Greenwich Democrat calls his local peers racist pigs indifferent to the plight of the poor, and those peers “mostly agree”


Damn, he figured us out!

Yet they wonder why they can’t win in Greenwich.

Anthony Lopez announced Wednesday that he would drop out of the race to become the Greenwich Democratic Town Committee’s next chairman, as he lambasted the party for an alleged indifference to major issues in the town and a lack of diversity in its ranks.

In an email Wednesday announcing his decision to party colleagues, he chastised the party for its failure to advocate for marginalized community members.

“The DTC remains firmly in the hands of people who would rather talk about change, than actually do the things necessary to make that change happen,” Lopez wrote. “While many in Greenwich, and some in the DTC, sit in their million dollar homes, people are essentially starving for basic resources. The DTC does not speak out against the clear socioeconomic and somewhat racial segregation that is clearly visible in this town.”

In the email, Lopez pointed to conditions in the town’s public housing and disproportionate suspension rates for minority students as two of the pressing issues to which the DTC did not properly respond.

Lopez, who is black, also took the party to task for its mostly white and middle- and upper-middle-class membership.

“We have reached an almost life and death situation in this town among thousands of our residents, while the DTC sat on its laurels,” Lopez wrote. “Make no mistake, there is no one in the party that can argue against this charge. At the heart of this disgusting display of apathy by our party, is a sickening lack of diversity within the party itself. This party seems not just resistant to diversity, but wholly inoculated from it.

Farricker, who has also vocally advocated for the party to more aggressively stand up for Democratic principles, said that he agreed with most of what Lopez wrote.

Speaking from his own multi-million-dollar home in Riverside, Democrat Jeff Ramer also applauded Mr. Lopez:

Anthony is an exciting and high energy person,” said Board of Estimate and Taxation member Jeff Ramer. “He brings fresh ideas. I think he is a very energizing presence on the DTC so I’m hoping his dropping out of the running for that is only a reflection of him wanting to do other things within the DTC and not that his zeal for the DTC is abating in any way. If that in any way reflected any disappointment on his part with the DTC, I would be hugely disappointed.”

First of all, if Ramer thinks that his friend Anthony dropped out of the running “because he wanted to do other things within the DTC”, his clients should hope that he lawyers better than he reads.

Second, the claim that blacks in Greenwich are “essentially starving” is a “fresh idea” only if Ramer believes wild, fantastical notions of reality haven’t been seen before – all he has to do to dissuade himself of that notion is to stay awake during his next Democrat Town Committee meeting.


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38 responses to “Greenwich Democrat calls his local peers racist pigs indifferent to the plight of the poor, and those peers “mostly agree”

  1. Cos Cobber

    What a bunch of clowns. There are few places in America providing safer public housing and better schools than Greenwich. Very very few. Anyone who cant see we are surrounded by immense opportunity which is only limited by our own volition is thoroughly blind.

    The modern crisis isn’t racism or socio economic barriers, it’s the lack of personal will and initiative to make the right choices.

    • ...

      Do you think Mr. Lopez believes the shit he says? If so, is he delusional or stupid?
      Give me a break. Go to work, make some money, if it’s not enough for what you want, get another job. That’s the American dream. It isn’t hand outs and marches.

      • Riverside Dog Walker

        I’m afraid Lopez does believe everything he says. I am not aware of a place or time in history that creating an entitlement society accomplished its stated ends. What it did accomplish was a shift in responsibility for one’s actions and circumstances from the person in question to others.

        When you speak with people and groups involved in philanthropy, they advise caution on this issue. They even have identified phases: (1) Gratitude the first time help is received, (2) anticipation for the next round of help, (3) expectation of a third round, and then (4) entitlement to a continuation of help.

        Along the way, you replace self reliance and self motivation with dependence and apathy. A very sad state of affairs. All ones needs to do is look at the results of the War on Poverty, which it seems this guy wants to continue. It created a permanent zombie underclass in this country. People who exist rather than live, and always clamor to their masters for a greater share of other’s labors.

