GHS principal is about as ignorant as a four-year-old

chris winters

It’s symbolic, don’t you get it? Underneath the rd gown, there’s a little girlie in all of us. All same!

When his little sister Sarah was born, our son John, 4, was hugely disappointed; he already had a little sister, and he wanted a little brother. After reviewing the situation at the hospital, he came up with an idea on the ride home: “I know,” he said, “let’s go back there and switch the pink name tag for a blue one”.

John grew up, and learned that that’s not how the process works: changing the color of an identifier does not change the nature of what’s being identified. The man in charge of educating students at Greenwich High, Dr. (huh) Chris Winters, never grasped that concept, and so, in order to end sexism and, presumably, bring about world peace, he has unilaterally decreed that all students will wear the same color robes at graduation. That won’t change the students’ gender, pal; and it won’t end what you perceive to be a problem. Dressing people all alike does not make them all alike.

How nice for Dr. Winters that he’ll be able to gaze out over the field on graduation and see what he’ll perceive as 1,000 identical, all-equal, all average students. Just what he and his politically-like-minded assistants have worked so hard to achieve.


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  1. Anonymous

    I always could not stand the man. He’s really dumb. Once told the kids at an anti-bullying meeting that HE used to be a bully in school. What a great message to send: “see, I was a bully and now look at me, I’m a Principal”!

  2. Anonymous

    It gets better. I just had dinner with my offspring, and apparently this is Diversity Week at GHS. Today is White Guilt Day.

    There was a speaker presentation in the MISA today, a woman who grew up in the south in the bad old days. My child found the first half of the lecture very interesting and informative. Let’ face it, many bad things happened to African Americans back then. The second half of the presentation is where it went down hill quickly as the lecture turned to “white privilege” and white guilt, telling my child that he/she is responsible.

    So dear old Chris Winters is doing his best to nurture his students into liberal left Democrats, as he would never dare to bring in a conservative speaker. The good news is that my child sees right through it. Unfortunately, many of the naïve freshman don’t. This man is a jerk.

    • Anonymous

      TOTAL jerk. Wow, a white guilt presentation. I can’t believe it, but yes, i can. Ugh. He is white privilege, He should step down and give his job to a black woman.

  3. Maitre d'Oyer et Terminer

    All those THOUSANDS of $$$$$$ in educational expenses and Winters is still as dumb as a box of rocks.

  4. Anonymous

    GHS principal and headmaster need to resign ASAP! Our real estate values in Greenwich are dropping due to their stupidity ! The board needs to get it together and start running GHS like the private schools! CF is that why you’re selling in riverside because you see the writing on the wall?

    • Anonymous

      Yes- they need to fire Winters, the superintendent and Diane Fox (who is completely evil). They should do all that and go ahead with plans to expand Mandarin Chinese into the middle schools. That’s worth doing.

      • Anonymous

        You have your wish to Expand Chinese in the middle school ! Chinese are buying into Greenwich like crazy ! They always find the perfect areas – they will be so disappointed with GHS !

  5. Riverside Dog Walker

    ‘The board needs to get it together and start running GHS like the private schools.’ I am channeling my inner Walt and doing a pee pee dance! When have you ever seen the BOE run anything? I have been watching these people 20+ years. These people could not manage their way out of a paper bag. The local Greenwich Time rag is filled with blabber about the digital learning initiative. No one even knows what that means! And a number of the at risk students they are trying to reach with this initiative don’t have WIFI at home! That scenario never occurred to anyone! But the digital learning initiative costs a lot of money, so must be good! Like MISA. Genius!

  6. Walt

    Dude –

    It is clear Dr. Watson knows nothing about leadership, about setting an example, about tradition, inspiration, leadership, excellence, learning, and greatness. He knows sameness. Mediocrity. Dumbing down. Mediocrity. HE IS THE PERFECT “PROGRESSIVE”!!

    And frankly Scarlet, I DON’T GIVE A DAMN!! Except this TURD is a role model? FOR WHO? Tradition matters. Values matter. Society, as a whole, can’t be forced to change, for the worse, to accommodate the total outlier.

