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Creeping puritanism


The Florida Tourist Board resisted the criminalization fiercely, but lost

Until 2011, it was perfectly legal in Florida to fuck goats, but that changed (to a mere misdemeanor, thank goodness, rather than anything serious), and already, some prissy stick-in-the-mud is complaining about a mystery man raping her goats.

First they came for the sheep shankers, but I was not (usually) a sheep shanker, so I remained silent. …

UPDATE: How could I have forgotten? Time to revisit “Thanks, Smokey”



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Oops! Many a slip twixt – well, you know the rest

27 doverton

“The Mariani”

27 Doverton Drive, last asking $7.8 when its sale was reported “pending” last November, is back on the market today, at $7.695.

This is a “Mariani Model” – he only builds one house, repeatedly – erected by Mark Mariani in 2007 and listed then for $11.750. It took five years, but he finally sold it to the current owners for $8.1 million in 2012. Judging from their own difficulties unloading 11,632 sq. feet of Mariani, they may regret that purchase now.


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The new Black demand: Take us back to Dixie, for our own good.


What do we want? Segregation! When do we want it? Now!

As black-Americans gradually realize that they don’t have the necessaries to compete against all other races, a movement is growing among them to set up special “black only zones” where they can associate withe their friends and be spared  the rigors of modern life. The latest proposal: Black Oscars.

“We comprise 11% of this country’s population yet historically, only 10% of Oscar winners have been black”, Black Academy star and official Model for Black Youth Marion Barry told FWIW. “That discrimination has to change, and if it doesn’t, we’ll just set up our own Hollywood Liberia – screw you, Whitey; you’ll miss us when we’re gone.”

Barry pointed out the many havens already set up for people handicapped by their blackness: rules requiring the Ebonics language to used in elementary schools for students incapable of learning English, special slots in colleges for low-testing, poor-reading black students who can’t be expected to do better, black-only dorms at universities, prosecution of “Micro-aggression”, and the reservation of the term “nigga” for black folks only.

“Tip of the iceberg,” Barry said. “If we can’t beat ’em, or even meet ’em, we sure as hell won’t join them. We have a dream”.


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