Man cave, and more, for sale up on John Street

JOhn street

160 John Street

160 John Street, the old estate that was foreclosed on a couple of years ago, has been renovated and put up for sale at $21.5 million. It’s featured in a GT article today entitled “Man Caves”, and I suppose thats what it offers, as well as 14,000 sq. ft. of house, 9 bedrooms, 16 baths and a p0lo pony track.

It doesn’t do much for me, but then, I’m very much not part of its target market, so the owner, the former Managing Director of Goldman Sachs, will hardly lose sleep over any disappointment. And he’s unlikely to lose sleep at all regardless of whether anyone buys it soon, given that he has other renovation projects underway – I think it’s his hobby – including the Newport cottage Miramar ($17 million, plus $20 million more in renovations), and a 1,471 – acre manse in North Wales, once owner by Walter Chrysler, Jr., 38,500 square feet, $21 million + renovations.

It may be good to be King, but that’s a lot of property to keep track of; no thank you.



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6 responses to “Man cave, and more, for sale up on John Street

  1. Anonymous

    Looks more like a monastery than a man cave to me, but what do I know?

  2. OMG is that a real stuffed white polar bear in the family room? @1:16?

  3. Anonymous

    There used to be hunting expeditions to shoot polar bears from helicopters. I wonder if that’s where this guy came from.

  4. Anonymous

    Looks like they painted the fences for the photos. There’s fresh paint on the grass.

  5. Jonathan

    What do you make of the fact that the stables and paddocks are subdivided into four, 2 acre lots? I noticed that before it went up to auction. Could one actually build homes on those lots?