Oh, to be 25 again, with almost no competition

Georgetown JD

Georgetown Law

The world of academia appears to be developing a vast pool of fragile flowers, male and female, black and white. Even law students, who, at least at Georgetown, have been “traumatized and shaken” by the reaction of their professors to Scalia’s death.

I don’t know why these individuals are such weak snowflakes, but I’m guessing the root causes are helicopter parenting for the white boys and 16 years of being taught that they’re victims for the blacks and the white girls.

Or not; either way, the path to success for any young person of any gender, any race,  tough enough to deal with the disapproval of others and think for himself is wide open.


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6 responses to “Oh, to be 25 again, with almost no competition

  1. uminn65

    how amazing that you, CF, and WSJ both nailed the cause of the snowflake curse on the same day… from today’s WSJ:

    JOHN LEO: What happens to the academy now? You used the word ”die.” Is it dead or dying? Most academics think it’s just aflutter. They seem to have no idea that something important happened at Yale.

    JONATHAN HAIDT: The big thing that really worries me – the reason why I think things are going to get much, much worse – is that one of the causal factors here is the change in child-rearing that happened in America in the 1980s. With the rise in crime, amplified by the rise of cable TV, we saw much more protective, fearful parenting. Children since the 1980s have been raised very differently–protected as fragile. The key psychological idea, which should be mentioned in everything written about this, is Nassim Taleb’s concept of anti-fragility.

    JOHN LEO: What’s the theory?

    JONATHAN HAIDT: That children are anti-fragile. Bone is anti-fragile. If you treat it gently, it will get brittle and break. Bone actually needs to get banged around to toughen up. And so do children. I’m not saying they need to be spanked or beaten, but they need to have a lot of unsupervised time, to get in over their heads and get themselves out. And that greatly decreased in the 1980s. Anxiety, fragility and psychological weakness have skyrocketed in the last 15-20 years. So, I think millennials come to college with much thinner skins. And therefore, until that changes, I think we’re going to keep seeing these demands to never hear anything offensive.

  2. Cos Cobber

    It was the beginning of the end when it was decided bugs bunny was too mean, Woody wood pecker too obnoxious and GI Joe too imperialistic.

    Barney has undermined our foundation.

  3. anonymous

    These are the folks (skinnyjeans wearing snowflakes) we are going to have to send to fight our wars or to fight the battles here on the homefront

  4. Looking at the different trail of stories, I saw “traumatized and shaken” associated with both black law students and conservative professors. They are all struggling at GTown law it seems.

  5. shoeless

    Get a load of this snowflake: