(Another) Million-dollar price-whack up at Conyers Farm

74 Upper Cross Rd

74 Upper Cross Rd – t’s white, and it’s huge, but is it a huge white elephant?

74 Upper Cross Road, cut from $9.950 to$8.950 today. The house is 14,000 sq.ft. on 16 + acres, it sold for $10,000,000 in 2000, was completely renovated in 2011 and resold to the present owner for $13.5 in 2012. He and the agent who sold it to him, David Ogilvy, have been attempting to unload it since 2014, when they started off at $13.890.

The bloom’s off the rose; not just this particular house, but behemoths 10 miles north of town, in general.


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21 responses to “(Another) Million-dollar price-whack up at Conyers Farm

  1. hmmm

    Greenwich taxes are only moving higher and yes if you can afford this taxes probably aren’t an issue for you but no one likes throwing money away either. That’s how these folks got rich. NTTAWWT.

    • Midcountry Momma

      Really? My taxes went down in the reassessment and I will bet most of backcountry did as well. Besides they are still cheaper than anyplace else in the Tri State.

      • hmmm


        and yes they are moving higher, just because yours were lowered doesn’t mean they aren’t increasing. The budget is bigger this year than it was last year that indicates taxes are up. wake up and pay attention.

        And just because they are cheaper than any other place in the tri-state area doesn’t mean it’s acceptable. You sound like a politician “come to greenwich where we manage our taxes based on what our neighbors charge”. What kind of idiocy is that? And the greenwich mentality of dealing with taxes is no different than Hartford. They too keep the taxes just under our neighboring states rates. That’s not managing with the best interest of the folks they are supposed to be representing.

  2. Anonymous

    This place is a dream……Love the log guest house…Probably needs to take another haircut though..

  3. Cos Cobber

    Yeah, but those buying in 2012 shouldn’t have to endure price hair cuts….

  4. Anonymous

    This is a bargain! 16 acres in Greenwich. Totally nice house. A bit far from town. Ohh gosh, I wish I had $9m!

    Or 8m or 5m or 3m….

  5. Anonymous

    I can’t believe the owners have stuck with their broker all this time! I’d be really upset paying that much money in 2012! Seems like more of a 2007 or 2008 mistake. Conyers Farm does not seem to be holding up very well. It is a beautiful spot though.

  6. uminn65

    i think the problem with ultra expensive homes is that the folks who can afford them are leaving the state. sure, they can afford the maintenance and taxes on the house, but they realize it’s silly to pay the income and estate taxes that connecticut is exacting. and they’re right.

  7. Anonymous

    Beautiful home

  8. HugoBoss

    What would you estimate the monthly maintenance to be for a place like this?

  9. Put $1.50 mulch blades on mowers and raise the price by cutting lawns by 80%….no leaf blowhards, no fertilizer & 1/2 the water….be green, save pump electric costs…

  10. Anonymous

    Five – yep five – I count five tv “hangout” rooms. As soon as bachelor starts filming in Greenwich, this place is gold. Or multi-family housing comes to Conyers. Someone needs to use the local public schools!

  11. Patrishka

    I love the yellow couch (and bolster pillow) against the black and white entry floor.

  12. Anonymous

    Why does anyone want to live in 14,000 square feet? More than 5,000 seems a bit nuts.

  13. Riverside

    Spectacular house. Everything top quality and so well done.

    This offers real value if this is the type of property that you want (and apparently there are fewer and fewer who want this in CT)

  14. Millenial

    Its actually not THAT terrible of a trip into town. 20 minutes with limited traffic? 14k is a bit excessive though. Love the house except for the checkered marble in the entry way.

  15. Anony

    The home theater is fab, but no gift wrapping room?

  16. Flash

    Doesn’t look like this is inside the guarded gate. So may be Conyers Farm but not EXclusive……so welcome to Banksville

  17. Greenfield Hiller

    This is mind blowing! A $5 million loss (including transaction costs) and approaching 50% haircut from 2012/low in market. There has to be more to the story: either egregiously overpaid in ’12 or divorce/panicking to sell now?