    It’s moronic. There are two colors for graduation. Red or White. Let the student who can’t tell if they have a penis or a vagina to choose WHICHEVER ONE THEY WANT. But the only choices are red and white. Why is that so hard?

    Why must tradition be destroyed, a tradition which should offend no one, because of a confused outlier? Answer me that, Dr. Watson.

    Your “politically correct”, Solomon like solution to “split the baby” for one, at the expense of 999 others, is really stupid. And if you don’t see it, YOU SIR are a moron. Not you Dude. Dr. Watson.

    Your Pal,

  7. Walt

    Dude –
    Better idea!! Why not a compromise? White top, red bottom. Like this:

    Your Pal,

  8. Anonymous

    Winters is always in favor of new ways to do things so as to not make those in in the bottom 90% feel bad. He wants to do away with the bump for honors courses for example. He’s anti achievement and totally into two things: the sports teams and the popular kids. If you are outside of that he doesn’t like you, IF he even notices you.

  9. former og lifer

    When I read CF’s post yesterday afternoon I thought it was a slow day & he was kidding around. Then I read the article in the GT. I am still dumbfounded. Such assholery! Why, why, why do the taxpayers put up with this shit???? Surely there is someone out there, without his head up his ass, who would be willing, able & happy to do a better job. We are raising generations of pansies.

  10. Anonymous

    CF….so right….keep the red and white! Absurd logic to neutralize the genders to pink.

    Anon at 8:02 pm….your story is what is happening all over the schools. So many schools are rewriting history day by day. That is why you see Founding Fathers being rewritten and told as horrible, slave owning white men versus Fathers of the Constitution which created the most democratic, free country in the world.

    I ask Liberals….if its so bad—why do so many from those foreign lands want to move to the U.S.?

  11. Chillkitty

    Why are Greenwich public schools so dysfunctional? Is the color of the robe really a big deal to anyone? Last time I looked, the robe style itself is a thin piece of cheap drapery that does not signify gender. The color chosen, is cardinal red, NOT pink! The biggest problem that day is parking and sitting through 77 valedictorian and salutatorian speeches. All you care about genuinely is where your kid is headed to colleges. Stop dumping on Winters!

    • Anonymous

      The problem is that Winters is a horrible administrator and a less than stellar educator. The main reason that so many Greenwich Children do well is because of parental involvement and goal setting with their children. Winters is often an obstacle to a better education. Bringing this to the attention of the community is not “dumping.”

    • Walt

      May I attempt to answer your naïve, retarded questions? THANK YOU!

      “Why are Greenwich public schools so dysfunctional?”. Because they are run by “progressive” educators, protected by a union and a bureaucratic system that places them above the students they are meant to serve.

      “Is the color of the robe really a big deal to anyone?”. Yes. Actually it is. You don’t see that? Is the American Flag just a piece of cloth? Is the Constitution just a piece of paper? If you don’t see nor understand the value of tradition, camaraderie, and symbolism, you are a pretty shallow person. It does matter to people with common values. And team spirit matters to these kids. It’s a sense of pride, we should respect it, and I pity that you can’t see that.

      “Last time I looked, the robe style itself is a thin piece of cheap drapery that does not signify gender”. CORRECT!! So why not just leave it alone. Because it matters to the VAST majority of the students.

      “The color chosen, is cardinal red, NOT pink!”. The color chosen is irrelevant. It’s the reason behind why he is changing it. You miss the entire point.

      “The biggest problem that day is parking and sitting through 77 valedictorian and salutatorian speeches”. Agree. But we will be worse off when they do away with Valedictorian speeches, and just give everyone participation trophies. Which is where we are headed.

      “All you care about genuinely is where your kid is headed to colleges”. ONE HUNDRED PERCENT WRONG!! And if that is all you care about, you are a selfish, disgusting human being. I care about the values ALL the students learn. If they go to college or not. And this is teaching the wrong values.

