Greenwich High School passes into the new world

Pink graduation gown

Pretty in Pink – the new Greenwich High School graduation gowns

GHS Headmaster Chris Winters, has announced that starting this year, GHS graduates will wear “gender neutral” pink graduation gowns, putting an end to the tradition of boys being forced to wear red and girls white robes .

“For too long,” Dr. Winters told FWIW, “we’ve seen  our transvestites, gay, lesbian and sexually-conflicted students bullied and tormented by their peers. I’ve heard too many stories of such students avoiding their graduation ceremony out of boys – or rather, boys who identify as girls, fear of being teased for wearing white gowns, and vice versa. It’s time to put a stop to that.

“While students will of course still be free to express their authentic selves by dressing as they like – push-up bras for the gentlemen, for instance, or leather leggings for the young ladies, we feel that most will respond positively to this elimination of a choice between red or white. The blending of white and red into pink will let them show that they care, and are sensitive to the needs and wants of all their peers.”


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33 responses to “Greenwich High School passes into the new world

  1. Equality 7-2521

    A fee for graduation seems rather petty and silly.

  2. Anonymous

    Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!!!

  3. Anonymous

    Why not official school uniforms all year round?

  4. Anonymous

    GHS has bigger problems than the color of graduation robes ! Why is the school catering to such a small percentage of gay students ?

  5. Anonymous

    Shouldn’t our schools spend their time and resources on improving the education for everyone? Seems a waste to me to focus on an issue that affects maybe .0015% of the school population.

  6. Greenwich Taxpayer

    This is another sad chapter in the education (or non-education) of Greenwich kids. To make an “issue” of red and white graduation gowns is just another disconnect by those that run our school system. Red and white are the school’s COLORS for goodness sake – if someone had a problem with “discrimination” then give the kids robes randomly. PINK has nothing to do with Greenwich CARDINALS (when was the last time you saw a pink cardinal?!?). Give me a break.

  7. Anonymous


    Gr Taxpayer: you missed the nature of CF’s tongue in cheek “pink” statement. The gowns will be red. Which I still think is wrong to get rid of the white.

  8. LAK

    There is one transgender student at GHS that I know of.

    She….is now a He

  9. Anonymous

    Dear Seniors and Parents of Seniors,

    In a break from previous GHS graduations, this year all graduates will wear the same color gown. We have selected a Cardinal red gown with white stripes on the sleeves.

    Why the change? First, at Graduation, except for class officers and Valedictorian/Salutatorian, all students come in together and sit together as one unified class. It’s a day when we honor all for meeting the requirements for graduation. Second, we are increasingly aware of student choices with gender orientation. In an effort to respect all students, we will cease using separate-colored gowns for males and females. We strive for GHS to provide a safe, inclusive, and welcoming environment for all. This small change of tradition demonstrates our commitment to those principles.

    It is very common for colleges and high schools to have all graduates wear the same color. We allow students to decorate their caps, thus expressing their individuality.

    I am happy to discuss the change further if you are particularly concerned. Feel free to call or email me.

    Thank you,

    Chris Winters

    GHS Headmaster

    • Isn’t that what I had him say? Pussy.

      • Anonymous

        Great comment! Chris Winters should resign- he must be a democrat! GHS doesn’t need to be politically correct ! GHS needs to spend taxpayers money on students not the gay agenda !

      • Anonymous

        Chris Winters should focus on our GHS students getting into top universities! It’s easy for Winters to waste money on bull shit and not deal with the real problems with graduating seniors. Why doesn’t winters have some balls and tell the Greenwich community what’s really going on instead of hiding behind bull shit statistics !

    • Anonymous

      They never asked the kids what they wanted. Most of the kids want to stay with tradition. They don’t need a safe space free from gender orientation. What does this say to them when we are sending them out in the harsh real world.

    • Anonymous

      BTW, all the HS senior girls are wearing white to school tomorrow. Giving a big F.U. to Winters and his gender neutral safe space.

      • If a parent can get me a picture of the girls in white I’d love to post it. Cuba has “the Ladies in White”, who protest that petty dictator, it’s pretty neat that their younger counterparts are here in Greenwich.
        And speaking of here, where is our school board?

    • Bring back headmaster bird

      what a quack … the GHS is ranked 12th in the State after spending well over 100 million a year … mainly for teacher salaries and pensions … 9 mo of work, all holidays paid for, but this is for the kids … leave the us … not just ct.

  10. Anonymous

    We have lost our way. The decision is ridiculous. More ridiculous – the Superintendent, Headmaster, and ALL the assistants sat around for hours and thought about this. Look at as a minimum of $25,000 investment of your tax dollars. Two of those and you can split your child’s class in half with another teacher. Nah- instead I’ll take the graduation gowns and diversity week.

  11. Once

    School officials should not be making decisions based on what they are hearing on the news. If it’s important WE will let them know. Just another smoke screen.

  12. Walt

    Dude –

    I am surprised that you are surprised that’s it’s a surprise that Headmaster Winter would feel this way. That really surprised me.

    Of course he wants everyone to be the same!! Total blandness. No exceptionalism. Because I know that you know, and you know that I know, that Headmaster Winters brother is Edgar Winter. The albino rock star who stood out like a hooker at a Girl Scout party. HIS ENTIRE LIFE!! I know you knew this.

    And as you know that I know, and I know that you know, this impacted Headmaster Winter during his formative years. He couldn’t go to the beach with his brother, they always had to be Casper on Halloween, and his brother was always DIFFERENT!! So Headmaster Winter was deeply impacted by this, by his brother always being “different”, so that he wants EVERYONE TO BE THE SAME!! I am surprised you don’t know this. Because I know that you know history.

