And more power to them

355 Riverside Avenue

355 Riverside Avenue

355 Riverside Avenue hit the market today at $1.699. I’ll be disposing of my own house up the street in a few months, and I’d love to see this one command a price like this. I don’t think it will, but better they test the waters than I. God speed and good luck!


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16 responses to “And more power to them

  1. Anonymous

    Geez….we are definitely in a bubble if $1.7m can be had for this house.

    • anonymous

      The bubble is deflating. The high end has already rolled over and at the higher price points there are no bids since they are all trying to get out. At the low end they are giving out 3% down loans again. You have already seen this movie so you know how it ends.

  2. I bet they get it. The lot alone is worth, what, 1.4 – 1.6? It’s 1/3 acre. Almost a free house and it’s nice.

  3. Anonymous

    leaving town?

  4. Anonymous

    It’s not terribly priced. The owners should have painted the cabinets white for $5k…that would have made a difference.

    Right now average 1950’s house in Riv school district in good traffic free street is about $2.1-2.3. This is a cape is on a busy street so target market is someone who can’t afford $2.3. Given that market I think it’s a $1.5-1.7 house. At $1.5-1.6…put a top on the house and renovate first floor(400k) and u have a 4,000 sf house for about $2ish. Not terribly far off the mark, buy probably pushing the limit. Easy walk to OG with Riverside schools, plus if you’re angry at your kids you can ask them to play on the busy corner out the front door…. That will teach them not to listen to their parents.

  5. Riverslide

    Yeah. Doesn’t seem like an unrealistic asking price at all. (Cars don’t even seem to travel that fast, at that particular spot on Riverside Avenue.)

  6. Mickster

    Probably want to get out before the boatyard construction starts across the street. Smart.

  7. Anonymous

    Good starter house in riverside!

  8. Anonymous

    Not hugely surprising. At least you get a family room and breakfast nook for your $, unlike some other recent listings here, like the new construction in OG. upstairs layout is a mess, though. An enormous master suit with a “sitting room” is a huge waste of space in a small house.

  9. RivAve

    house looks nice, not exactly the neighborhood feel in that location that buyers coming from NYC are looking for though

  10. CT2CA

    Why do people build additions to classically designed houses in a style and proportion that has nothing to do with the original structure? It looks like a collision.

    • Anonymous

      For once I agree with you (actually, make that twice. I agree with your comment on the North St house, too.) Both styles are nice separately, but not mashed up like this. Given the price point though, it’ll do.