just had a REALTOR cliche moment…

      “..sheer cliff”
      “.. quirky inside”
      “..good value”

      For those who read this blog and don’t live within 200 miles of Greenwich, this neatly sums up the insanity….

      • It’s all about comparative value but yeah, totally, freaking insane. But look at what passes for livable studio apartments in NYC, or San Francisco, and maybe the insanity is relative too?

      • Mickster

        LMAO – I was waiting for someone to come back to me on that comment!!

  4. Anonymous

    Finney Knoll is great location for shopping at Balduccis, as noted. Leaving the court, though, you can be in a traffic jam thirty feet from your front door. Great homes, though.

  5. Walt

    Dude –

    Off topic, but this is important. Steph is in the paper again today!! Here she is waving hello to me!

    And here is the full article:

    Why do they keep calling her a “former” supermodel? SHE STILL HAS IT!! And she wants to go to an Alcohol Education Program! What does she need to know about booze? I can teach her everything she needs to know!

    And it says she is the mother of FOUR? I thought the two poofs. Who are the other two? Does she have kids with someone other than Buddy? And she wants to put this all behind her. I WANT HER TO PUT ME BEHIND HER!!

    And the whole telephone pole story doesn’t make sense. IT’S A WITCH HUNT I SAY!!

    Your Pal,

    PS – Did you hear GE is moving out of Connecticut?

    • anon2

      I thought there were immediate consequences for refusing to take a breathalyzer test.

    • Anonymous

      Walt, you need to start drinking and then sign up for the same alcohol education program, too. Then you should make your move. Good Luck!

    • anonymous

      The NBC crawler this morning says DUI charges will be dropped if Stephanie goes to a rehab facility. If she were Joe Smith or LaQuanda Jones you can be 1000% sure charges would not be dropped.

      • Untreated issues is a sad thing. I won’t mind my own business if someone is putting others in harms way. She should do the right thing and stop driving.

  6. Walt

    Dude –

    Off topic, but did you see this? A COLLEGE PROFESSOR ejected a uniformed police officer taking his class because his presence made the instructor “uncomfortable”.

    “Darton College officials acknowledged in a statement that a uniformed police officer attending class in his spare time was told to leave the classroom after the teacher became “uncomfortable”. School officials confirmed the police officer was escorted out of the classroom, but did not elaborate.”


    The cop should have done us all a favor and shot the guy in the foot. No wonder these millennials are all screwed up. The teachers are “progressive” morons.

    And am I in the spam filter?
    Your Pal,

  7. anonymous

    Shame on Stephanie….she’s a mother for God’s sake. She could have killed someone. I’ve got 3 teenagers on the road, she should go to jail for DUI.

    • Anonymous @8:43 – you’re right. She could kill someone. Put her in jail, yank her license for good. She can Uber. Walt – you can be her uber driver maybe!

  8. Mickster

    Let’s all mind our own business and let the courts deal with the issue at hand. There are many many Greenwich Moms with similar untreated issues. The medical profession have a lot to answer for,