        And I guess this guy would have made a more entertaining BOE member than the cultist. Wow.

    • GreenITCH

      ( silent cheer ) well said

  2. By golly, this is just the kind of story I expect to see on that new NBCBLK website!

  3. Anonymous

    First off, you might want to consider taking down the photo of the KKK for this one. As much as it might seem funny, it was a dark, sad and unfunny period of time for America and I don’t think anyone wants to be reminded of how cruelly a group of people were treated simply for their skin color. It can be seen as offensive to many people including myself.

    In terms of Mr. Lopez, I applaud him for standing up for a group of people that might not have enough representation in Greenwich politics, but that said I think his comments are not supported by fact. I don’t think you see many black people in town running for public office and given that the black population represents about 3% or so, the statistical representation in politics about represents the population. I doubt the democrats are denying minorities political positions and it’s probably more to do with available candidate. In terms of other minorities such as Asian, or Latinos I don’t have the facts but I would think the same. My opinion is that most people don’t give a crap about what your racial or ethnic background is and they more care about you as a person, your ideas and achievement. To throw this line into the mix is in my mind race baiting and a bit B.S.

    Throwing out the “living in million dollar homes” also seems a bit far fetched since if Mr. Lopez owns a home in Greenwich it is probably close to $1m dollar anyway or on it’s way…$500k or more. My guess is that he will continue to be frustrated by his political career and will blame it on everyone being “racist” when in reality a good politician knows what to say, how to say it and when to say it. Anthony Lopez needs to work on this if he is going to be successful and leave the race card at home in desk drawer.

  4. Greenwich Taxpayer

    What everyone seems to be missing is that Jeff Ramer wants to be the Chair of the DTC and insiders are betting that he will be. So how Mr. Lopez ever expects to “bring fresh ideas…and be a very energizing presence on the DTC …and be a reflection of him wanting to do other things within the DTC” will never happen. What is happening in the DTC is a reflection of the dissatisfaction with the old time politicos in Greenwich (and by the way, those comments extend to their Republican counterparts. .Mr. Perez’s comments only underscore the problem with Greenwich politics – the Republicans spend (look at what Former Selectman Lash is doing with our budget this year – this on top of huge reassessments in Cos Cob, Riverside and Central Greenwich – Republicans in Greenwich keep on spending as if there is no tomorrow) and the Democrats want to spend even more. Just wait until long term borrowing comes to Greenwich and there are more “savings” to spend even more (offsets? what offsets?). Shameful…

    PS – I agree with the comment about the KKK picture – sad chapter in American history and not necessary to make your point – but it is your blog…

    • I use pictures, sometimes, to jar. Outrageousness R us. Besides, what group better to depict the party of the Patron Saint of Democrats, KKK member Robert Byrd? When the Democrats begin removing his name from the hundreds of buildings and highways named in his honor, I’ll consider dropping the reminder of his racist ways.

      And for a story about a local black Democrat accusing his party of racism, what’s a more apt illustration?

  5. Lopez seems like a nice guy when you speak with him. However, no one acquainted with the English language (or reality) would say that people are “essentially starving” or “an almost life and death situation”. If you don’t have any food, you starve. There’s not a lot of that in Greenwich. Haven’t seen any life and death situations, either.

    Ramer……the guy who will always use 457 words when one brief sentence would do.

  6. anonymous

    Keep the photo up. In NO way does showing a photo promote racism. It is a photo. It is history. It happened. Do not give in to the snowflakes.

  7. anonymous

    I frequent this site because i want to be offended and because i have a hard time finding many forums that have not been taken over by the PC crowd. Keep up the good work! I love all of the photos you choose. They really add to the story and the conversation.

  8. Walt

    Dude –

    The “progressives”, just like the Taliban and Adolph, think whitewashing history is a good idea. Things need to be “cleansed”. We should rewrite Mark Twain and remove all the N words that end in “er”. That’s a great “progressive” idea, isn’t it, MY ER!! If we get rid of EVERYTHING that offends ANYBODY, we would be left with NOTHING!! Won’t that be a grand world? PROGRESS!!

