12 years before the event, John Kerry supporter presages The Donald’s appeal

“From Trumpmania to Euroscepticism – Revenge of the plebs”

From Obama’s writing-off of the inhabitants of industrial downs as people who ‘cling to guns and religion’ to blogging queen Arianna Huffington’s claim that ‘millions of voters’ vote with their ‘lizard, more emotional right brain’ rather than with their ‘logical left brain’, the contempt heaped on ordinary American voters in recent years has been relentless.

America’s new elites, fancying themselves superior to the rural, the old, the religiously inclined and the rest, have increasingly turned politics into something that is done to people, for their own good, rather than by people according to their moral outlook. And then they wonder why people go looking for something else, something less sneering.


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  1. burningmadolf

    One of the best things from that article:
    Poque Mahone! (need Mickster’s help in proper pronunciation)

  2. Anonymous

    You look for an alternative when there isn’t any difference between the Ds & Rs


  3. Anonymous

    We, or at least I do, live in a segregated country… I never sit down with Evangelical Christians ( don’t know any ) and discuss politics., Same for ” rural types “. I socialize with people of my same educational level, which is normal behavior . So admittedly I’m in the dark about where others are coming from.That makes ME the ignorant one.

    • Well, perhaps you should get out more. I remember my friend, the late Howard Fast, stating in a Greenwich Time column that he didn’t know anyone who even owned a gun”. At our next monthly poker game, I pointed out to him that I owned several guns and three others around the table, also friends of his, said they did too. The old commie was astonished.

  4. AJ

    Arianna Huffington is confused. The right brain is not the same as the Lizard brain, or brain stem, as it’s also known.

  5. Publius

    “…and that a dangerous ambition more often lurks behind the specious mask of zeal for the rights of the people than under the forbidden appearance of zeal for the firmness and efficiency of government. History will teach us that the former has been found a much more certain road to the introduction of despotism than the latter, and that of those men who have overturned the liberties of republics, the greatest number have begun their career by paying an obsequious court to the people; commencing demagogues, and ending tyrants.”

    General Introduction to the Federalist Papers (Hamilton)

  6. Yes, thank you Alexander Hamilton and Publius, for predicting 225 years ago the dangerous emergence of the Donald.

    The NY Times today paused from Trump-boosting to do a tiny bit of investigative digging. They find Donald has little influence in New York, his home:

    “The major banks, for their part, say they are leery of lending to him after having lost millions of dollars on past deals.” Reached in Brooklyn, one Trump supporter said, ‘Bankruptcies, shramkruptcies. Just because he screwed his financial partners four times doesn’t mean AMERICA ISN’T GREAT. Donald’s tough and rich and besides, Obama sucks ……What could go wrong?”

    So far, Donald hasn’t allowed any investigation of his paper-maché net worth, which he claims is $11 billion. The media will be eager to investigate the morning after he clinches the nomination. The Hillary oppo team is working on this very juicy project right now. Romney was honest and humble and made millions for his investors, and the Dems/media made sure his business experience was a huge negative. How will the swing voter weigh the Donald’s failures, lawsuits, and evictions, creating his YUUUUGE net worth, all spread out in very gory detail?

    “I’m less focused on New York now,” he said. “I started going international and national, which is what we are doing now, and then I did the presidential thing, so that to me is cooler than all of it.”

    Brings to mind Thomas Jefferson, who said “Back from France….no more agriculture….doing the Pennsylvania Avenue thing now……much cooler” and Woodrow Wilson: “Did the Princeton thing….the Governor of New Jersey thing…..now working on the League of Nations thing……..it’s better for me, and after all, it’s all about me….”

    What an arrogant fool.

    • platformshoes

      Better a fool that loves his country and wants to give back than a criminal like Hillary. To my knowledge he is not a criminal nor has his negligence gotten people killed. There is no way he could do worse than Obama. There is a lot of or rebuilding and infrastructure work that needs to be done. He is a winner! Relax dude……………………….nothing could be worse than the last 8 years and if it is then we all deserve it.

    • Maitre d'Oyer et Terminer

      The whole sham of Trumpism is perverse. I was all for an outsider, but Trump is anything and everything but. Those who make him the nominee are in for a really nasty emotional “Rochambeau” when Killary – the epitome of insider – is sworn into office on 20 January 2017.

      I really pray I’m wrong on this.

  7. hmmm


    Did you remove my reply to Balzac?

  8. Once

    What difference does it make how many bank Trump screwed or if he is worth what he says he is worth? What difference does it make what he says and how he says it?
    Romney was weslthy, honest about his wealth and probably everything else. He was also a gentleman. But being an honest, wealthy gentleman was not part of Americas criteria. We didn’t hit that bid. So now we got Trump. We selected for this. At least he’s a fighter.