      “Stop dumping on Winters!”. When he does the right thing, we will. He should admit this was a mistake, and revert back to tradition.

      Thank you.

    • Anonymous

      ha ha ha 77 valedictorians. Those speeches need time limits.

  12. He makes DPW look brilliant!
    Think inhaling PCB has altered his mind?
    Synthetic teaching is way ahead of synthetic turf use.
    High School is where they meet.

  13. Anonymous

    right on Peter F. Alexander, Landscape Arch. maybe he is TOXIC from the toxic waste

  14. LAK

    Great. He claims he was a bully and he allowed Bart Palosz to be bullied & not him or anyone stopped it!

    So glad they’ll be sued!

    BTW, leave the traditional red & white (school colors)

    What an ass

    • Anonymous

      Yes – he ACTUALLY told the students during a BULLY assembly that he was a bully and so if he could reform anyone could reform. But yes, what an idiot because kids immediately think “hell, he was a bully, I’ll be a bully too and be a principal too one day” He really IS stupid. Needs to take a course in human psychology because he’s clueless. Wants to buddy buddy with the kids, be liked. Awful human. yes, the red and white should stay. STOP these progressives from ruining our schools.

      • Anonymous

        Except that these kids know growing up in this town that being a principal vs a banker is the losing economic proposition

  15. Mickster

    The fact that we’re discussing graduation gown colors confirms what I’ve always thought about Greenwich schools administration. God help these kids.

  16. Anonymous

    BOE – you listening? FIRE Winters, FIRE the superintendent. They completely botched the “firing” of Yoon and in the process cost the school thousands of dollars. Not to mention they put a great teacher through hell. Winters and Mcwhateverhisnameis need to go.

  17. Mickster

    If you have a bright middle schooler who you feel deserves the best education this country offers, here’s the number 978-749-4050 – thank me later.

  18. Greenwich Taxpayer

    Perhaps the administration should listen to the students – keep the current color scheme (red and white) and let individuals choose what color they want. This way the school colors are kept and the kids can have a say in what they wear. Sometimes HS students make sense – this is one of them…Are you listening McKersie and Winters? (Of course not, they’ll just “bully” everyone into coming around to their point of view. What’s next? Socialism in the USA?

  19. ChillKitty

    Do you guys even hear yourselves? When other high schools are facing problems like illiteracy, teen pregnancy, drug abuse, broken families, you are demanding that an administrator be fired for choosing one color for graduation gown? This has to be one of the silliest topics entertained by FWIW.

    Why shouldn’t the principal of a high school be entrusted to make this decision? It seems to be the type of decision that should be part of the job’s purview. Are you seriously suggesting that the principal should have polled 3000 students and their 6000 parents over the color of gown?

    Winters’ decision was neither immoral nor unethical, but for some reason you insist that the decision robs your special snowflake of some civil right. (I’m looking at you Walt for dragging the Constitution and flag into this.).

    Ok, go back to your navel gazing!

    • Anonymous


      You’re missing the point. The gown decision is part of the progressive, SJW PC war. Winters feels he needs to provide a safe, gender neutral space.

      • Chillkitty

        I’m sure many high schools are making similar decisions. Winters runs a public high school; he didn’t invent this PC culture and has to accommodate competing interests. Save the pitchforks and moral outrage for things that really matter.

        • If you don’t see the problem, you are the problem. Pink gowns are just a symbol for what Winters and indeed the rest of this country’s education system is up to. For instance, would an intensive, week-long examination of the Federalist Papers and the crafting of our Constitution lead to a better understanding of what this country was supposed to be about and thus, better, more informed citizens, or a “Diversity_week” program, where white and Asian students are taught that their success is not due to their efforts – “You didn’t build that” – but instead to a crooked game that deprives blacks of opportunity and awards it to others?

          The pink robe people will choose the latter, and that’s why they’re the problem.

        • anonymous

          How do you not see that this does matter. The Cultural Marxists have chipped away at American for 5 decades and look where we are now. We are a soft and weak society that has thrown the people that made it right under the bus.

