The only bright spot in his being elected US Senator was that he’d be getting out of state matters, but Blumenthal has only expanded his reach, and now wants to micro-manage municipalities’ business


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Blumenthal voices opposition to Eversource’s power line project through Bruce Park. If the man wants to voice his opinion as a private citizen, fine; who can stop him? But he brigs the clout of federal office with him on these matters, and he knows that. The federal government was not supposed to be empowered to govern stop signs and local zoning matters, but it does, now, and megalomaniac senators like Blumenthal are at the speartip of that power grab.


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16 responses to “The only bright spot in his being elected US Senator was that he’d be getting out of state matters, but Blumenthal has only expanded his reach, and now wants to micro-manage municipalities’ business

  1. Anonymous

    Agree completely with your points. Also, did you notice another “local municipal” meddling—just as all the Middle schools are thinking about adding artificial turf fields—he calls for a federal investigation to the safety of artificial fields. I wonder if his daddy-in-law Malkin has a property facing one of those proposed fields?

  2. Libertarian Advocate

    DICK BLUMENTURD. I hope Kudlow does challenge him. Would have him stumbling and bumbling by the end of a debate.

  3. Anon

    Listen – I have problems with Dick too, but actually on this one I support him 100%. Just like the transmission line across the sound.

  4. Anonymous

    I don’t like him either but also agree with him on this matter.

    • hmmm

      So you want electricity but you don’t want electricity? Please explain.

      • Anonymous

        Ha! You got me — I don’t know what I’m talking about and my response was a knee-jerk reaction to digging up a beautiful public park. I need more data, obviously. I’m ok with the Pet Pantry site being a substation. I suppose if it has to be done, then do it provided Greenwich is the only town benefiting.

  5. Anonymous

    By Sen. Toni Boucher

    Do my ears deceive me? Did I hear that the Governor may be moving closer to the other side of the aisle? There are hopeful signs that a change in direction may be on the horizon.

    Today in the State of the State Address, the Governor seem to be speaking from the Republican playbook and using many of its proposals to fix Connecticut. That is good news, and an optimistic start to the 2016 legislative session.

    It does make one wonder, where was the administration five years ago? They must now recognize it is time to get real. The financial survival and sustainability of the state of Connecticut, its businesses, and its people are in jeopardy.

    For many years, the Republicans had provided the administration with the vast majority of the proposals that the governor issued today. It is finally sinking in that after the state is facing a financial disaster, and that there is no other choice than to face the reality of the dire situation the majority party created.

    After making the point that we are living in changing times, that wages and home values are not increasing, and that business are hurting, the Governor has come to terms with the state’s new economic reality.
    • In his speech the Governor offered these reforms:
    • The state must limit spending to the revenues available.
    • Cuts in spending must be made when they do not match incoming revenues.
    • The government should be living within their means.
    • Attrition in the public sector must happen to decrease spending.
    • The spending cap must be enacted, 25 years after it was passed by the citizens of Connecticut.
    • Public sector pension and post-employment costs must be reined in.
    • Collective bargaining contracts should reflect what Connecticut can afford, and not be based on past practice.
    • Pension changes are being sought that would convert defined benefit pension plans to defined contribution plans.
    • Prioritizing funding for core services.
    • Departments should provide information on how it spends its funds online for total transparency.
    • A Constitutional Lockbox of transportation funds.
    • No items should be added to the budget without a public hearing as has been common practice in the past.
    • There should be compromise and all ideas are welcome.

    Sound familiar? Republicans have been offering these policies to the other side for years and even as early as this week!

    It is unfortunate that these proposals were not on the agenda five years ago, when they may have put Connecticut on a sustainable path, and we would not be facing today’s dire financial circumstances.

    All in all, however, the Governor’s address is good news. It is time to get serious, bring all parties to the table and turn these necessary proposals into action! Connecticut is a state we all love, and with so much at stake, it is essential that we come together to effect the changes required to move it in the right direction.
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    • hmmm

      A little too late. There are plenty of folks already on the move. And that speech is just talk. The cuts will come over 15 years if at all and they will not happen fast enough to staunch the bleeding.

    • number54

      “Hey, Martin – I told them we were going to cut costs!’ ROFL

    • Libertarian Advocate

      Born Again Dannel???? NOPE. Just a slimy freaked out Dannel, petrified that his entire gubernatorial legacy is washing away into a sea of red ink.

  6. Publius

    This has the distinct smell of a “Dear Colleague” letter ( that has been used so successfully by the US DOE and the OCR to bludgeon education institutions into toeing the party line despite not having the authority to do so.

    Sen. Blumenthal (Dick- CT) seems to recognize both sides of the issue BUT the very fact that his “friends” “feel strongly” and he uses his unique position to interject is disingenuous. He certainly has a right as a resident of Greenwich to voice his concerns, but putting himself in a position to interject as an elected official to a federal office as it appears he is doing, on a local matter is wrong.

    The supremely ironic things is that a north west section of Bruce Park has been ripped up recently to replace large sections of the sewer lines (ewww!!) that abutted the pond, including digging massive trenches and having massing pvc lines (2 of them) sitting at grade and I am not aware of comment from Sen. Dick. ( No surprise that #2 doesn’t bother him since he is full of it.

    The pond itself is well… not a body of water that I would want to be in under most circumstances. The pond abuts I95 and collects all sorts of stuff from that roadway and the Canadian geese population with all its poop is bad enough to warrant a town financed effort to keep them away. Additionally, Metro North, that is powered by electricity that includes an overhead electrical system supported by a series of steel stanchions abuts I95 to the north under which the water from the pond flows with the LIS tides. No complaints that I am aware of.

    Greenwich is a head scratcher. People pay up to live next to the railroad right of way but apparently building a substation on a current industrial/commercial site abutting the train right of way and I95 and burying the power lines is an environmental and aesthetic disaster. Go figure.

  7. Anonymous

    The current digging around BruceP and BPBar&Grill(e) is for electric?
    I heard it was water pipe cleaning.