Ignorance is stoned bliss

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I rest my case

The push is on in CT to legalize marijuana.

I personally think the “war on drugs” is a futile effort that has cost billions of dollars, eroded the civil rights of all Americans, enriched some very bad people, and done nothing to reduce drug use, so declaring victory and going home strikes me as a pretty good idea.

I do worry, though, at the nonchalant attitude towards marijuana that drug use advocates take, especially when study after study keeps showing serious, permanent brain damage to young people who smoke it. Here’s just the latest.

The age at which an adolescent begins using marijuana may affect typical brain development, according to researchers at the Center for BrainHealth at The University of Texas at Dallas. In a paper recently published in Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience, scientists describe how marijuana use, and the age at which use is initiated, may adversely alter brain structures that underlie higher order thinking.

Findings show study participants who began using marijuana at the age of 16 or younger demonstrated brain variations that indicate arrested brain development in the prefrontal cortex, the part of the brain responsible for judgment, reasoning and complex thinking. Individuals who started using marijuana after age 16 showed the opposite effect and demonstrated signs of accelerated brain aging.

“Science has shown us that changes in the brain occurring during adolescence are complex. Our findings suggest that the timing of cannabis use can result in very disparate patterns of effects,” explained Francesca Filbey, Ph.D., principal investigator and Bert Moore Chair of Behavioral and Brain Sciences at the Center for BrainHealth. “Not only did age of use impact the brain changes but the amount of cannabis used also influenced the extent of altered brain maturation.”

Whatever the government’s role is here, and I suspect that the answer is “not much’, parents, at least, should be aware of what their kids may be doing to their brains with “harmless” marijuana.


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51 responses to “Ignorance is stoned bliss

  1. Finally, President actions make sense!
    Reefer as a Pre-Teen….
    Turned Lemming Green in his bean!

  2. Weed induced SCoaMFery. Sounds about right. Like you I think the penal laws against it have been useless and harmful except to those who profit off them. Also like you I think marijuana is a very bad substance to use as a child or adolescent.

  3. Fatdaddy

    Our Clown Prince Danny Malloy is behind Rep. Candalelaria’s introduction of this piece of…errr, legislation.
    All the Representative has to do is look at his hometown to see the “benefits” of drugs.
    Danny has a bug up his as on the topic due to his degenerate spawn so he wants to share the sacrifice (and tax it as well) until he has another “vision” for the state.

  4. Walt

    Dude –

    Of course legalized weed is coming to Connecticut!! Do you have any idea how much in revenues the state will get by making Mary Jane…hippie lettuce…wacky weed…ganja legal? A METRIC SHIT TON!!

    The politico’s can’t resist that!! They are tax and spend JUNKIES!! What? You think they actually care about people? HAAAAA!!! Cut spending? HAAAAA!! NO!! MORE TAX REVENUE!! No matter the impact.

    We have always known that, which is why I have been telling you to make sure Francis is securing us the franchise rights for Fairfield County. He needs to get those politicians that he carries around in his pocket like nickels and dimes in line. You have this ball rolling, right? You loser. I have already been scouting locations.

    I think it is best to open up in blighted areas, so Cos Cob makes the most sense. Next to Chicken Joe’s. So you can toke and then chow down. Makes sense, right?

    I have also been thinking about names. How about “Walt’s World of Wacky Weed”? Or “Dude’s Doobies”? This is going to be GREAT!! We can also sell black lights, and posters, and hire a bunch of hemped up hotties to run the place!!

    I CAN’T WAIT!!

    Your Pal,

  5. Fatdaddy

    Here is the the real heart of the legislation, and do not kid yourself about Danny’s intentions. He gets all jizzy when he see’s Colorado’s numbers, and he is in his own Rocky Mountain High .

    Statement of Purpose: To legalize and regulate the retail sale of marijuana in order to raise revenue for the General Fund.

