No paternity leave, no minimum wage


No, wait! Critical Literature majors can stuff boxes with pretty paper too!

Warehouse robots increase efficiency 800%.

The Locus robot can zip around a clothing warehouse larger than the size of six football fields. It can also work for 24 hours, without a break for lunch or a salary.

The new bot, created by Locus Robotics, just launched in its first warehouse: a Devens, Massachusetts space owned by Quiet Logistics, a warehousing company that fills online orders for both small startups and megabrands like Zara and Bonobos. The robots transport items that have been picked off the shelves by humans, and bring them to the front of the warehouse to be sealed and delivered.

“We developed a system where the robots do all the walking,” Locus Robotics CEO Bruce Welty tells Tech Insider. “As retailers continue to exceed expectation around next-day shipping, they’re going to look to technology to help them provide an even faster turn-around.”

Women’s studies graduates needn’t fear for their job prospects, yet.

As more retailers shift online and promise greater shipping speeds, there’s a growing need to make sure that the orders are not only delivered on-time but also feel personalized. This can be as simple as stuffing boxes with pretty tissue paper or even handwritten notes from the brands — a job fit best for humans.


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2 responses to “No paternity leave, no minimum wage

  1. Publius


    I have it on good authority that Jeff Bezos will introduce a Black, Asian, Latino, LGBTQ (modular of course) and Standard Muslim (hajib only, no prayer rug) robot in order to recreate the precise diversity that exists globally in each particular warehouse. Brilliant I say!!!!