Tone deaf

This picture of Chelsea Clinton campaigning in New Hampshire Monday in a Canada Goose “Shelburne”, $750.00, struck me as a pretty apt symbol of what’s not working in her mother’s campaign. Canada Goose makes fabulous coats, incredibly warm, but they’re also expensive and are, for now, very stylish among Manhattanites and their ilk.

In Greenwich, a $750 parka would go unnoticed or, if spotted, be  viewed as the choice of an economical shopper, but in New Hampshire, where Hillary was trying to overcome her image as a billionaire  indifferent to the middle class,  a $125 Carhartt would have been the wiser choice.

And I’ll bet the campaign staff never noticed or even thought about it. Arrogance got her nowhere.

Screen Shot 2016-02-12 at 6.09.02 PM


Chelsea Clinton in Canada Goose

Not this


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35 responses to “Tone deaf

  1. weakleyhollow

    As the primary season goes on, Hillary will become more and more teflon coated. The professional negroes will start coming to her aid; the professional femmes are already working the problem. Now that she is out of the retail politics realm, things should open up for her. Now the party just has to decide whether they really want her, or Uncle (oh my God!) Joe.

  2. Walt

    Dude –
    When did you become an idiot savant on women’s fashion? All catty on what Cankles Junior is wearing, price points ECT CETERA?? MEOW!!

    Is there a closet you would like to come out of? Anything you want to tell us? It’s ok. Our opinion of you won’t change. You will always be our lovable little illiterate douche.

    Want to get a pedicure tomorrow?

    Your Pal,

  3. Fatdaddy

    Carhartt? I paid less than $70 for mine and it keep me warmer, than warm.
    Gotta shop it around…don’t be a dope.

  4. Walt

    Dude –
    And I like the brown jacket in the middle. It looks like the North Face full zipper NO HOODIE three pocket fleece that I wear. Who makes it? How much is it? Where can I buy it?

    Does it come without the hood? That’s a deal breaker. After all, I am not a Negro. But I do have soul. And I can dance.

    What other colors are there? Brown is too drab.

    Your Pal,

  5. Fatdaddy

    Canada Goose is for fags and fools.
    IBEX, at the most, is all one needs in this part of the world. And even then, with global warming a tee shirt is fine most of the time.
    And Ted Cruz’s Amy Lindsay doing her thang…

  6. What about mom’s Gorton’s fisherman togs at last night’s rant’n’rave-a-thon?

  7. Libertarian Advocate

    No worries, they aren’t concerned that the dolts they’re conning in to voting for them have even the slightest clue as to the cost of the clothing they wear. Their disdain appears to be justified. Just look at Rosa “Lurchette” DeLauro and her mille-buck get-ups when she campaigns in B’Port. If their constituents had any clue just how little regard their Demoncrat massahs actually have for them, the plebes would be carrying ropes and pitchforks, not campaign signs.

  8. I have that very same carhart jacket! Got it at Cabelas in Hartford. It would be really really funny to see Chelsea shop there

  9. Anonymous

    Getting ready for the disappointment when Hillary wins? There are 1,000 things to hate but a Canada Goose parka? Who cares really 😄

  10. Greenwich Gal

    Ugh to Chelsea Clinton. She has no experience doing – anything really. Paid 600,000 to be a “correspondent” at NBC – I mean how many ways can that be wrong? And now she is basically running her parents foundation. Loads of more ethically challenged decisions there. No wonder millennials are running away from Hillary as fast as they can! An even bigger disaster was hauling Madeline Albright out of her nursing home to shame women into supporting the corrupt and compromised Presidential candidate. Yep – that will attract the youngsters!

    • Walt


      You know what is really shocking? Madeline is 78 and Gloria is 81. I wouldn’t want to bump uglies with either of them at this point, but Gloria blows her AWAY!! Madeline looks like she is 10 years late for the Elephant farm. SHE IS HORRIBLE!!

      Gloria looks like she has a little life left in her. And I just know…I KNOW!!! She would like me to spank her little ass and tell me who her Daddy was. But then again, who wouldn’t?

      But a big fax pough on Cankles part. It made her look totally out of touch. Which she is.

  11. Anonymous

    that jacket makes her look really really fat

  12. Anonymous

    I can only imagine how she would have been blasted for being inauthentic had she shown up in a Carhartt. Heck there is even a blog for that

    • Anonymous

      true anonymous – she really can’t win. And please god don’t let her win

    • Good point. Well then, how about a good Republican cloth coat?

      Funny thing is, Trump can get away with his private jets, mansions and all that by flaunting them, by saying, in effect, “hey, I’m not one of you, I’m The Donald”, and people love him. It’s when politicians who clearly are not to the pigsty born act as though they were. When Hillary puts on her “southern” accent, when Princeton grad Michelle O goes into jive, the insincerity just oozes from their pores.

      So yeah, you’re right, a Carhartt would have been just as bad, because Chelsea Clinton is obviously not the type to have ever worn one.

      • Anonymous

        Good point too about Trump and the private jets! I never really thought of that.

      • Anonymous

        The cloth coat thing was from years past, to denote a humbler, more down-to-earth Republican (i.e., Nixon), rather than the fur coat Republicans of yore. Today, we’re so anti-“elite” as a society, so fearful of academic and financial and social success and people who don’t drop their gs, that the phrase has no meaning. While most of our country has always been unsuccessful, poorly educated, and provincial, they have historically elected people they aspired to be like. Today, someone like Romney, so clearly competent and accomplished and capable and yes, rich and successful and highly educated, has to pretend to be an utter rube to get nominated. Even Cindy McCain, pill-popping beer heiress, has to wear a cloth coat.

  13. very funny Anonymous@10:39pm

  14. Anonymous

    You just be driving up demand for the coat. Click on the link and it’s now selling for $775.

  15. Al Brecken

    “Only in Greenwich ? ” for only $50 I purchased a $500 “name-brand ” parka in a Greenwich thrift-shop; N.B. ; it was not the “Gucci” type of name-brand .