        • HS Mom

          Chillkitty – I think I love you! I completely agree with you on this.

        • hmmm

          You agree with the heard mentality?

          You and chill kitty should run for public office you would both fit right in.

      • Walt

        Look at the brain on the Dude!! You win a gold star!! BUT WAIT!! Gold is a symbol of wealth, and wealth is bad, plus not all students are wealthy. So gold has to go. And a star? Well not everyone is a star. Exceptionalism is frowned upon. How about we award purple circles instead? TO EVERYONE!!

    • anonymous

      Greenwich does not have teen pregnancies, drug abuse, or broken families? Open your eyes lady!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. Anonymous

    The problem with GHS is everyone’s parents want their precious offspring to be an honors/AP student and override course recommendations to enroll them in these classes. The kids can’t do the work well (because its not the right course for them) so the parents blame the school/teacher/admin and hire tutors. The truly advanced kids get hurt in the process because the override students slow down the class. No one wins and then the blame the administration instead of themselves.
    GHS is a good school with an abundance of opportunities. You can get a stellar education if you apply yourself and do the work but you also need to find a way to make yourself stand out from the other 250 white, lacrosse playing, “I spent the summer “volunteering” in Guatemala building a house”, AP/honors students. A 4.0+ GPA won’t distinguish you from the thousands of others applying to the same colleges you do. Colleges don’t want little clones who needed hours of tutoring a week to take classes that were above their ability.
    You want to improve GHS? Start with firmer pre-requisites for courses and get rid of teacher tenure and unions. The problem isn’t Winters.

    • Anonymous

      spot on!

    • Anonymous

      Sorry Anonymous at 7:47, it is Winters.

      For example my child was in advanced English in grammar and middle school. Upon entering 9th grade, we found out there were no advanced classes. My child was held back educationally because many of the students in the general population really did not care about the learning and pushing themselves, leaving a less than stellar learning environment for students who come to school to learn. I questioned Winters on why there were no advanced English classes and he gave me a line of crap. A couple of years later the board overrode him, but it was too late for our family.

      And to refute your point, my child had the pre-requisites and Winters did not want to offer the advanced classes. Teacher tenure and unions are problems, but Winters is just as culpable for holding our students back educationally. Most parents don’t realize but if you pay close attention, you will quickly realize that Winters is not a advocate for our students. Also, if the school was doing its job, the parents of our children would not need to hire tutors. Your statements are so misguided. I guess you work for the school system.

      • ex GHS mom

        Winters HATE advanced classes. He thinks it deprives students from getting along with everyone and working together with students of all abilities – that the less smart kids benefit so much from being with the smarter kids. Really. He’s terrible. TERRIBLE. Oh, and just read today in the paper they aren’t switching to red or pink gowns for all but red and white STRIPED gowns. Ugh. ECH!

  21. Anonymous

    Chris, I am a big fan of the Federalist Papers and very much a right-leaning, libertarian kind of cat. When I found GHS to be a poor fit for my child, I very much voted with my feet and went the way of private school. Never regretted that decision.

    When you go to public school, you should be aware of what you’re in for. You are agreeing to abide by public school policies–such as mandated testing and a boat-load of social emotional in-school workshops along the lines of Diversity Week and Names Day. In exchange you get a “free” education. With a little luck and perseverance, you might be able to opt your child out of some of these, but of course you become “that parent” in the eyes of the administration. Yes, public education is a compromise and it often compromises our personal values. Winters is simply working within the policies set by liberal public education culture. His decisions reflect those policies. Shocking, I know!

    Funny, I don’t remember an open revolt among GHS parents when the band went to Cuba a couple of years ago. Although your blog covered this controversy in detail, no parent pulled his kid from that trip. The point being that GHS parents are pretty selective what they choose to be outraged about. If GHS parents can fall in line with the Cuba trip then they can certainly get over the lack of white robes at graduation.

