Your tax dollars at work, but certainly not for you

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Tip for the American Taxpayer: “If you’ve been in the game 30 minutes and you don’t know who the chump is, you’re the chump.”

Government starts providing super-speed internet access to public housing tenants.

Google Fiber and the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) have partnered to bring “ultra-high speed” 1 gigabit Internet to public housing units in many cities – a connection speed much faster than the average household in the United States.

West Bluff Townhomes in Kansas City, Mo., has become the first public housing development with a 1 gigabit or 1,000 mbps Internet connection through the ConnectHome Initiative. Google Fiber said the speed has been provided free of charge and at no cost to HUD. [So guess who’ll be paying higher rates to cover the cost? – Ed]

According to the most recent State of the Internet report, the average U.S. Internet connection speed was 11.9 mbps.

Verizon Fios currently offers up to 500 mbps for a high monthly fee of $269.99 per month for residential Internet. Comcast offers a 2,000 mbps package for $299.99 per month. A Google Fiber 1,000 mbps speed costs $70 per month for those living in an area where the service is available. The service is currently limited with plans to expand to more states in the future.

HUD Secretary Julian Castro, who is on the list of likely Democratic vice presidential candidates and has been actively campaigning for Hillary Clinton, said the connection in the public housing units would be about 100 times faster than average connections in the U.S.

“In the coming months, we’ll bring this high-speed broadband to 1,300 public housing families in the Kansas City metro area,” he said.

HUD also announced that the gigabit speeds would eventually be available at HUD assisted and affordable housing in all fiber cities, including Atlanta, Durham, N.C., San Antonio and Nashville.

Castro said the high-speed connection would ultimately reach 200,000 children in 28 communities.

Dennis Kish, CEO of Google Fiber, said the public housing residents would not be charged any fees for the speed and would not have to sign a contract.

“The gigabit speeds are being offered to all of the residents who are in the public housing that we are connecting. We feel as though there is a rising tide that we can help create in our country by really reaching out to residents who do not have an opportunity to connect to the web and help reach that digital divide,” he said.

As I understand the logic of this, people who work for a living are so tired after coming home from their jobs that they just flop on the couch and waste their time watching Netflix and porn channels, whereas the lazy and indolent have the luxury to devote their days taking on-line internet classes and scanning for lucrative job opportunities. Which group would you want to subsidize?


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11 responses to “Your tax dollars at work, but certainly not for you

  1. Mickster

    That will really help with their gaming, streaming music and Netflix.

  2. Fatdaddy

    Your tax dollars REALLY hard at work…

    “Central Connecticut State University English Professor Ravi Shankar, who was promoted by the university system while serving a prison term, has resigned in exchange for a severance payment of $60,400, the Connecticut State Colleges and Universities system announced today.
    Shankar, whose long series of criminal arrests continued after his promotion, was suspended without pay last August.
    The president of the university system, Mark Ojakian, said that in resigning and accepting the severance payment Shankar released all claims against the state Board of Regents for Higher Education, the CSCU system, and Central Connecticut State University. Ojakian added that Shankar will be permanently barred from applying to or accepting any position of employment within the system.”

    Wow! Ojakian must have grown a set…or is he the bottom in his “marriage”?
    Check the arrests…not quite Ivy League but good enough for Connecticut.

  3. Who knows? This may be the training ground to staff the tech industry and stem the tide of all those H1B visa applications:

  4. FF

    So you’re a racist. Clearly you think high-volume day trading is only for people such as yourself. Or high resolution porn

    And by the way, the bit about education instead of a video after the end of a work day? C’mon, that alone is one of the most bipartisan things in America, vegging

  5. My rant

    That’s right! We’re going to build from the bottom, up. Works everywhere else in nature, why not with humans?

  6. Flash

    The free providers should limit connections to .edu, .gov, and USA sites ONLY. Reading Writing ‘Rithmatic

  7. Greenwich Taxpayer

    Hey, why not? We subsidize in Greenwich for school kids who can’t afford it. Just another way to tax ands spend more, even in Greenwich