Progress in our time

On March 17, 1930, construction began on the Empire State Building, and in a White House ceremony May 1, 1931, President Hoover threw  switch that turned the lights on in the completed structure up in New York.

After the Twin Towers were destroyed by Muslim terrorists in 2001, jurisdictional and insurance disputes kept construction of a replacement stalled until 2006. Work began that year, and was finally completed in 2015.

On February 12, 2016, Greenwich announced that a bridge on Brookside Road would be rebuilt, estimated time, 4 months. 

That time table brings us closer to the Empire State Building’s 14-month construction pace and not, God help us, the Trade Center’s 9 years, but looking at the two structures, our piddly bridge and the building on 34th Street, I think we’re actually closer to the Trade Center’s speed  in this era than that which prevailed (with hand tools!) in 1930.




The Hudson River, it ain’t



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3 responses to “Progress in our time

  1. Anonymous

    Tesei is getting snarkier and snarkier lately!

    First Selectman Peter Tesei joked that the closure would silence residents who have complained that drivers go too fast through the neighborhood.
    “This is one way of getting traffic calming on Brookridge,” Tesei said. “Just detour traffic off of it. You’ll get less comments over the next four months.”

  2. BuI’ll 18 hole golf course 7,000 plus yards, 6 bridges including 2 that were 2 lane truck ready…..less than 4 months..
    Bridge install 9 calendar days…..
    Common sense never applies to Common Cents…..

  3. Anonymous

    I walk over the bridge on a regular basis – never saw anything to indicate it needed to be replaced. ????? Greenwich Oldtimer