There may be hope for the country yet


No shit – actual illustration of a children’s site, ( “explaining global warming. Polar Bears: North Pole; Penguins: South, but why quibble about scientific accuracy when you’re teaching global warming?

Survey: 70,000 teachers are “bringing global warming denial” into their classrooms.

The news is presented as though that’s a bad thing; I see it as a good start.


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3 responses to “There may be hope for the country yet

  1. Oh, it's for my name

    The discourse around “climate change” is Kafka-esque. The label “deniers” and dogmatic phrase “the science is settled” indicate a totalitarian mindset. Very glad that there are SOME educators who have open minds, but we’ll see if they can last…

    • “Deniers”, which is intended to evoke the horrible image of Holocaust deniers, and “settled science”, are both terms deliberately employed to cut off and end discussion, just as “racist” and “Homophobe” are intended to shut up anyone who disagrees with liberal dogma. It’s all straight from Obama’s bible, “Rules for Radicals”

  2. Anonymous

    This is exactly why millennials think socialism is better than capitalism