Billions in fraudulent ObamaCare payments, and no one in the government cares

Carl Sagan Cosmos

Billions and billions

Because cost was never the point, moving towards a single payer system was. The more enrollees the better, and damn the expense: it’s all borrowed money anyway.


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11 responses to “Billions in fraudulent ObamaCare payments, and no one in the government cares

  1. Publius

    It was set up to fail from the get go. The $1 billion non working web site that required paper forms and new government employed navigators. The lack of metrics to analyze the pool of ACA enrollees, who they were, what plans they signed up for and most importantly were they already covered by a government decreed “inferior plan”. The loans that were made to non for profit exchanges (to remove the profit motive) that are now insolvent. And after pissing away all this money the end result? 80% of the newly covered (best guess) under ACA came from the expansion of Medicaid which was already an existing single payer system (along with the VA).

    As a final nail in the coffin, those receiving coverage under Medicaid were no more successful in finding a doctor who accepted this coverage than the other poor bastards who have been covered by Medicaid in the past. Oh and one more…. because the ACA was so important, the government take over of student loans was attached to this pig, not lipstick, just more pork.

  2. burningmadolf

    As Masshole Gov Patrick said when faced with welfare fraud: these are just anecdotes.

  3. Publius

    Speaking of fraud, this clown is allegedly packing it in after his current term…. 23 terms of shafting his peeps in the hood…..

  4. AJ

    Not what you’d expect, but Jeb supporters jump to Trump.

    • Maitre d'Oyer et Terminer

      What that tells me is that most of Yeb!’s support came from the professional Schedule-C appointee wannabe class. Now they’re looking for a winner. Uggghhhhh.

      • dollar bill

        Cost is entirely the point in Western European countries with single payer health care. It’s far less expensive than our disgraceful system, and it doesn’t leave millions of people with no health care. I don’t understand why that’s so hard for tea party numbnuts to grasp. We pay more, and get less. Just like their obsession that we don’t lavish enough taxpayer funds on the Pentagon, it makes no sense in the context of limited government, but that is why the GOP has earned it’s rep as the “stupid party.”

        • Cos Cobber

          The single payer system will stifle innovation and cease to make the medical profession one that is well compensated for its achievement and services. I think a Freddie/Fannie approach makes the most sense in the long run. That is the angle the insurance companies are aiming for.

          Everyone should have health care, including the healthy and that means taxes in the form of mandatory health insurance premiums. Shamefully, neither party has the stones to slap real income taxes on those they fail to do their part and buy health insurance.

          Side note, we are basically at the point where anyone in a 2nd and 3rd world nation can come to the US, rather quickly and easily, and get free health care. Land at JFK at 10am and walk into Beth Israel at 11am. With our no borders (no enforcement) President, we are already providing health care to the world. Can’t have universal health care and open boarders. Europe is about to find out.

          One more side note, Europe traded it its defense for health care 30 years ago. We should acknowledge this by moving troops away from the area. This approach of virtually no defense is a dicey game on borrowed time and largely on our sweat.