Cop-student escorted from classroom because his teacher said he made her nervous

Walt sends along this latest bit of inanity from our college campuses.

ALBANY, Ga. – An instructor at Darton State College recently ejected a uniformed police officer from the classroom because his presence made the instructor “uncomfortable,” though school officials are now apologizing.

dartonDarton College officials acknowledged in a statement that a uniformed police officer attending class in his spare time was told to leave the classroom after the teacher became “uncomfortable,” WALB reports.

“School officials confirmed the police officer was escorted out of the classroom, but did not elaborate,” according Fox 32 Chicago.

Unfortunately, the moron at the blackboard is not named, but Darton, as a state college, is subject to the control of the Georgia legislature, so I hope some enterprising politician in the capital (I assume Georgia has such a thing), will investigate and fire her sorry ass.


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10 responses to “Cop-student escorted from classroom because his teacher said he made her nervous

  1. “An instructor” that alone says a lot!

  2. johnnybowhunter

    There you go Walt!!
    Also, off topic but did you hear that GE was leaving CT bc of Malloy?

    • Walt

      I didn’t hear that. Thanks for letting me know!

      Dude –
      Why didn’t you cover this on your blog? It may hurt dirt prices, which you hold so dear.

      Anyhows, so I give you a cop post and a Steph post. You decide to post one. It’s a 50/50 chance you pick the right one to feature. And you pick the cop post? You are worse at winning coin tosses than Bernie Sanders. YOU ALWAYS GO WITH THE STEPH NEWS!! ALWAYS!! You load. It drives eyeballs.

      No wonder it’s just me and the reader. You have no nose for news. You can’t tell hot from not. Up from down. Frick from frack. BTW, did she ask you for my contact data yet?

      Anyhows again, Christie Brinkley is 62 today, and this is what she currently looks like:

      I met her probably 20 years ago, and she was stunning. Babealicious. But too old for me at the time. Did you know she was married to Billy Joel? And they had a daughter together. And the daughter looks EXACTLY like Billy Joel !! So she may be the only person ON THE PLANET worse at coin flips than you!!

      Your Pal,

      • Libertarian Advocate

        Is it possible the child isn’t really hers? DNA tests can check for that, you know. Might have saved Lizzie Warren all that embarrassing brouhaha about her alleged “Injun” granpappy with the “high cheek bones” ‘n all. BTW, do Injuns have big Johnsons?

  3. Walt

    Dude –


    ABC is airing “Madoff” the miniseries starting tomorrow night. Here is a link to the trailer:

    Richard Dreyfuss is playing Bernie, which seems like good casting. And not just because he is a Jew. But Blythe Danner as Ruthie? She is as Waspy Wasp as they get! Blythe, not Ruthie. I am not sure if I am in it, or who would play me. Belushi had the whole eyebrow thing down pat, but as far as I know, he is still dead. THEY BETTER TREAT ME RIGHT!! I WAS A VICTIM!!

    And why can’t they just let this story die? IT WAS A VICTIM-LESS CRIME!! Most of the people got more money back, and did better than they would have if they invested in the “honest” stock market. How is that fair? IT’S NOT!!

    Plus did you know most of Bernie’s “victims” were other wealthy Jews? IT’S TRUE!! And most of them are still wealthy. They have a nose for money, you know. Plus they can shape shift. So why do they need money anyway? It makes no sense!! Just like their support for Barry.

    And Blythe Danner is the mommy of Gwyneth Paltrow, who may be the most annoying, mind numbing, talent less person on the planet.

    But I will NOT be watching. So please watch it and report back. Thank you.

    Your Pal,

  4. Born & Raised

    I would welcome a cop in my classroom. Keep the kids in line. Maybe the teacher had a big of weed in her purse?