    • shoeless

      I pulled my kid from the trip

    • Anonymous

      In public schools kids learn to adapt to the environment (learning how to avoid the indoctrination has value especially since it’ll be happening at college), in private schools the environment adapts to the kids. Private schools are great, if your kids are going to be living in the bubble for the rest of their lives. If your bank account isn’t going to allow that, you may be putting your kids at a disadvantage going private. Except in Byram/Port Chester, I don’t think people see schools as free.

      The easiest question for the administration is – you don’t have anything else to do that is more valuable use of your time than changing the colors of the robes? Everything else at the school is so perfect that you have time for trivialities like this?

  22. Greenwich Mom, M&P

    I read FWIW regularly and normally enjoy the many different views and comments expressed here. However, I am stunned and disappointed by the vitrol and disparaging remarks about Winters and GHS. Come on people! If you want to make a change, sign the petition, send an email to Winters, write an editorial, etc. But show some class and skip the name-calling and ugly comments! No, I am not Dr. Winters – just a regular Greenwich resident with one student at GHS. The school is not perfect but when I have encountered issues, I have reached out and found that the administration has been receptive and I feel my child is getting a superior education. Sorry if that has not been everyone’s experience, but no need to attack. Of course, I am not referring to you Walt, because I understand that is your standard MO. Everyone else, please chill out.

    • anon

      Aha, there’s part of the problem Greenwich Mom. Did you hear yourself say “whenever YOU encounter a problem (presumably a problem your child is experiencing) YOU reach out?!! This is why children today are snowflakes. Their helicopter parents solve the problems. Let the kids fight for themselves if they feel aggrieved. The correct method IMHO is to let the kids who have started the petition fight for their rights. Let them get some publicity in the press. Let them be 100% responsible for any solution. If parents don’t teach children to be their own advocate, might as well give it up with them in kindergarten.

      • Anonymous

        How about a twitter campaign: #whiterobesmatter

        (on second thought that sounds kinda bad)

      • ex GHS mom

        touche anon @ 10:24am. Greenwich mom, M and P (what kind of name is that???) is just plain wrong. This is a BIG issue because it speaks to everything the school is trying to do to indoctrinate your kid. The snow flake comment , too, is spot on.

    • GHS Parent

      I have a graduating son. I don’t give a shit if they all wear red , it’s the school color.

    • Anonymous

      I guess the facts bother you.

  23. 1665

    I think the kids at GHS develop a finely tuned BS radar when it comes to all the lefty nonsense — which isn’t a bad thing, given the liberal zombies they’ll soon need to dispose of.

  24. The problem isn’t Winters. The problem is the nitwits on the Board of Education, who set the policies. And the nitwits on the New Lebanon School Building Committee. That project’s costs have exploded to OVER $ 41 million ! Absolutely no management going on!

    • Riverside Chick

      It’s all about what looks good on them. If any of you have teenage girls many hate wearing red, especially redheads aka Gingers! If the girls are up in arms about not wearing white, it’s about that their spray tan won’t look as good with red! Get a clue people! Gender neutrality doesn’t even cross their minds, they could care less. But what looks good on them , that’s what’s it’s ALL about.

  25. Greenwich Taxpayer

    If people have a problem with New Lebanon then speak out at the BET Budget Hearing on March 17th at 7 PM (I’m sure Green Beer will be served – or maybe red and white?). Then again, I’m sure few will be showing up as they all will be enjoying their corn beef and cabbage – I’m sure that’s way the BET scheduled it that day – if no one shows up they will approve the $41 million and rising cost as well as all of the other ridiculous projects we taxpayers have to pay for…Time to speak out or shut up.

    • housecat

      Serving green beer would constitute a microaggression against leprechauns and other native Irish peoples. You should be re-educated, and your comment slapped with a trigger warning. After posting this, I’m taking my adult coloring books to a designated safe space in order to recover.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly – speak up assholes who put their trust in BOE @ GHS. Put down your martinis – and fight for your children . The other option is to be delusional and trust GHS 4.0 gpa your offspring received by playing video games and sitting on their asses . Wake up Greenwich !

  26. Anonymous

    Tell me again who appointed the Republican members of the BOE? Oh, that’s right the Republican Town Committee.

