Told you so

39midbrook39 Midbrook, featured here January 27th when it cut its price to $2.150, reports  contract. If the buyer saw it here, I expect, if not a cut of the profits, at least an acknowledgement by some of my fellow agents who express such anger at this blog, that the publicity it affords can help.


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12 responses to “Told you so

  1. Hugh Mungusdik

    I think a share should also go to Walt. He’s the reason most people read this terrible blog.

  2. OMG Walt, stop. I am sitting here and my computer survived but it was close. CLOSE. No more drinking near computer.

  3. Anonymous

    Word on the street is that the contract was already signed when the price cut happened. What would be the thought process behind a move like that?

  4. Anonymous

    Greenwich School District bought the house…and will move it to the grass at the Old Greenwich School. Apparently this will be flatbed-ed late-night, and craned over the train tracks. Rebounded on the truck, and installed on the west lawn at Old Greenwich school as a new building for 3rd and 4th graders. About a tenth of the price of a govt built building…and the EPA studies. The land will be re-sold, and I guess, built on, again. Maybe a very large log cabin this time.