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John Tierney’s back and Instapundit’s got him

cm newton

And he’s outta here!

John, an email friend of mine many tears back, used to be the NYT’s sole libertarian, and covered everything from science to local politics with great style and insight. He was shipped off to the capitol, where he’s pretty much been invisible, but here he is today, commenting on “A Tale of Two Quarterbacks”

A TALE OF TWO QUARTERBACKS: The vaunted Cam-Peyton quarterback match-up in the Super Bowl didn’t amount to much on the field (the game was all defense), but the contrast was clear after the game. Cam Newton made headlines by abruptly walking out of a press conference after uttering a total of 18 words. Yes, it’s tough to lose, but Peyton Manning endured a much worse defeat in the Super Bowl two years ago (a 43-8 shellacking by the Seattle Seahawks), and look at how he performed after that game (the press conference starts at 2:24).  Manning put on a suit and tie, looked reporters in the eye, answered questions and graciously gave credit to the victors. Earlier this season, when Newton’s team was winning, he too appeared at post-game press conferences in a coat and tie and happily answered questions, but when the going got tough, he showed up in a hoodie and sulked — a performance that one former fan described as Pig Newton.

To be fair, the Manning boys had the example of their father Archie, to teach them how to act with class. The senior Manning was a great quarterback who played for some truly horrible teams, but never blamed his teammates (in public, at least) and always stood up. Cam Newton’s father is Cecile Newton, Sr. – ’nuff said 


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Katie Blankley DeLuca, Village Idiot


Under her thumb: $24 billion in residential property, $4 billion commercial. What a country

She is also our Town Planner, despite lacking the educational requirements for it (or at least, the minimum requirements the town demanded until it decided to promote the incompetent in our midst, and waived them).

Kate’s the one who announced at a public hearing on the new FEMA flood zone regulations that her – and thus the town’s – long term goal was to remove every existing building in Old Greenwich’s AE and higher zones. Now she’s praising her fellow Democrat, for joining in the chorus objecting to the Eversurce project to modernize our power grid by running an underground cable from Cos Cob to Greenwich. “Blumenthal: A Voice of Reason on Eversource Plan”.

The environmentalist on the Siting Council, presumably recognizing the associated environmental catastrophes that have resulted in the past from failures of this cable technology, requested that Eversource provide an overhead option through the park. The photo simulations produced by Eversource are unnerving. This option would also devastate our prized public space.

She says that, but does she actually have any facts backing up her claim that such catastrophes have occurred? I could find none.

Google the phrase “underground power cables environmental catastrophe” – you’ll find nothing whatsoever referring to the incidents Blankely claims. In fact, I challenge the lady to provide anything that backs up her statement of “fact”.

The closest thing I could find to an article discussing even an issue with such cables is this mild statement from a German environmental group “Renewable Grids Initiative, hardly a hotbed of evil libertarian environmental rapists:  

Environmental aspects of underground cabling

The decision between underground cables and overhead lines comes up at some point during the planning of every new power line. Both options are never without environmental impacts. However, the character and extend of ramifications differ extremely. The environmental composition of a project site should thus be considered in the decision making process.

The major environmental impacts of overhead lines occur when they are already in operation. They are mainly related to birds colliding with the lines as well as the visible effects on the landscape. The most harmful part of underground cables, in contrast, is their installation. During Installation: The civil works during this time can have considerable consequences for the environment. Trenches need to be excavated and access to the construction site has to be cleared for heavy machinery needed for cable transportation and trenching. Animals such as beetles, amphibians, reptiles and bats, as well as plants, such as ferns and seed plants, are particularly affected by the construction works. The construction may also cause soil compaction, which in turn can have considerable negative impacts on biodiversity. Sensitive areas: From an environmental point of view, wetlands, swamps and bogs should be avoided when planning underground cables as these habitats may suffer severe or even irreparable harm. Also, sensitive water flows and archaeological sites should factor into the route planning process.

Land use: After the installation is done there are only minor limitations regarding land use. Agriculture and farming are generally possible on top of the cable trench. However, deep-rooting plants and vineyards have to be avoided to prevent the cables from damage.

People living close to the construction site of a new power line often have concerns about the impacts electro- and magnetic fields (EMF) can have on their health. Both overhead lines and underground cables produce EMF. Underground cables have magnetic fields right above them, but the intensity decreases comparatively fast when moving away from the cable. If required, underground cables can be shielded to further reduce EMF at the surface.

RGI Cable Workshop: “Understanding Underground Cables”, February 2013 in Switzerland
RGI Learning Group: on “Underground Cables” dealing with questions regarding the choice between overhead lines and cables

Greenwich taxpayers hold billions of dollars in real estate investments, and have turned control of those assets to a woman with an educational degree in Pre-School Environmental Studies who is also a liar. This seems like a colossal mistake, and a foolish one.


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558 Lake Avenue inches closer to having a new owner

558 Lake

558 Lake Avenue

558 Lake Ave, which was foreclosed on by CitiBank a while back, reports a peding sale. Last ask was $4.275,000, the foreclosed owner (anyone heard of “Resolute Holdings”?) bought it from a relocation company for $5.5 million and that company, in turn, had paid a lucky owner $7,387,500 in 2005. So far as I can tell from the land records, Citi was owed $4.950 in principle, plus add-ons, at the tie foreclosure was completed.


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7 years after the Great Divider took office, we honor the Black Panthers at the Superbowl


Noted black-identifying philosopher Beyonce, displaying her culturally appropriated white hair color, texture, skin, and caucasian features

Beyonce pays tribute to a white-hate group and its spiritual founder Malcolm X while network executives and politicians look on.

My guess is that the current progressive nostalgia for the past won’t extend as far back as the Democrat’s Patron Saint, Senator Robert Byrd.

robert byrd.png


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And this is how a senator employs his power in personal fights


“It will not stand! The Eversource batteries in these sex toys fail after just one play session”

Greenwich resident and U.S. Senator Dick Blumenthal doesn’t like the idea of a trench being dug through his Bruce Park, so last Tuesday he came to town to speak against Eversource’s plan to do just that.

He then returned to Washington, and on Friday demanded that the DOJ open a criminal investigation  into the same company’s use of this government’s foreign visa program. Never mind that Blumenthal himself voted to maintain, even expand this program – that’s irrelevant, sort of. The real story here is that he politicians driving home his point to Eversource that displeasing him will be painful.

What are the chances Blumenthal would have taken either of these actions if Eversource had paid him $750,000 to speak at its last shareholders’ meeting?

We’re ruled by a gang of thieves and power-mad people.


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