    I certainly hope that this new guy Randall ?? (last name?) gives Steve Walko, Mr. New Lebanon Committee Chair and Peter Tesei butt boy, a run for his money.

  27. Anonymous

    Thoughts? At first, I felt that Trump lowered the bar so it was more of the same. But then from what I surmise, he hasn’t directed a specific threat to an individual person.

  28. Does anybody wonder why Winters made this change? It’s not about being PC, it’s about the Dignity for All Students Act, a.k.a. DASA. Transgendered students have to be accommodated, and the uniform color to gowns was almost certainly to accommodate GHS’s transgendered student.

    But hey, if you want to bring out the pitchforks for something he was legally required to do, please do continue.

    • anonymous

      It starts with uniforms and ends up with Walt in the ladies room. Be careful for what you wish for.

    • Publius

      I will stand corrected but CT did not pass DASA, NY did. There is a CT statute on the books (Public Act # 11-55 and Act Concerning Discrimination) that addresses this issue but to the best of my knowledge does not mandate the type of action discussed here. I would posit that pointing to this particular act is merely a fig leaf for the action taken, because if the color of the gown is a form of discrimination one would question why all the other things that transpire at a suburban high school in an affluent town are not forms of discrimination as well against, well, just about any student.

      • It’s not even a fig leaf – it’s just naked PC aggression.

      • Publius, you are correct – DASA is only New York – my bad.

        The color of the gown per se is not the issue; it’s the fact that the student has to choose a gender, and 11-55 protects “gender identity or expression” where some transgendered people don’t like to make that choice. If Winters had said “everybody can pick red or white gown”, then there would be no issue. I don’t think the student would win a hypothetical lawsuit, but I think Winters is playing it safe rather than sorry.

        • And apparently Winters changed his mind to make the choice the students, so we can all go back to discussions of dirt.

        • Anonymous

          Right he could have done that but didn’t. As well, don’t transgendereds have to chose which bathroom to use — boys or girls?? What’s the difference? I call bullshit!

    • Cos Cobber

      If the color of a gown is a form of discrimination and a micro aggression, then we certainly have lost of manner of sane reasoning. I am not a Trump guy, but his is exactly why people support him, because they want to reject the overly sensitive elitist non sense that has fully transformed our society to a land of victims.

      Two more bits of evidence to my point of victims.

      Today’s communication from the school about the storm and school delays includes the phrase “drive safe” in all communications. This phrase is not provided as a pleasantry, but rather because the school wishes to provide a defense should someone have an accident today. This is absurd.

      Second, if Dr Vaid (see Gwich news)- a man I have met and is very knowledgeable as a doctor in the medical profession, has a case that his personal trainer pushed him too hard, beyond his own expertise as a DR, then how could we ever had physical advise of any substance in this country again? Cancel the HS coaches, cancel summer camp, cancel it all! Or, how about this, Dr Vaid had bad luck and that happens.

      All of this madness illustrates the core issue, personal responsibility is fully dead. The other ‘guy wronged me’ is widely accepted and easy to demonstrate. And yes, this does connect to Winters and the gowns, the school is moving to one color because it wont defend any structure and yes, the school probably would lose, because society has stacked the deck the past 30 years the other way.

      • Walt

        You are trying to use logic and reason to refute “progressive” ideology which is based on irrationality. It can’t be supported by logic, which is why they just spew hate, and claim racism when anyone asks logical questions. THERE IS NO LOGICAL WAY TO DEFEND IT. That is why they hate free speech.

        Think about this. The great “progressive” idea, is that the only way to achieve equality is through inequality! What a paradox!! IT’S MORONIC!!

        It’s the yellow people who are getting shafted. They are being PUNISHED for being good at gazzinta’s. They need MUCH HIGHER SAT scores than the coloreds do to get in an IVY League school. How is that right or fair?

        Is that due to “White Privilege”? It must be, right? What else could it be? They can’t be smarter than us, or work harder than us, because we are all the same. That’s the only way it would be “fair” to discriminate against them.

