It’s certainly possible that it’ll be the last voice HE ever hears

Dick Van Dyke, senile and 90, endorses Barry Sanders: “It may the last voice we ever hear”. 

Mr. Van Dyke has a net worth of $30 million, so a socialist government now is his best chance to die in the same impoverished condition he wishes on us. So much for his image as a lovable old goof.


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25 responses to “It’s certainly possible that it’ll be the last voice HE ever hears

  1. Walt

    Dude –

    He is only worth $30 million? What did he piss away all his money on? He has been around forever. He had his own TV show – The Bob Newhart Show – in the early 1960’s. Remember that one? Julie Andrews played his wife Laura. Then he did that bomb “My Mother the Car”. Remember that piece of garbage? Who came up with that idea?

    Then he was the wheelchair bound photographer in “Rear Window”, an Otto Preminger classic. And he did all those romcoms in the 1960’s opposite Doris Day, who is also still alive. They were great in “Pillow Talk” together. Doris spends her time devoted to animal causes. I don’t think Dick is doing dick these days.

    Your Pal,

  2. If the beast wins I see a huge IRS audit in his future.

  3. 1665

    As I remember, his boss, Alan Brady, lived in Westport — the Petries, of course, in New Rochelle.

  4. On the other side of the ledger:

  5. Cos Cobber

    OT: New Haven – 47 drug overdose deaths last year. 47! Hartford 81! These are tiny cities.

    New Haven is run by socialists who believe in cradle to grave government support, so how could this be?

  6. Cos Cobber

    One more OT – 1 Pinetum Lane – pretty sweet spread….and when this sells, the new king of the Cob will be established.

  7. I will support Donald Trump if he is the nominee. There, I said it. One thing abut Trump: East and west coast elite liberals and conservatives (the ones who are Ivy league grads and just believe they are so much smarter and classier than Donald) cannot believe this man might be prez. It somehow invalidates their claim of superiority. I say that as an Ivy league grad, albeit a 2nd tier one.

    • Anonymous

      Oh, the irony. Trump himself constantly (at least prior to declaring himself a candidate) reminded everyone that he was a Cornell grad and “super smart”. His self-asserted superiority over everyone else and complete lack of humility would are what makes him so repulsive to us “elite coasters”

      • Anonymous

        He’s confident and doesn’t speak like you coasters. You hate that and feel like how dare someone so ill mannered say he’s smart. It deflates your inflated opinion of yourselves.

    • hmmm


      Now there is 2nd tier Ivy League? I guess I went to 3rd tier.

      What you say is true. He might be a loud mouth but he’s not dumb and some of what he says a lot of us already think and feel.

      Bernie all the way if it’s Rubio. Bernie will be the ultimate grid lock. Which is good.

      -Top Cat

      • I like the way you’re thinking hmmm -gridlock is a good thing! But what if Bernie is like King Obama and just reigns over us with executive order after executive order? Also:, DON’T forget: he will appoint at least one supreme court judge, possibly 3! As for the tiers – you’re probably right about that. 1st tier is HYP, 2nd tier is Columbia Dartmouth and 3rd tier is Penn Brown and Cornell. I’m in the last tier 🙂

  8. LAK

    Dont forget about “Chitty Chitty Bang Bang”