    Anyhows, you can’t fight “progress” so I might as well get on board. Here a few some of the things that offend me that MUST BE STOPPED!!

    Jerry Lewis. Mimes. Anybody named Buffy, Biff, or Muffin. Let’s just get rid of all Waspy Wasp’s OK? They offend everybody. Sorry Dude, but it’s true. And the scary Jews. The ones in the long black coats and giant fur hats. The run of the mill New York Jews can stay, and even the ones that wear Jew caps. They don’t offend anyone. But how can Jew caps be religious if they can put NY Met’s logos on them? I always wondered about that. But I digress.

    FACE TATTOOS!! OUT!! Burkas. SAYONARA!! MSNBC. Probably half the stuff on TV. One of your posters. YOU KNOW WHICH ONE!! Haggis. Anybody who drives a Jaguar. Telemarketers.

    I have a LOT more. Who EXACTLY is responsible for coordinating the Offense list? I want to make sure mine gets to the top of the heap, because I have to imagine it will be a very long list. PROGRESS!!

    And I still can’t find where in the Constitution it says we have a right not to be offended. But who cares about that racist, outdated document anyway?

    Your Pal,

  9. Anonymous

    Not enough resources are going to the “poor” part of Town—say what? Lets see…..we got a new $40 million school New Lebanon; a $15 million pool in Byram; a rebuilt Hamilton school just recently….and so on and so on.

    BTW, not that facts matter to a person like Lopez, but public housing is a FEDERAL program, not local.

    I agree with Riverside Dog Walker—the entitlement society is what is at play here. The DTC should be thankful he is not their spokesperson.

  10. Whose Burden Is It Anyway

    Several things struck me about Mr. Lopez’s letter.

    1. If one is going to cite family obligations as the reason for bowing out, isn’t it kind irresponsible to have run for office in the first place? Was he indifferent to family needs when he ran for BOE (which takes a “huuuge” amount of time)?

    2. Since there is absolutely no cost to come to a DTC caucus, why is the blame for a lack of diversity placed on the people who show up? Mr. Lopez would have shown a little more bravery if he directed his anger at the “diverse” people who don’t show up. Even a DTC sponsored ice-cream truck at Armstrong Court this summer couldn’t motivate people to meet their candidates.

    3. How un-diverse is the DTC? This reminds me of the recent ranting about the Oscars. According to the census, if you add up Greenwich, Old Greenwich, Riverside, and Cos Cob, Greenwich is about 3% African-American. For a 75 member DTC, that would mean about African-American members. Perhaps Mr. Lopez assumes that all Republicans are white, which would bump the percentages a little higher. Based on equal distribution, why would one expect more than 3 or 4 African-Americans on the DTC?

    • Anonymous

      5 members of the DTC are black. One member is a former BOE officials. That’s the facts. Lopez is pissed because he did not win last November. Jeff Rammer wants Lopez as his Vice Chair. Rammer also wants to lead the BET and becoming DTC Chair would give him
      the voice he always wanted. His agenda is a bit different than the other DEMS on the finance board so this new leadership position commands him an avenue to do what he wants. He agrees with Lopez. Remember Rammers wife is a divorce attorney and now sits on Plannind board. If the DTC votes this Rammer guy in I will never give a dime to the committee again. One DTC member told me today Rammer is the current Vice Chair of membership. If him and Lopez are not happy with who serves on the comitee why didn’t he recruit anyone new.

  11. Anonymous

    It’s interesting to see what is brewing in town. First, you have a “study” to determine how to get more Hispanic representation in the Advanced Learning Programs. The net result of this study is a suggestion that for those that don’t meet the minimum requirement for the test, parents can nominate their child for review and race is factored into acceptance criteria. Seems racist to me. This is a merit based test which does not take race into account.

    Second, you have this recent study of suspension rates by race with an insinuation that our administrators are biased thus the higher suspension rates. It’s worthy of a review but I believe you will find that a violation is committed , student gets suspended regardless of race.

