Dribs and drabs of real estate news

There’s a real estate reporter at Greenwich Time who’s heralding the “start of the spring market”, but he cites as evidence a handful of sales that were under contract long ago, so that’s not quite a sign of life. Nonetheless, the schools do resume Tuesday, and I think we can expect new listings to appear, as well as more transactions soon thereafter. In the meantime, here’s what’s gone down today:

155 Stanwich

155 Stanwich Rd

Contingent contract: 155 Stanwch Road, asking $1.695 – it started at $1.995 million.

36 Day Road

36 Day Road

Sold: 36 Day Road (Banksville border), $3.8 million. Owners paid $4.9 for it in 2006 but interestingly, after one broker tried, and failed to sell it for a year, they returned to the agent who sold it to them in the first place, perhaps figuring that if she could find a sucker the first time, she could do it again, and after another year, one showed up. This far north, the market is pretty much a Bedford crowd, and there just aren’t that many buyers up there.

Or perhaps not a sucker – the selling agent is from out of town, so if she had a Bedford tax refugee as a client, this could make sense. If the poor sap’s from out-of-town but not out-of-state, well, ….

8 willow road

8 Willow Road

8 Willow Road, Riverside, sold for $3,462,500, on an assigning price of $4.095.

212 Taconic

212 Taconic Road

And – hooray! 212 Taconic Road has  sale pending, (final) asking price, $3.595 million. Owners paid $4.9 for it in 2008 and have had it up for sale for quite awhile, so I’m sure this comes as a relief, regardless of price.


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9 responses to “Dribs and drabs of real estate news

  1. Patrishka

    I think your Day link is going to Stanwich…

  2. Anonymous

    Taconic is the best buy, long term.

  3. Oh, it's for my name

    May I ask for comments/advice on Putnam Park coops and Gables condos? Asking prices for the larger (3 BR) units seem recently to have jumped to ridiculous levels ($500k+ in Putnam Park, much higher in Putnam Hills) and there are several Gables 3 BR units asking well in excess of $1m. Is demand for coop/condo living so high? I’m still renting in another town, but thinking I’ll never be able to afford to buy into Greenwich with entry prices so crazy. Putnam Coops were built in the 50s; Gables seems like trashy construction — but status neighbor Ruthie should only warrant a small premium?

    • Putnam Park was indeed built in the 50s, and has been showing its age badly for decades. Old Greenwich Gables was built by Arthur Collins and, speaking of low hurdles, is the worst, most shoddy of all his projects. It’s falling apart as I write.
      So what gives? Location, I suppose, and lack of decent alternatives because the cost of land is so high.

      • Oh, it's for my name

        Thanks, Chris. I guess I keep on renting. The way CT state and local finances are looking, maybe NOT owning any real estate (thus avoiding being a sitting duck for the debt) isn’t a bad idea.

  4. “oh, it’s for my name” – if you do decide to buy, use CF as your agent . Well, this is a collection of some really nice homes. The builder of 155 Stanwich had great taste – it doesn’t look outdated – it’s quite nice. I love the Day Road house and Willow road house. Apples and oranges but both are great. Taconic is my favorite. Lucky buyer.