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Greenwich new millennium moms now have a place to drop their kids off while buying organic baby food


tattooed baby

Just in time for Valentine’s Day: Prescott gets an “I heart Mom” tattoo

Starbucks to open tattoo parlors in its stores


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Really? I guess it Depends™


Bloomberg: Adult diaper sales to 40-60-year olds set to explode – Jesus, if they do, stand back!


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New construction, Old Greenwich

5 sylvan lane

5 Sylvan Lane, as proposed

5 Sylvan Lane, $6.8 million. Almost a 1/2 acre in the R-12 zone, which accounts for its huge size (listing claims 9,558 sq.ft., but even deducting the basement and garage, that’s probably still around 6). It’s not in the flood zone, which is reassuring, though you may want to stock up on supplies and keep a rowboat handy during hurricane season, when the roads will be impassable. $7 million for Sylvan? Who knows?

Still being built, so no pictures. I note with some alarm that it was “designed by Niko Nacho, associate with Steve Mueller”. Steven Mueller, to my taste, designs some of the least attractive, worst-laid-out homes in town, but perhaps his associate is better.


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Contingent contract in Milbrook

141 Overlook Drive, asking $2.325 million (down from November’s original price of $2.550, but smart of the buyer and her agent to adjust the price so quickly: listing to contract, 93 days).

Milbrook, for some reason, is not my favorite neighborhood, but many people love it, and this is a good price for a very nice house in almost any area.

141 Overlook

141 Overlook Drive


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A modest price cut on Lake

400 Lake

400 Lake Avenue

400 Lake Avenue, down to $3.995 from $4.350. They paid $3.5 for it in 2011 and don’t seem to have done much to it, so I’m not sure why it was priced where it was originally.

Regardless, it’s a good looking house, and I wish the owners well, because they bought one of my absolutely favorite homes in town, 141 Taconic, last May, and kept its remaining 9 acres intact. In fact, that 1720’s house (obviously substantially changed since then) looks very much like their current one, so clearly, the owners like classic taste. I wrote about this beautiful home several times over the years, and although the MLS listing has long gone beyond public access, here’s an earlier post on it – check the comments for some links readers supplied to the house, its owners and its history.


141 Taconic Road


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I’m inclined to blame the decor as much as the price for this failure to sell

113 Round Hill Road has cut its price again from the original ask of $8.750 million and is now down to $5.195. It’s a good house, and relatively close to town, located at the intersection of Round Hill and Pecksland, but I think it would be an easier sale if the owners moved out and left it bare so that buyers could better see its potential.

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 11.36.04 AM

Hell of a thing to wake up to, no?

113 round hill

Feels as though Cindy Sikorsky Renfrew’s been busy here

peeping tom

The Peeping Tom Room? Neighbors must love it.


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Even Barry Sanders would be an improvement


Mission accomplished!

I didn’t say Bernie would, but I’d take my chances on Barry.

Hillary Clinton was a national security disaster

That seems to be the emerging consensus among military intelligence experts willing to go on the record about the damage done to national security by Clinton’s use of an unsecured home-brew email server to do official business. Calling for Clinton to “step down” from the presidential race is Lt. Gen. Michael T. Flynn (Ret.), who was President Obama’s head of the Defense Intelligence Agency, according to the Daily Caller News Foundation’s Richard Pollock:

“Flynn and other high-ranking former intelligence officials told TheDCNF they are alarmed that some of the nation’s most highly classified documents contained in a secretive program called the Special Access Program (SAP) were transferred to Clinton’s unclassified home server.

“The documents ‘had to be moved off electronically or removed out of the secure site physically, then it had to be put onto an unclassified email system,’ Flynn said. ‘Someone who does this is completely irresponsible, but totally unaccountable and shows a streak of arrogance to the American public that is unworthy of anyone thinking they can run for President of the United States.’

“’This is unbelievable,’ Flynn said. ‘I don’t think anybody should be talking about her being potentially the next President of the United States.’”


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There are a lot of aging musicians – like the Rolling Stones – who could be charged with similar fraud

If you don't like reminders of a dark past, how about reminders that we're all old and in the way?

If you don’t like reminders of a dark past, how about reminders that we’re all old and in the way?

Man arrested for selling fake Bruce Springsteen tickets.

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The 80s have come and claimed their foreign policy back

Obama’s budget shifts military focus on combating the town super powers, Russia and China

“The most significant shift in the future security environment—and that is a return to an era of great power competition,” Deputy Defense Secretary Bob Work said during a press conference at the Pentagon on February 9. “Today, we are faced by a resurgent, revanchist Russia and a rising China. Both are nuclear-armed powers. Both are fielding advanced capabilities at a rapid rate. Both are permanent members of the UN Security Council, and both take issue with some aspects of the principled international order that has preserved stability and enabled the peaceful pursuit of prosperity for decades.”


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