New Construction sells in Old Greenwich

105 SHORE road

105 Shore Road, Old Greenwich

105 Shore Road, still being finished, has sold for $4.825 million, on an asking price of $4.950. I guess that proves that, despite what I’ve always believed, location is not everything.


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37 responses to “New Construction sells in Old Greenwich

  1. Cos Cobber

    Wonderful interiors, but odd exterior. Who was the architect?

  2. Anonymous

    4.8 on price off 44.9? huh?

  3. reminds me of this guy:

  4. New Buyer

    Yes, the interiors look beautiful. However, the exterior is jarringly odd with 2 steep peaks for a roofline and way too many window styles. Plus, there there is no realistic way to get to the front door. No one is parking on Shore and using that stone path and yet there is no path from the side driveway to the front door. Why a huge front lawn on a busy road and a tiny back lawn? Makes no sense.

  5. Mickster

    Au contraire, mon ami. What it proves is that once again you should use a local buyers agent. This was sold direct. Most of the closing prices that ‘surprise’ realtors in town are those closed using an out-of-town broker as a buyers agent or no buyers agent.

    • Anonymous

      We get it Mick. You have to live nearby to understand the house has an ugly roofline and a quirky setting. Brokers from 5 miles away can’t figure this out.

  6. Anonymous

    I’m calling BS on the 8,200 sq ft.

  7. Real OG

    I can’t believe that house sold for that price. Why hasn’t 127 Shore Road sold yet? Hope the buyer enjoys it.

  8. Anonymous

    Paying almost 5 million dollars!?! I don’t get it. Someone please explain why anyone would pay that kind of money for such a milk toast house. (And so ugly from the outside)

  9. Anonymous

    Couple moving from Westport. One kid.

    • Anonymous

      That explains everything ! OG better than Westport

      • Walt

        The only thing Greenwich has over Westport is proximity to NYC. And Old Greenwich has NOTHING over Westport. It borders the WORST part of Stamford. Westport has better schools, a better retail presence on Route One, a more charming downtown, better restaurants, and a much more New England feel. They have Shake Shack and the Black Duck!! WE HAVE NOTHING TO COMPETE WITH THAT!! The taxes are lower and its coastline and beaches are better. It doesn’t border Stamford or Portchester, and Port Chester is better than Stamford. And Marilyn Chambers grew up there. While we have Glenn FRIGGING Close? I rest my case!

        • Mickster

          When I want your opinion, I’ll come and beat it out of you. In the meantime, focus on your Japanese school girls, gorgeous Irish redheads and dead baby jokes:))

        • I’ve never been over there, but doesn’t Westport border Bridgeport?

        • Walt

          Dude –
          Are you shitting me?

          You sell dirt and you don’t understand biology? Where things are located on a map? Westport borders Norwalk and Fairfield. Norwalk is far superior to both Stamford and Portchester, meaning it has less of “those people”, and Fairfield is really nice, and provides a nice buffer from Bridgeport. But I am quite sure the folks in Westport wish Fairfield was bigger, to provide more of a buffer from “those people”, but it is was it is. But Westport does NOT border Bridgeport. You map reading ignoramus.

          And your idiotic, unable to read a map, dirt selling mantra of “Location, location, location” is also a buggy whip. JUST LIKE YOU!! IT’S OVER!!

          I bought Greenwich because of NYC proximity. Now it doesn’t matter. Now on a train you can work. WIFI, answer emails, and be productive. When I was commuting, all you did was drink, sleep, and try and cop a feel on the hottie snoozing on your shoulder. You couldn’t be productive. NOW YOU CAN WORK!! And give up on the “mind sex” you were having with the bimbo sitting next to you. Vanquish the fantasies that she is using your face as a pleasure pole. Stop pretending she is spanking your little butt because you were a bad little boy!! THOSE DAYS ARE GONE!! PROGRESS!! But I digress.

          Your mantra of “Location, location, LOCATION!!” is irrelevant, and the glory days of Greenwich dirt ARE IRRELEVANT!! Time and space are irrelevant. You can work anywhere. Commute time is now “productive” time. Instead of fun time. GOD I MISS THOSE DAYS!!

          Sorry to be the one to break the news to you. But it’s true.

          Your Pal,

        • Cos Cobber

          Westport is a limo liberal democrat den. I noticed that day 1 when I came to this state and decided against such an association. Now, no jokes about my final choice, nothing wrong with snowplows and red sauce!

        • Patrishka

          Hey big boy. That is most definitely not the worst part of Stamford. Love, Stamford.

  10. Cos Cobber

    You can work anywhere, but from what I continue to see, those working remotely on a permanent basis always fall behind with the mother ship and mother ships still need to be in major metro areas with good airports. You can’t start a business anywhere, but at a certain capacity you can operated it remotely some greater frequency than ever. Nothing fully replaces being there.

  11. Patrishka

    Still with the faces, this house.

  12. Anonymous

    Westport taxes are lower than Greenwich. I think not. OG is WAY better than Westport where the people are liberal jerks.

    • Anonymous

      Thats all OG has against Westport, taxes. Of course, that’s the only item you chose to defend, too. Why so?

      Probably because you already know we have 3 different beaches to choose from, Levitt pavilion, year round Farmers market, Wakeman Town Farm, Earthplace, Winslow Park, Newman Preserve, the Playhouse, the arts center, Longshore Sailing School (this is really cool), and Longshore golf course and restaurant with tennis courts, and probably the best community pool on the east coast (it overlooks the Sound).

      Westport also has the same great walkable downtown that Greenwich does. Rt 1 has everything you could ever need, more than Greenwich does. The restaurant scene in Westport is also considered the best in the state.

      • Cos Cobber

        No thanks. Sounds boring.

        • Anonymous

          You’re right, it is. Stay in Cos Cob (lol). Nothing to see in Westport. Carry on.

        • Cos Cobber

          I have been to Westport many times. Its a fine place, but it just doesn’t feel like its part of the NYC metro area. Feels like a true exurb. Its all a state of mind and its just how I feel when I go past Darien. Its just too far removed from our collective Manhattan-centric universe for me. While the real dividing line is exit 23, for me its exit 11.

          And I like absurdity that is Greenwich and its imperfections.

        • Anonymous

          The proximity to NYC or even Westchester County is something I can’t argue against. But then again, we only go in to the city 6-10x a year.

  13. Anonymous

    Anonymous@ 9:19am. OK – here you go, I’ll tell you why OG is so much better than Westport. Since I’ve lived in both, I know. Taxes: Lower (Walt was wrong about that). Our beach is better – – Tods is wonderful. Schools better. Yes, I know you place higher on the lists but that only because Westport is lily white. Greenwich has by far the highest number of science fair winners and we crush you in debate. We are close to NYC. Way closer. The big thing is the people though. Greenwich has a wide variety of people – from liberal to conservative and people from everywhere. It attracts people from all over the country and all over the world. Westport is as Cos Cobber noted: Limo libs and very insular. Walt: you’re wrong OG is not next to the worst part of stamford. The place where bad stuff happens is the neighborhood to the north behind KFC off of route 1. Re: The proximity of Stamford and Portchester is a plus.. Both are great to have close by and I go to both frequently.