    Anyhows, because of this, Headmaster Winter values mediocrity and blandness, in spite of the fact his brother being different contributed to his rock stardom. Headmaster Winter wants to give everyone a free ride. Which inspired this!!

    You know all this? Right?

    Your Pal,

  13. Anonymous

    Apparently one of the seniors started a petition to keep the tradition and secured an enormous amount of signatures. Winters then did a big FU to the students and wrote his Announcement. Afterwards he invited the petition organizer and guests to discuss his unilateral decision. Many seniors are quite upset. Winters is not well liked or respected by the student body because of these antics. You will notice how Winters describes this as a “small change to tradition.”. Apparently many in the student body don’t think it is so small. And if it is small, why is it so imperative that this be done?

  14. Anonymous

    My kids are saying that most of the kids don’t care about the color and many like the idea of a the new cap and gown.
    Meanwhile, our not-so-super superintendent closed schools early for a rainstorm yesterday.

    • redhead

      Seriously! The cap and gown issue is nonsense. If kids are upset at color difference we shouldn’t accommodate them but rather continue to encourage them to accept the fact that people are different and that what makes life fun. There is flawed reasoning in Winters’ teaching tactics. The bigger issue is the fact that the Superintendent closed schools early yesterday because of rain which seriously impacted and disrupted people’s jobs and lives. I think that abuse of power — done only to protect the Town, and not its residents — is akin to shutting down the GW bridge. His motives were not political, but equally self-serving.

  15. peg

    This is just the beginning. Not too long in the future, being male or female will become illegal.

    Soon – we’ll ALL be “gender-free”! 😛

  16. Anonymous

    Below is the brilliant response from the GHS Class of 2016 to the progressive, SJW Dr. Winters. These kids never cease to amaze me.

    Dear Dr. Winters, the School Board, and most importantly, the GHS Class of 2016,

    When we were first students at Greenwich High School, the list of objectives for seniors to have attained by graduation was very clearly defined for us in the Vision of the Graduate. One such objective which we were supposed to achieve by this stage of our academic careers was, and still is, the ability to “communicate effectively for a given purpose.” Given that our class has now heard your perspective on the recent decision to make all graduation gowns red, rather than the traditional red and white, we’ve come together to communicate to you why this is improper, and we hope that you will consider altering your decision as a result.

    To begin, your email ( ) on Feb. 23 referenced the fact that many colleges and high schools stipulate that students all wear the same color at graduation, and seemed to draw on precedent as an explanation for your decision. Though other high schools may choose that path, however, Greenwich High School’s individuality and sense of tradition is what has always made it great, and what made us excited to come to school for each day of our four years here. Freedom with responsibility has always been preached by your administration, and while other high schools most definitely do not allow their students the degree of freedom that GHS does, in terms of entering and exiting campus, it is part of our philosophy as a school. It is part of our tradition. Just because others change does not mean that we necessarily should. Whether you consider students getting dressed up for their sports games, team scavenger hunts, or alumni returns for college panels, the history of Greenwich High and the spirit of the students is what makes it such a positive environment. We don’t see the actions of other schools or universities as legitimate reasons to question tradition, and we don’t believe that you do either.

    Another portion of the Vision of the Graduate calls for students to “Recognize and respect other cultural contexts and points of view.” While we respect the point of view of those who feel ostracized because of personal issues with gender identification, we ask that you respect ours as well, the viewpoint that happens to be the majority among our classmates. A petition ( ) to bring back the white gowns was recently created and it has gained overwhelming support. Everybody wearing the same color is not the only solution that solves this problem. Getting rid of the idea that the colors of red and white are gender specific, and instead, allowing students to choose what they wear based off of what gender they most identify with is one such solution. The issue seems to be the gender specific stigma attached to the colors themselves, rather than the concept of wearing two separate colors. We recognize as a class that some of our peers may not be totally secure emotionally in terms of their gender identity, and we respect the fact that this is a sensitive topic that requires empathy and compassion. I trust that as our headmaster, you see that the class of 2016 is an inclusive, accepting, sympathetic group of young adults. If this is the case, allow us to show our ability to accept our classmates for who they are, and eliminate this stigma, instead of acting prematurely on our behalf.

    Finally, and most importantly, we are all members of the Greenwich High School community, and our opinions are of equal merit as those of our administrators. We hope that through constructive discussion the school will be able to come up with a new solution that does not end a cherished tradition, and will allow students to choose for themselves which color best represents them.

    Members of the GHS Class of 2016

  17. Greenwich Gal

    The answer to the problem is to just let students choose which color they want, red or white. End of story.

  18. Tom Foolery

    Actually, a decent solution (as brought up by one of my kids) is to have each house be a different color, red or white. Problem solved.

  19. Chillkitty

    All this fuss over graduation robe colors? Who cares! I doubt this idea originated with Winters; probably with one of the special interest groups. I like Winters. You people lack any sense of how hard it is to balance Greenwich’s competing interests.

    • “Balance competing interests”? Where’s it stop? Black Lives Matter fake (I hope) Ak-47s in the procession? Hispanics in sombreros? Irish pushing wheelbarrows? The only “interests” competing here are those of the PC crowd, headed by Winters, and those trying to sustain the country. Transgender gowns are just part of what modern educators like Winters are pushing; also in the package is moral relativism, the evils of American imperialism, the myth of the melting pot and a general disdain and contempt for America as it was.

  20. Chillkitty

    Yes, balancing competing interests is part of Winters job description. The color of graduation robes is really a non-issue. Graduation Day at GHS is a nightmare–people only care about the weather that day and where they are going to park. Once parked, they have to sit though 37 valedictorian and
    40 salutatorian speeches. I will say that GHS is very nice about letting the grads decorate their mortar boards–not every school permits this and it allows a little bit of individuality show through.