    Sponsored by the usual deadbeats from New Haven who always step up to be the cut outs for future favors from Hartford.

  6. Anonymous

    Actually one of the best (only?) ideas they’ve had! If you think kids are not getting baked now already you’re high yourself! In Greenwich, of course, the kids are all on Ritalin aka kiddie cocaine and are big time into their parents’ benzos, opioids, and alcohol. I don’t think MJ which they already are doing in mass quantities is going to make matters any worse!

    • Anonymous

      Is it a big issue in Greenwich–opioids?

      We hear disturbing things from our friends with younger (teen and pre-teen) kids, which is many of them are popping anti-anxiety meds like they’re jolly ranchers. Sad, really.

      • I’ll be posting something on opioid use tomorrow or later tonight. It’s not as bad as your friends tell you, it’s worse.

        • Walt

          Dude –

          You scribbled…AND I QUOTE!! “I’ll be posting something on opioid use tomorrow or later tonight”.

          Does that mean you actually reflect on something before you post it? Actually think about it? You sit there, in front of your keyboard, in your disgusting little horizontally skid marked stained Haines tighty whities, with drool dripping down your unshaven chin, and PUT EFFORT IN to what you write??

          I though you just sat in front of the keyboard, and pounded on it like a drunken monkey. Posting whatever diarrhea that resulted. Like I do!!

          But you actually put thought into it? Work this hard to be a hack? THAT MAKES IT SO MUCH WORSE!! YET BETTER!! An oxymoron!! You moron. And I mean that fondly.

          Your Pal,

  7. High friend in low place

    Right on cue, the Feb 13-19th issue of The Economist cover story is “The right way to do drugs-Legalising cannabis safely”

    • Fatdaddy

      That rag has always supported legalization of all drugs…very much like New Haven, Bridgeport, and Hartford all one has to do is see how well it has worked in the UK.
      Take no advice from the land of powdered wigs.

  8. Millenial

    Greenwich isn’t Muskogee, Oklahoma USA

  9. winstonthegreat

    sick of paying exorbitant taxes and watching Connecticut go down the budgetary tubes—-legalize the damn stuff and tax the wazoo out of it and lets get a budget surplus going!

    • Fatdaddy

      The cartels step right in and undercut the product. You can’t avoid that.
      While Colorado brought in a billion in tax revenue that represent only a fraction of the sales in the state. Same with California. Look at tobacco. The revenue just gets pissed away. Your taxes did not go down and the settlement money vanishes into the toilet known as the general fund.
      All you will end up with is a state full of potheads and cancer victims.
      And unless/until the central government changes their laws, all this state bullshit can vanish with a regime change in a heartbeat.

      • winstonthegreat

        well, New York is going to enact next month so let the stoners go to New York and pay their taxes…WTF—let’s get with it folks…a billion is a billion

  10. How will you parents with teens deal with legal weed? Does the argument to not use drugs go out the window?

    • Anonymous

      Same conversation as alcohol

      • Anonymous

        Alcohol gets you more wasted

      • Fatdaddy

        Or gambling. The ultimate state sponsored hypocrisy.

        “The Connecticut Lottery Corporation has entered into an agreement with the British Columbia Lottery Corporation (BCLC) for the rights to use the Canadian provincial lottery operator’s GameSense responsible gambling program.”

        Huh? Read the lottery corporation meeting minutes, if you want a laugh, or a good cry.
        Farricker is paid HOW MUCH to peddle his games?

        • FF

          I do it for free. Best deal in government. I suppose that spending money on responsible gambling is a waste, right? And if you want to eliminate the lottery, how will you propose to fill the annual $330 million in direct revenue?

        • Walt

          See Francis. This is why you politicians have a negative public opinion rating. Why we see you as vermin. As a sub species. As scum. I could go on, but you get the point.

          The lottery was originally sold as funding for education. Who could argue with that, right? BUT IT DIDN’T!! LIES LIES LIES!!