        The whole Affirmative Action program is discriminatory, racist and a failure. In the UK, it’s called “Positive Discrimination”, which is a better name for it, but it’s certainly not positive for those it is hurting. Under the “progressive” mantra that we are all the same, and everyone should be treated equally, how do programs like this still exist? IT MAKES NO SENSE!! So if you ask questions about it, their only defense is RACISM!!
        It all makes no sense. But then again, neither does the whole “progressive” ideology. It is doomed to fail. Just ask Detroit and Baltimore.

        And the kid – boy or girl or whatever it is choosing to identify as is not being FORCED to wear white or red. He/She can choose. So why is this even an issue? Because the Administrators CHOSE to make it an issue. Total waste of time, money and resources that could be much better spent.

  29. LAK

    Does he think by doing this he’s being a Hero for other high schools to see?
    This is so f____ing stupid!
    Just leave the red & white.
    There is nothing feminine or masculine about the school colors.

    Trinity – Green & Gold
    SHS – Black & Orange
    WHS – Purple & Gold
    BMHS – Red White & Blue
    NHS – Green & White

  30. Anonymous

    BREAKING NEWS…this just in. I give Dr. Winters a lot of credit for doing the right thing here.

    Dear Seniors and Parents,

    I am reversing my decision about graduation gowns. All seniors now have a choice to wear either red or white. Each gown will have an opposite color stripe on the sleeve. I’ve seen the gown with the stripe and it’s a nice addition.

    The hallmark of Greenwich High School is community dedication and community building. In considering decisions about traditions, such as graduation gown color, it is important to provide students a voice in any possible changes. That did not occur over the past several weeks.

    I regret that I did not engage students in a meaningful process of considering the change.

    In the future, as we grapple with necessary discussions of traditions and practices, I will be sure to stay to my norm of fostering community input and respectful sharing of multiple viewpoints. That is “freedom with responsibility;” that is the path to developing the leaders so often produced by our great high school.

    I’d like to thank those who contacted me in a respectful and appropriate manner to question my decision. I’d also like to apologize to those who truly prefer a graduation ceremony where gender is not highlighted–where the focus of the ceremony is less on what makes us different and more on what we have in common: graduating from high school.

    I look forward to a celebratory graduation with students marching in their chosen gowns of red or white.


    Chris Winters

    GHS Headmaster

    • LAK

      I’m sure his phone was ringing off the hook with complaints! Of course we wont hear about it.

      Dumb ass

    • Good for him. I think he made a mistake and, whether he agrees that he did, or does not, he listened to his students, and responded.

      • Walt

        Dude –

        I agree. He deserves kudo’s for listening to the students and reacting appropriately. And not just digging in his heels like a typical “progressive” retard. I almost feel bad for crazy gluing all his car door locks now.

        But did he have to say “….where the focus of the ceremony is less on what makes us different and more on what we have in common: graduating from high school.”?

        Is a woman wearing white and a man wearing black REALLY a focus on what makes us different? Is a woman wearing a gown, and a man a suit focusing on what makes us different? I think not.

        And does anyone really believe there is NO DIFFERENCE between men and women? REALLY? People actually believe that? And if it is true, why is Cankles running on a vagina platform?

        Personally, I believe the vagina has magical, mystery powers. There is nothing it can’t do. And if women didn’t have them, men wouldn’t talk to them. So don’t tell me there are no differences.

        Your Pal,

  31. Al Brecken

    If it’s necessary to conceal the gender-difference on Graduation Night, so that males and females are indistinguishable , does it not follow that males and females should appear the same on Prom Night?

    • Don’t give them any ideas

    • Chip

      Why do kids today want to define themselves by their sexual preference and gender? I don’t go around saying Hello, I’m Charles. I’m straight and sure about my manhood. Ones sexuality and gender has no bearing on your future profession. Do your homework. Get good grades. Be who you are. But don’t expect me to give you any special treatment because of your espoused inequality. Real equality would be gay and trans students being treated just like every other Susie or Biff.