What a mess he’s leaving behind

Western Europe begins rearming as the 1980s return

NOBEL PEACE PRIZE UPDATE:  U.S. Marines Pre-Positioning Tanks, Ammunition In Secret Norway Caves Against Russian Invasion. “In 2015, it was revealed that Russia rehearsed military takeovers of northern Norway, the Swedish island of Gotland and the Danish island of Bornholm.”

Related:  U.S. Sends 5,000 Tons Of Ammunition To Germany. “Recent moves in response to Russia’s sending troops into Ukraine have seen the US reverse some of its gradual reduction in numbers in Europe, especially Germany where it has had large bases since the end of the Second World War.”


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4 responses to “What a mess he’s leaving behind

  1. Finland defeated Communist Russian invasions twice.
    Led inspiration of Greenwich’s Minot Dole to form 10th Mountain Division. All women squads dominated the cities under pressure especially Tampere (their Pittsburgh at the time)….Dole also created the Ski Patrol & revived the Olympics….is their a Dole among us now? Or just “fundamental transformers” of Greenwich.
    Tried to send a photo from amazing museum in Tampere…how can I send photo to post?
    Sent it to your email….

  2. Cos Cobber

    A big part of me says, let the EU solve their defense problems. They have spent far too little on defense in exchange for 35 hr work weeks and long vacations. Time for them deal with it.

  3. It’s apparent that, especially in Foreign Affairs, facts don’t matter.

    Oh, it’s for my name….

  4. Flash

    There one negotiation I would like to see….
    Putin vs Trump