          If the school spending was $1.0 billion before the lottery, and the lottery raised $300 million, the schools didn’t get $1.3 billion. They got $700 million from the General fund, $300 million from the lottery, and the GENERAL FUND was left with $300 million more for you to PISS AWAY!! IT’S A SHELL GAME!! A PONZI!! A SHORT CON!!

          That is the problem with you politicos. You are ER rich. You can’t budget, you can’t save, you can ONLY SPEND!! Tax revenues are your opiate, and you think the supply is endless. You are all disgusting little hopelessly addicted snaggle toothed CRACK WHORES!! No offense meant.

          Anyhows, as you know, the Dude and I are going equal partners on the exclusive Fairfield County wacky weed distribution rights. 80/20 split my favor. That’s only fair since it was my idea. We will give you 10% out of his cut. Do you want it held by your Cayman Islands entity, as per normal course? It’s named “I Am Nathan Lane Without The Talent, LLC”, right?

          And the lottery is really just a sin tax on the poor. Paid for by welfare, and ultimately born by the working taxpayers. So it really isn’t fair. It’s just clawing back public assistance from the folks you pretend to help.

  11. Publius

    Today’s marijuana is significantly more potent than what was available during the Summer of Love. According to my Doc pal who just attended a mandatory conference on this topic it is 400x (not a typo). I am skeptical as was she as to the change in potency but suffice it to say it is not your grandpa’s ganja. Hence the recent studies on the damage to developing brains, although the public school system in the US can be just as damaging I suppose.

    In most cases the marijuana is smoked as in you light up the joint (pun intended) and inhale hot gas/fumes/vapors into one’s lungs. So, Sen. Dick’s big “victory” over BIG TOBACCO resulting in a historic $ settlement with multi billions of dollars being spread over the states is really a canard (This we knew but now confirmed) because how is it that smoking a cigarette is bad but not smoking a joint? Perhaps if CT did not squander the tobacco settlement money on other “essential services” there would be funds available to combat some of these issues, including drug addiction broadly. I am sure, much like the tobacco episode of fine and tax, the introduction of legal marijuana will be so heavily taxed it will solve the issue of casual smoking but it will not plug the state’s fiscal hole.

    • AJ

      Some bunch of Libertarians you guys are. Compared to cigarettes and alcohol, weed is a much lesser evil. As far as weed being just as bad for your lungs as cigarettes, well, smoke is smoke but weed doesn’t have hundred of added chemicals like cigarettes do. Besides, who the hell would smoke 20–40 joints a day as in one or two packs of cigarettes? Nobody. And you don’t have to smoke it: you can eat it.

      As far as weed being 400 times as strong as it used to be, total bullshit. Back in the 60s the stuff guys used to bring back when they were on leave from Nam and Columbian Chiba Chiba were every bit as powerful as the best strains of today. Can’t help it if all you guys ever smoked was schwag.

      And, CF, I’m ashamed of you, linking to some study purporting weed can damage your brain. There have been hundreds of studies done since the early seventies saying just the opposite, yet you link to agenda driven junk science. Odd, that you believe this shit, yet you accept that GMOs are harmless based on the few studies bought and paid for by the very purveyors of the stuff. Take a look around you at the hundreds of competent professionals of your own age: many of them have been smoking weed their whole lives, yet the effect is unnoticeable. See if you can spot an alcoholic: they stick out like a sore thumb.

      But, bottom line is that in a free country you should be able to choose what you put in your own body, and, if you can’t then you don’t live in a free country. But yeah, we should keep locking people up and ruining their lives for something that amounts to nothing more than having a beer.

      • Publius


        In a pure scenario, I don’t care what people do to themselves. The pure scenario includes not trampling on my rights of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness (ie don’t f*ck with me you drug addled moron) and that I don’t have to pay for the bad decisions of others (Darwinian view of the world) which includes taking from me what is not yours to fund your lifestyle. Since we don’t live in a pure scenario, all bets are off. Libertarianism is a great concept except that it doesn’t work so well in the world in which we inhabit.

