Havemeyer sizzles

22 arnold street

22 Arnold Streert

22 Arnold Street, which sold just last May for $1.810, and sold new in 2013 for $1.650, came on the market again late last month at $2.095 million and already has a buyer. The builders made out on this as well, paying just $500,000 for the land in May, 2012 via a short sale.

Listing claims 3,500 square feet, by the way, but that’s 2,600 above ground and the rest in the basement.


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18 responses to “Havemeyer sizzles

  1. Cos Cobber

    Cute house. Zero product in the hood.

  2. anon

    Three owners in as many years?

    • Anonymous

      The buyer in 2013 who sold last year was Steve Villanueva. He was the weekend NBC weatherman in NYC behind Janice Huff. Moved to Boca Raton, Florida with his wife and kids and she started a hedge fund. He is now staying home and taking it easy…nice life!

  3. Anonymous

    $2M for Arnold Street….crazy

  4. Anonymous

    1.8mm for North Byram, a.k.a. Arnold. Wow.

  5. Doug H

    I used to own this property back in the mid-80s when it was the original cinder block covered with vinyl siding 2 bedroom, 1 1/2 bath, with the garage converted to bedroom. Hard to imagine they can fit that on the property. Must be zero set back from lot lines. We thought we made a killing when we sold for $100k more than we paid in less than 3 years.

  6. Anonymous

    Hating on Havemeyer? North Mianus School, and Western. No houses being jacked up six, seven feet. Yards, not jammed in like Shorelands, and you, too, get the beach pass. And no streets with double yellow lines. But who wouldn’t want to live in Riverside, south of post road?

  7. Anonymous

    Drove in this area — not my cup of tea as it felt like a Queens neighborhood. But if you like that type of village feeling, you get great schools, lots of neighbors and kids and not much lawn maintenance. I prefer a different vibe.
    Does anybody know when the 1+ acre lots are coming to the market in Hillcrest?

    • Anonymous

      Hillcrest is beautiful, with a different entry point. You really need 1.8 to get in, maybe 1.5 for a real fixer/land. In havemeyer you can find original houses sub 1 mil and renovated ones around 1.2/1.3. Riverside acres off sheephill and dogwood park are also interesting. Depending on what you want to spend there is a nopo location for everyone. But don’t tell those sopo pple!!! 😜

      • Anonymous

        There are two home being built in Hillcrest now — land sold for $1.5 MM and imagine that the construction will be close to $2.5 MM. Add another $250,000 for carrying costs and you have an expensive home in a beautiful area.

  8. Anonymous

    My only concern about Hillcrest is you’re kind of out there, alone. When the meltdown comes, nobody will be able to hear you scream. Prefer the safety of denser housing. Just me.

    • NoShadow🌻🌸💐☀️

      Everyone is looking for a meltdown, but it’s 50/50 right?
      Market could go up, market could go down.
      If you’re short term, then maybe renting is for you.
      If you’re sure you’re sticking around, then buy something you can afford, put some roots down, and enjoy.
      Spring market will be rocking!