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Pretty nice house on North Street, but it can’t sell – is this price segment dead?

524 North Street

524 North Street

524 North Street has cut its price again and is now asking $3.950, down quite a bit from the $5.2 the owners paid for it in 2008. That was the year the market was just entering its tailspin, so its understandable that what a house was worth then won’t be reachable today (in most parts of town), but I’d have thought the mid-country would have recovered more than this.


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I hope this is real, but probably not

I’m getting married in the morning,

Ding dong the adhan’s gonna chime,

Sev-enty  virgins,

Plus two all converging

So get me to the mosque , get me to the mosque on time


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12 years before the event, John Kerry supporter presages The Donald’s appeal

“From Trumpmania to Euroscepticism – Revenge of the plebs”

From Obama’s writing-off of the inhabitants of industrial downs as people who ‘cling to guns and religion’ to blogging queen Arianna Huffington’s claim that ‘millions of voters’ vote with their ‘lizard, more emotional right brain’ rather than with their ‘logical left brain’, the contempt heaped on ordinary American voters in recent years has been relentless.

America’s new elites, fancying themselves superior to the rural, the old, the religiously inclined and the rest, have increasingly turned politics into something that is done to people, for their own good, rather than by people according to their moral outlook. And then they wonder why people go looking for something else, something less sneering.


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And more power to them

355 Riverside Avenue

355 Riverside Avenue

355 Riverside Avenue hit the market today at $1.699. I’ll be disposing of my own house up the street in a few months, and I’d love to see this one command a price like this. I don’t think it will, but better they test the waters than I. God speed and good luck!


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Sometimes, it’s better to cut your losses and run


One Pinetum

Cos Cobber has brought to our attention the new listing off Bible Street, One Pinetum Lane, asking $5.295 million. I’m skeptical of its chances at this price.

The owners tried, and failed, to sell an older house here back in 2007 for $2.495, so they doubled down, razed it, and built this one instead. It claims 7,459 sq. feet on its one acre, but given FAR restrictions, at least 2,000 feet of that must be underground, and despite what some agents claim, 2,000 feet of gym equipment and a big screen TV in a dark hole does not, nor should it, command the same valuation as rooms with, you know, windows.

Still, it’s a nice house, as this style goes, and I’m sure a buyer will turn up who doesn’t mind its inaccessible location or the presence of so many (much) more modest houses along its approach. It is across the street from the archery club’s 20 acres, so that may have some appeal.

But will that buyer pay over $5 million to live out here? We’ll see.


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Man cave, and more, for sale up on John Street

JOhn street

160 John Street

160 John Street, the old estate that was foreclosed on a couple of years ago, has been renovated and put up for sale at $21.5 million. It’s featured in a GT article today entitled “Man Caves”, and I suppose thats what it offers, as well as 14,000 sq. ft. of house, 9 bedrooms, 16 baths and a p0lo pony track.

It doesn’t do much for me, but then, I’m very much not part of its target market, so the owner, the former Managing Director of Goldman Sachs, will hardly lose sleep over any disappointment. And he’s unlikely to lose sleep at all regardless of whether anyone buys it soon, given that he has other renovation projects underway – I think it’s his hobby – including the Newport cottage Miramar ($17 million, plus $20 million more in renovations), and a 1,471 – acre manse in North Wales, once owner by Walter Chrysler, Jr., 38,500 square feet, $21 million + renovations.

It may be good to be King, but that’s a lot of property to keep track of; no thank you.



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Greenwich High School passes into the new world

Pink graduation gown

Pretty in Pink – the new Greenwich High School graduation gowns

GHS Headmaster Chris Winters, has announced that starting this year, GHS graduates will wear “gender neutral” pink graduation gowns, putting an end to the tradition of boys being forced to wear red and girls white robes .

“For too long,” Dr. Winters told FWIW, “we’ve seen  our transvestites, gay, lesbian and sexually-conflicted students bullied and tormented by their peers. I’ve heard too many stories of such students avoiding their graduation ceremony out of boys – or rather, boys who identify as girls, fear of being teased for wearing white gowns, and vice versa. It’s time to put a stop to that.

“While students will of course still be free to express their authentic selves by dressing as they like – push-up bras for the gentlemen, for instance, or leather leggings for the young ladies, we feel that most will respond positively to this elimination of a choice between red or white. The blending of white and red into pink will let them show that they care, and are sensitive to the needs and wants of all their peers.”


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It’s certainly possible that it’ll be the last voice HE ever hears

Dick Van Dyke, senile and 90, endorses Barry Sanders: “It may the last voice we ever hear”. 

Mr. Van Dyke has a net worth of $30 million, so a socialist government now is his best chance to die in the same impoverished condition he wishes on us. So much for his image as a lovable old goof.


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Oh, to be 25 again, with almost no competition

Georgetown JD

Georgetown Law

The world of academia appears to be developing a vast pool of fragile flowers, male and female, black and white. Even law students, who, at least at Georgetown, have been “traumatized and shaken” by the reaction of their professors to Scalia’s death.

I don’t know why these individuals are such weak snowflakes, but I’m guessing the root causes are helicopter parenting for the white boys and 16 years of being taught that they’re victims for the blacks and the white girls.

Or not; either way, the path to success for any young person of any gender, any race,  tough enough to deal with the disapproval of others and think for himself is wide open.


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What a mess he’s leaving behind

Western Europe begins rearming as the 1980s return

NOBEL PEACE PRIZE UPDATE:  U.S. Marines Pre-Positioning Tanks, Ammunition In Secret Norway Caves Against Russian Invasion. “In 2015, it was revealed that Russia rehearsed military takeovers of northern Norway, the Swedish island of Gotland and the Danish island of Bornholm.”

Related:  U.S. Sends 5,000 Tons Of Ammunition To Germany. “Recent moves in response to Russia’s sending troops into Ukraine have seen the US reverse some of its gradual reduction in numbers in Europe, especially Germany where it has had large bases since the end of the Second World War.”


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