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If only she’d seen the Monty Python training video

German man on trial for causing death of his lover with a cucumber.

While the video actually deals with attackers bearing fruit, its lessons could surely be applied to a cucumber-wielding maniac.


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GHS principal is about as ignorant as a four-year-old

chris winters

It’s symbolic, don’t you get it? Underneath the rd gown, there’s a little girlie in all of us. All same!

When his little sister Sarah was born, our son John, 4, was hugely disappointed; he already had a little sister, and he wanted a little brother. After reviewing the situation at the hospital, he came up with an idea on the ride home: “I know,” he said, “let’s go back there and switch the pink name tag for a blue one”.

John grew up, and learned that that’s not how the process works: changing the color of an identifier does not change the nature of what’s being identified. The man in charge of educating students at Greenwich High, Dr. (huh) Chris Winters, never grasped that concept, and so, in order to end sexism and, presumably, bring about world peace, he has unilaterally decreed that all students will wear the same color robes at graduation. That won’t change the students’ gender, pal; and it won’t end what you perceive to be a problem. Dressing people all alike does not make them all alike.

How nice for Dr. Winters that he’ll be able to gaze out over the field on graduation and see what he’ll perceive as 1,000 identical, all-equal, all average students. Just what he and his politically-like-minded assistants have worked so hard to achieve.


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Price cut

4 Apple Tree Lane

4 Apple Tree Lane

4 Apple Tree Lane, from $950,000 to $850,000. It’s at the base of Palmer Hill, and across the “lane” (I think it’s a shared dirt driveway, actually, but my memory may be wrong) is the junk collection and construction equipment of one of Ada’s relatives. Plus, all that hill looming above it will soon be a construction site. But all that said, $850,000 for  1.3 acre lot is probably a decent deal.


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Three houses that may sell for less than they’re asking for

(Well okay, almost every house sells for less than its asking price, but I thought it was a cute follow-up to the header below. In any event, here are three new listings.)

19 Indian Head Rd

19 Indian Head Road

19 Indian Head Road, new today, wants $5.2 million, at least for now. The house next door, same era, same broker, started at $4.7 a couple of years ago and ended at $3.9, and a similar fate may await this one. Nice house, great location, but at some point, there’s a limit, no? We’ll see.

197 Stanwich

197 Stanwich Road

197 Stanwich Road, $2.395 million, looks intriguing and I wish I could see it tomorrow at its open house, but I had to return to Maine for a bit – I’ll ask Gideon or the Mickster for a review. There doesn’t seem to be much left of the original 1850 house, but really, who actually wants to live like their great-grandparents did?

250 Old Church Road

250 Old Church Rd

And 250 Old Church Road, $3.3 million, could be interesting. I like the Austin Peterson firm’s designs, generally, although the house they designed on Cos Cob Harbor on Lowther Point seems to grow uglier in my eyes every time I pass it heading out; I suppose everyone’s allowed a screw-up now and then, even with a $30 million house. This one looks pretty good, although the back yard, at least in its photos, seems postage sized. Again, I’ll have to rely on others report back tomorrow.

UPDATE: A reder corrects me – it was  Shope Reno that designed the Loather Point house, not Austin Peterson – my apologies to the latter firm for linking their name to this oddity.



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Three houses that are asking less than they sold for

3 Dunwoodie Place

3 Dunwoodie Place

3 Dunwoodie Place (off Dingletown) sold for $6.3 million in 2005, tried $6.595 in February 2015 and when that listing expired, came back today at $5.675.

26 Glen Avon Drive.jpgThe price of 26 Glen Avon Drive, in Riverside, seems to be dropping as the flood waters of Long Island Sound rise. Sold for $5.995 million in 2006, $4.775 in 2009, and after hanging around on the market last year at a steadily decreasing price, is “new” today at $4.295. The house is dry, so far as I know, but the street isn’t, and I believe that’s impacting what you can do in the way of updating here. If so, thank Katie Blankley, our fearful Town Planner, whose stated goal is to eliminate all houses in any of the flood zones in town.

5 Cat rOCK.jpgAnd 5 Cat Rock Road, which sold new for $2.8 in 2005, and again in 2008 for $3.1, is on today for $2.999 million. I was never wild about this house, but we’ll see if the market disagrees; maybe there’ll be a bidding war, and this will eclipse that price of eight years ago. I doubt it, though.


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Billions in fraudulent ObamaCare payments, and no one in the government cares

Carl Sagan Cosmos

Billions and billions

Because cost was never the point, moving towards a single payer system was. The more enrollees the better, and damn the expense: it’s all borrowed money anyway.


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Back Country sale

52 John Street

52 John Street

52 John Street. $3,4125.00 sold, $4.850 asked. Most of the information on this property was, according to GMLS policy,  yanked from public access, but it was discussed here back when it went into contract in December.


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