        As for junk science, I duly noted your scientific rebuttal of 400x with the phrase “total bullshit”. I patiently await you forwarding a link that indicates to me that today’s marijuana is less potent than 40+ years ago.

        • AJ

          Scientific Rebuttal: empirical evidence. Ask anybody who was in Vietnam or smoked Ti-sticks or Maui Wowy, not commercial schwag, back in the day.

          Yes the quality of pot has improved overall in that hand-select buds are now commonplace as more and more people have learned the proper way to grow it whereas it used to be much less readily available as typical commercial grade. But good pot, keef, and hashish have been around for thousands of years although I can only attest to as far back as the sixties.

          How is legalizing pot taking from you to fund the lifestyles of others, and how is it making you pay for the bad decision of others?

          How is someone who smokes pot a drug addled moron — people you are probably surround by all the time and not even aware of — particularly more so than someone who’s two or three beers?

        • Walt

          Publius –
          It’s scientific fact pot today is engineered to be far more powerful than it was 40 years ago. Only a retard would dispute that. A simple google search, that any retard should be able to do, would show that. Beyond a doubt.
          And as it relates to kids, it is much EASIER and QUICKER to get high on pot, during the day, then it is on beer or alcohol. They don’t have enough time to get loaded on booze, but pot is easy. By far. That’s the real issue.

          And I don’t usually give advice, but:

        • Walt

          OOOPS!! Posted that video in another thread. It was supposed to be this:

        • AJ

          Engineered? Who the hell do you think’s growing the stuff?

          Again, Ask anybody who was in Vietnam or smoked Ti-sticks or Maui Wowy, not commercial schwag, back in the day. I can’t help it if some retards paid good money for bad pot.

          Quicker? How many seconds does it take to down five ounces of vodka?

          A Google search will find the statist’s view that the criminalized marijuana industry must be maintained; civil asset forfeiture and private prisons must not be allowed to perish.

        • Walt

          “Engineered? Who the hell do you think’s growing the stuff”?
          Chemists and botanists in a highly controlled and regulated grow facilities. Where do you think they are growing it? In some wet backs backyard? Moron.

          “Quicker? How many seconds does it take to down five ounces of vodka”?
          If a teen tried that, he would be blowing chunks and pass out. They can’t and don’t drink that way. They prefer vodka for its lack of taste, but still don’t really like it. So they ALWAYS mix it, preferably with something sweet. So I think it would take well over an hour. And what is easier to lug around at school? Bottles of vodka and mixers, or cases of beer, or a joint? Marijuana is quicker and easier and a lot more discreet for a teen to get high on. Clear now, or were you born obtuse?

          I ignored my own advice, so I need to read this again:

        • AJ

          Chemists and Botanists? WTF have you been smoking? Weed has only been legal for a short while, so state sanctioned grow-ops that sell to the public are a very recent development. But you don’t need to be a scientist to grow super weed it’s mostly been a DIY type operation over the years and you don’t need much more space than a closet to grow like a pro. So tell me, do you need to be botanist or chemist to grow the best tomatoes, radishes, and string beans?

          I went to Art school in NYC back in the 60s so I speak from experience. From the way you speak, I believe you are a rube who grew up somewhere in middle of nowhere, upstate NY who takes what he reads in pulp fiction magazines to much to heart. Enough with your Statist views: the State is not your friend.

          But why is it you keep referring to “the kids” the retard nanny’s standard talking point. On doing it for the kids, shouldn’t guns, cars, and power tools be outlawed? All are dangerous and all can kill. But you’re right: there’s nothing better than giving a kid a criminal record and some jail time to help save him from himself.