    Personally, I’m waiting for all of this to pass both nationally and locally because the alternative of lowering standards – academic, behavioral, other – is a slippery slope.

  12. Anonymous

    Jeff Rammer wants to be DTC chair. I believe he is the Democratic leader on the finance board and wants to extend all his bloated opinions to many others. He would be an awful spokesperson. His comments about Anthony should disqualify him. He talks a lot but does nothing. Out of 50 or so people Rammer is the only one.

  13. Rammer is supporting Anthony Lopez because he wants him to be his Vice Chair. The good news for Republicans… With Rammer leading R’s will never be defeated.

  14. One would think Jeff Rammer who leads the D’s on the BET would of spoke out. against Anthony Lopez and not support him.

    • Anonymous

      If Ramer or Lopez become leaders I quit. I’m a current member. Rammer should stay focused on the BET where he sometimes does make a difference.

  15. abject republican

    Sadly the RTC isn’t in much better shape. The outgoing Chair, Jim Campbell, was really excellent at driving wedges between the members, being divisive and running dirty trick campaigns. They (we) are having a really tough time convincing anyone to step up into the sh!tstorm he created. Why the people of Greenwich stand for this kind of “leadership” when these people are actually choosing our BOE and BET members is beyond staggering.

    • Anonymous

      RTC especially Campell Warzoha and Dadakis are three sleazy people. They are all not returning. Finally! The campaign against Sherr was deplorable. And what Warzoha did to Peter Von Braun was unethical. The RTC like the DTC has an opportunity here. The RTC and the anti Sherr people want Steve Walko. Why I have no idea. He’s just like Campbell and Warzoha ran Walko’s campaign when Walko ran for state rep. So one can conclude if Walko became chair Warzoha would continue being the mouthpiece. Walko should not depend on Warzoha his good friend ( like Peter Tesei ) They should make Sherr chair. He is the only one with a brain. He tried on many ovcasions to set Walko straight on this over sized school called New Leb.

  16. TruthBeTold

    Your retarded! You added your own words, therefore you are the one calling them that! Mr. Lopez never called them racist pigs. Get your facts straight before righting your ridiculous article!

  17. The Lorax

    Lopez at least has balls to say what some of the underlining issues in town are. We down play everything in this town and hold no one accountable. Are you ok with the most vulnerable living with breeding roaches, bed bugs, rats, mold and asbestos? Would you want that for your family? I think not unless you hated your family and had no compassion. The BOE sets their agenda too they are no better. Let’s be real here, the highest paid lie to our faces, downplay, stall and delay. Let’s stop pretending, It’s a disgrace.

    • towny

      I wouldn’t want vermin rats and mold…… I would clean the hell out of the house, get a rat trap and some bug spray. I certainly wouldn’t sit on my hands waiting for the govt to come do it for me.

  18. Anonymous

    I grew up with mold, asbestos, and cockroaches. My parents never wanted or expected help. They worked hard and their kids turned out fine. It’s not tragic living in Byram or other parts of town and certainly doesn’t compare to an inner city and I’m sorry but people are not dying of starvation. There might be a lack of nutrition but no one is dying from hunger as Lopez would indicate. Let’s check the records at Greenwich hospital.

  19. Did you live in public housing? Do you live in such conditions now? Ever live with bed bugs? Did you know just last year a child under the age of 10 died from asthma or that the mother is suffering the same condition, or that majority of the children that live in public housing in AC and WPC are plagued with asthma and some with cancer? I think a lot of people are missing the boat. There are 144 units in AC and 80 in WPC people pay rent anywhere from 500-1800 monthly dependent on apt size. Lets just say they pay 500 per month rent collected for both complexes are 112k per month x by 12 is 1.3M collected annually, where does this $$ go if these conditions exist? There are plenty of people that live in housing who are not getting public assistance should they be subjected to these conditions? Would you be outraged if you were in the position of these people or if your child was sick? I know for sure I would be outraged. Times have changed, and laws are in place to protect people. JS.