    • http://www.forbes.com/sites/alicegwalton/2015/03/23/pot-evolution-how-the-makeup-of-marijuana-has-changed-over-time/#17c077955579 says THC content has tripled (from 10% to 30%), not increased by a factor of 400. http://www.cnn.com/2013/08/09/health/weed-potency-levels/ has a different take; it says THC levels were about 1% 40 years ago and can get as high as 37% now. In any case, it doesn’t appear to be physically possible for THC to increase by a factor of 400.

  12. Seth

    This could be a godsend for CT. Legalize the industry, tax the hell out of it, and enforce the same restrictions as alcohol- yes it’s bad for children’s development- but so is alcohol, so why does this argument prevent it from legalization? Would reduce incarceration costs and create jobs. The drug problems we have are not related to weed, prescription drugs are the drugs of choice for students today.

  13. xyzzy

    I’ve always assumed connecticut would legalize marijuana. There is a big first mover advantage to the state in the Tri-State/New England area that legalizes marijuana first.

    The tax revenue that is brought in would do wonders to fix the financial hole that Hartford has dug itself into, and all that money will make the people in Hartford blind to any damaging effects.

    My guess is the law will be similar to the one past in Colorado that will allow towns to outlaw or limit the sale. I can’t see Greenwich allowing Byram to turn into the Pot center of Westchester.

    • Libertarian Advocate

      The tax revenue that is brought in would do wonders to fix the financial hole that Hartford has dug itself into

      Poppycock. Government’s record on sin tax revenue is hilariously inept. Hell, Connecticut can’t even keep its two gas taxes – ostensibly earmarked for transportation maintenance expenditures – out of the grubby hands of its DEMONCRAT politicos.

  14. Flash

    An observation…..
    GJust like low interest rates created a huge number of financial jobs,
    So will legalized MJ create a huge number of jobs……only these will not require a college education.
    Just like sons/ daughters follow in parents corporate fields, the kids of pot smok’in households will have a leg up in the MJ industry.

  15. I’ve always thought drugs should be legalized. All of these: alcohol, nicotine, marijuana, heroin – affect your brain. Making a substance illegal just leads to gangs, crime and bad drugs on the street which kill people. Though I am not usually pro govt regulation – perhaps making all of these legal and regulated (and taxed FF!) will allow people to be safer when they use them and to get help without stigma when they abuse them. But I’m not sure. Is alcohol different just because you can dress up and have it in a restaurant or chic country club in a crystal glass?

  16. Anonymous

    Alcohol is certainly worse for you than weed. But alcohol is so culturally engrained that getting rid of it doesn’t make any sense. Why adding another legal drug to the mix is somehow helpful perplexes me.

    • In fact, if you’ll read the article – which is why I linked to it – they say that the changes caused by marijuana have a more profound change on adolescent brains than alcohol. I don’t think they’re recommending that kids imbibe or inhale either, but the process of change, and the effect, are different.

  17. Matt

    The criminalization of it (in personal quantities) is a waste of time, money and resources. I would have to imagine the legal stuff wouldn’t be the 400x stronger stuff referred to above. Or preferably, you will get the option to pick the potency….just like choosing between a 5% beer and a 40% shot.

  18. Cos Cobber

    CF, Remember Diamond and Baratta? Turns out, people still pay them to ruin their home. Check this out and ask yourself, who beside Elton John and/or other gay men in their 60s (NTTIAWWT) that would be attracted to this look?


  19. AJ

    TPP Protester Hits Politician with Dildo for Raping the Country w/video https://quittingiseasy.com/2016/02/tpp-protester-hits-politician-with-dildo/

  20. Fatdaddy

    Puta carbon!!

    “Connecticut’s undocumented students are again calling on the General Assembly to give them access to financial aid at state universities.
    Connecticut lawmakers passed a law back in 2011 allowing undocumented students, also known as Dreamers, to pay in-state tuition rates at the state’s public universities. The group is now fighting for access to financial aid at these schools.”